Below are the Wright in-laws' families, and cousins of various degrees . The site is concerned with a group of inter-related families and on this page we have those with connections to Wrights who are not direct descendants of my 3 x great grandfather James Wright (1799-1851) and Mary Bragg (1800-1875). They include Willings, Boydells, Hattens and Hattings, Lillicraps, Huxtables and a few others.
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  theo s willing   agnes rodick   t willing grave  
Jemima Willing, née Jewell 1796-1881   Theophilus Silvanus Willing, 1842 -1907   Agnes Willing, née Rodick 1842-1915   Willing grave, North Hill, Cornwall.   MI on the North Hill grave
theo willing   theo r willing   annie hunter stafford   theo willing   oliva willing

Francis Moreton Willing
1888 - 1970

  .Theophilus R Willing b.1885   .Annie Hunter Stafford   Theophilus R Willing b.1885   Agnes Oliva Willing 1890-1981
oliva   oliva   willingbrothers   willing   william willing
Agnes Oliva Willing 1890-1981   Sister Oliva Willing, 1890-1981   Willing brothers. Alfred Edgar Willing 1886-1915, standing, and Robert Phillips Willing 1893-1916.   ...their brother Lawrence Charles Willing 1889-1967   ...and the fourth brother, William Stroud Willing 1891-1950
sara pilditch   willing john and pilditch   john willing   willing family   willing
Sarah Jane Willing, née Pilditch 1829 - 1912   .Grave of John Willing, 1826-1899 and Sarah Jane Willing née Pilditch 1829-1912, Southern Australia   John Willing 1859-1927 and Wilhelmine "Minnie" Willing, née Tucker 1874 - 1951   John Willing 1859-1927 and Wilhelmina (Minnie) Willing née Tucker 1874-1951 with their family in South Australia, about 1918.   Memorial Inscription for Eulilia Willing 1869-1945 and Sarah Willing 1862-1947, in Southern Australia
willing thomas   amy willing     beatrice yeates   beatrice willing
Memorial Inscription to Thomas Willing 1864-1944 and Magdalene Willing née Anderson 1879-1949, in South Australia   Grave of Amy Adams Willing 1858-1918. Daughter of John and Sarah Jane Willing   John Archibald Willing 1900 - 1967
Son of John Willing and Minnie Willing née Tucker
  Beatrice Willing, née Yeates, 1901 - 1980   Beatrice Willing, née Yeates, 1901 - 1980
  Birkin grave   john willing   william willing   willing loddis
John Archibald Willing 1900 - 1967   Grave of Alexander Birkin 1883-1966 and Amy Ann Birkin née Willing 1891-1970   John Hingston Willing 1844-1895   William Willing 1832-1871, with Avis Willing née King1831-1860 and Mary Ann Willing   Willing graves in Loddiswell Churchyard
Richard Willing   Willing grave   willing grave   richard jane and mary ann   william willing
Grave of Richard Willing and Amy Willing née Heath   Grave of Jane and Damaris Willing, daughters of Richard and Amy Willing   Grave of John Willing 1840-1957, Sarah Luscombe Willing 1838-1860 and Mary Ann Willing 1845-1862   Grave of Amy Willing 1827-1839, Richard Willing 1836-1840 and Jane Willing 1831-1847.   Grave of William Willing 1795-1952,
Thomas and Lavinia                
Grave of Thomas Willing 1861-1927 and Lavinia née Rogers 1857-1934.                


boydell   Boydell     william boydell  
A Boydell family group   .A Boydell family group   Boydell(s) with friends?   Grave of William Boydell and some of his family in Leigh cemetery 47 (son)   William Boydell Founder of Brown St Iron works - base of tombstone
john boydell   john boydell   william   Leigh Harriers   Harriers Club Committee
John Boydell, 1866-1914   Grave of John Boydell, 1866-1914 and Mary Boydell, née Southern 1871 - 1928, in Leigh cemetery   William Boydell and friend   William Boydell 1892-1982 with Leigh Harriers 1927-28   William Boydell 1892-1982 with Leigh Harriers club committee and the Mayor of Leigh in 1959
jack boydell     donald boydell        
.Jack Boydell 1900-1993 and wife Lizzie Boydell 1902-1988. Lilian Boydell's brother.   .Grave of James, Henrietta and George Boydell   Donald W Boydell 1919-2007        


john perrin and gertrude   ernest and gertrude   horsell   mary ann watts   ghertrude horsell
John Perrin Huxtable 1852-1893 and Gertrude Isabella Huxtable née Horsell 1862-1954   Ernest Forrest Huxtable b.1867 and Gertrude Huxtable née Horsell 1862-1954   Robert Horsell 1835 - 1892, father of Gertrude.   Mary Ann Horsell née Watts 1844 - 1920 Photographed in the 1860s   Mary Ann Horsell née Watts 1844 - 1920
mary ann horsell   john huxtable   james huxtable   huxtable    
Mary Ann Horsell née Watts 1844 - 1920, mother of Gertrude.   Grave of John Perrin Huxtable 1852-1893.   James Huxtable 1863-1935   Cecil John Brisbane Huxtable 1889-1917    


Louis Hatten     Jane Jenny and charles     Nigels Hatten gran
Louis Hatten 1863-1939 and Annie Hatten née Fry 1865-1952   .Jane Hatten b.1890 and Amy Hatten b.1896   Jane Hatten b.1890 and Charles Head   Louisa Partridge 1893-1973   Centre Louisa Nellie Partridge 1893-1973
hatten gran cyclist     albert hatten   muriel and margaret ashplant   albert hatten
2nd from right: Louisa Nellie Partridge 1893-1973   .Louisa Hatten née Partridge 1893-1973 and granddaughter   Albert Hatten 1894-1982, with Margaret Hatten, 1923-2001 and Muriel Hatten 1924-1967   Margaret Hatten 1923 - 2001 and Muriel Hatten 1924 - 1967   Albert Hatten 1894-1982 and Louisa Hatten née Partridge 1893-1973
margaret Hatten   muriel hatten     arthur ashplant   arthur and jean
Margaret Hatten 1923-2001   Muriel Hatten 1924-1967   John Ashplant 1845-1901 and Mary Ann Ashplant née Elstone 1853-1916   Arthur Ashplant 1897-1982   Arthur Ashplant 1897-1982 and Flora Jean Ashplant née Little 1902-1987
  arthur ashplant   ashplant    
Ashplant brothers and sisters: left Arthur 1897-1982 and Edith 1890-1974, right John 1884-1966 and Bessie1879-?   Grave of Arthur and Flora Ashplant in Canada   Ellen Ashplant née Leach 1883-1977   Ellen Ashplant née Leach 1883-1977   Edith Ashplant 1890-1974
  les and margaret ashplant     barbers    
Fred Ashplant 1882-1936 and Leslie Ashplant 1923-2005   Les Ashplant 1923-2005 and Margaret Ashplant née Hatten 1923-2001   Grave of Emily Piper née Hatting 1880-1943, Lucy Hatting's daughter, and her husband Frederick Piper 1872-1953   Charles Barber 1890-1972 and Ada Barber née Davy 1896-1974    


lillicrap   mary ann spurr   sampford spiney   Thomas Colmer aged 100   lillicrap mourning card
John Lillicrap 1806-1892,grandfather of Annie Lillicrap   Mary Ann Lillicrap née Spurr 1811-1883   Grave of John Lillicrap and Mary Ann Lillicrap née Spurr at Sampford Spiney   Thomas Colmer 1804-1900   Mourning card for Elizabeth Lillicrap
sampford spiney   Lillicrap     louisa colmer  
Grave of Richard Henry Lillicrap 1850-1925 and Elizabeth Lillicrap née Spurr 1855-1917, at Sampford Spiney   William Lillicrap b.1840, Louisa Lilliicrap née Colmer, 1840-1941, Susan Lillicrap b.1870, Mary Lillicrap b.1878   Louisa Reed Colmer 1840-1941   Louisa Lillicrap, née Colmer 1840-1941   Louisa Reed Lillicrap née Colmer 1840-1941
sampford spiney   lillicrap            
Memorial inscription to John Lillicrap,1885-1930, Ada Lillicrap 1882 -1929 and William Lillicrap 1894-1981, at Sampford Spiney   A Lillicrap, brother to Annie? Is this William Lillicrap, 1894-1981?            

Other Wright in-laws

petts   stones   john and elizabeth stone   admiral vernon    
George Pett 1895-1969 and Hilda Pett née Larkworthy 1901-1985   Grave of William Edward Stone1863-1931, Tom Stone 1870-1944 and Faith Elizabeth Stone née Josland 1869-1949   Grave of John Stone, 1830-1875 his wife Mary Stone, née Strike, and their daughter Emma 1865-1881, at Combeinteignhead   Admiral Inn, Alphington, formerly the Bell Inn, where William Loram, father-in-law of William Wright, was landlord