In this album we have some of the Pitts family , descended from Laurence Pitts of Stokenham, born approx 1660, together with their spouses. The pictures are more or less arranged by generation. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger version of the picture.

nicholas pitts   elizabeth prettyjohn   south allington plan   south allington   plaque in Chivestone church
Nicholas Pitts 1799-1870,   Elizabeth Prettejohn Pitts, née Harris 1812-1877   Ponsford proposed front elevation for South Allington House   South Allington House, Chivelstone today,   Pitts memorial plaque in Chivelstone church
  pitts grave   pitts children   charles pitts grave   Whympston
The Pitts family plot in Chivelstone graveyard   Grave of Nicholas and Elizabeth Prettejohn Pitts née Harris   Grave of the Pitts children   Grave of Charles Pitts 1868-1945   Whympston House gate post.
william Pitts   william elliot pitts   grave of john and sarah pitts   william elliott pitts grave   grave of nicholas pitts and wife Elizabeth
William Pitts of Higher Kineton, Loddiswell 1750-1826   William Lawrence Pitts 1839-1898   Grave of John Pitts, 1776-1847 and Sarah Pitts née Elliott 1785-1810, Stokenham Churchyard   Grave of William Elliott Pitts 1812-1845 and Philip Loye 1777-1855, Stokenham   Grave of Nicholas Prettejohn Pitts 1819-1890 and his wife Laetitia Isabella Elizabeth Pitts née Hayne 1823-1891
  elizabeth p pitts   Muckwell farm   William Partridge   kate pitts
Grave of Catherine Pitts née Loye1820-1839   Memorial stones to Phillip Loye and his wife Elizabeth Prettyjohn Loye, née Pitts and their family, Stokenham   Muckwell, Stokenham - the Pitts farm for several generations   William Partridge 1860-1946 and his wife Kate Partridge née Pitts 1868-1914   Kate Pitts 1868-1914
gilbert aescott   gilbert and wiun partrdge   nick pitts   nick pitts sister and step mum   l;ettie and jane MI
Fred Arscott, 1902-1975, Bill Arscott, 1903-1989, and Gilbert Arscott, 1904 - 1991   Gilbert Arscott 1904-1991 and Winifred Arscott, née Partridge 1904-1996   Nicholas Pitts 1884-1948   Nicholas Pitts, 1884-1948, Laetitia Pitts, 1875-1903, their stepmother, Jane Pitts, née Horton 1846-1926   Grave of Laetitia Pitts, 1875-1903 and her stepmother Jane Pitts née Horton 1846-1926, Stokenham church
john p pitts   lapford   nICHOLAS pITTS AND eMMA kATHLEEN wRIGHT   npitts and wright   kateandlaurie
John Prettejohn Pitts, 1864-1910, and Charlotte Pitts née Carter with their sons   Emma Kathleen Pitts, 1878-1954 and baby Lewis Laurence (Laurie) Pitts, 1912-1999, at Higher Town Place, Lapford, about 1912   Nicholas Pitts 1884-1948 and Emma Kathleen "Kate" Pitts, née Wright 1878-1954   Nicholas Pitts 1884-1948 and Kate Pitts née Wright 1878-1954   Kate Pitts née Wright 1878-1954and young Lewis Laurence (Laurie) Pitts, 1912-1999,
sadie and laurie   pitts family   sadiue laurie   npitts and kate   nick and kate shop
Children of Nick and Kate Pitts, Sadie Pitts, 1916-1993 and Laurie Pitts 1912 -1999   Nick and Kate Pitts with children Laurie and Sadie   Sadie Pitts, 1916-1993 and Laurie Pitts 1912 -1999 in 1925   Nick Pitts 1884-1948 and Kate Pitts 1878-1954   Nick and Kate PItts outside their shop
Laurie   sadie pitts   laurieandaudrey   laurie and aud   audreywheeler
Young Laurie Pitts   Young Sadie Pitts   Laurie Pitts 1912-1999 and Audrey Pitts née Wheeler 1910-2000   Laurie Pitts 1912-1999 and Audrey Pitts née Wheeler 1910-2000   Audrey Pitts 1910-2000
audrey and sister   steve43   sadie   laurie and friend   pitts family
Audrey Pitts née Wheeler and sister Marjorie   Probably Audrey with baby son Stephen (Steve) Pitts 1942-1997   Sadie Pitts, 1916-1993   Laurie Pitts and friend   . Nick and Kate Pitts with Audrey Pitts, Steve Pitts and Sadie Pitts
laurie africa   lauriesteve   laurie sadie   Jack and Sadie and families   sadie wedding
Laurie Pitts in the desert with the Royal Engineers   Laurie and Audrey with young Steve Pitts   Laurie Pitts giving away his sister Sadie at her wedding in 1948 at Crediton   Wedding of Jack Heard and Sadie Pitts in 1948   Wedding of Jack Heard and Sadie Pitts
laurie   jacksadsienicholas   steve   sandy bay heard and pitts   Pitts in london
Laurie Pitts with new car?   Jack and Sadie Heard and son Nicholas   Steve Pitts   Heards and Pittses at Sandy Bay   The Pitts family in London
nheard   stevepitts   jack and sadie   laurie aud   heards in venice
Nick Heard, first cub from right   Steve Pitts1942-1997   Jack Heard and Sadie Heard née Pitts   Laurie and Audrey Pitts   l to r: :Jack Heard 1916-1989, Rachel Wright, née Pett 1922-2007 and
Sadie Heard née Pitts 1916-1993 in Venice.
sadie   laurie   laurie aud and judy   nheard   wedding
Sadie Heard née Pitts   Laurie Pitts   Laurie and Audrey Pitts   Nick Heard, son of Jack and Sadie Heard   Steve Pitts' wedding in 1971
Emma and Aud   laurie and emma pitts   Emma Sandy bay   E dressing up  
Audrey Pitts and granddaughter Emma Pitts at Crediton   Steve Pitts' daughter Emma Pitts with her grand father Laurie Pitts   Emma Pitts in 1972 or 1973 on the beach at Sandy Bay   Young Emma dressing up  
Emma Pitts
Emma   Emma in 80s   Emmain2000   Emma  
Emma in Australia
Emma Pitts   Emma in the 80s   Emma Pitts in about 2000   Emma Pitts  
Emma in Australia
Emma   emma pitts            
Emma Pitts 1966-2006   Emma Pitts