Below are the Heard in-laws' families, and cousins of various degrees . The site is concerned with a group of inter-related families and on this page we have those with connections to Heards who are not direct descendants of John Heard of Hartland. The photos are arranged by family group. The Lynes and Clamps, for example, are all connected to Sarah Heard, née Lynes. The Fey group families are related to great grandmother Ellen Fey to a greater or lesser degree, and to each other etc. The Fey families are interesting because they connected socially with each other, even when they had migrated. The grouping is to a degree arbitrary. Labbetts are connected to Heards by a current marriage, but are also closely connected to the Feys. Canns, Hattins and Drews were all related to more than one of the families represented on the site.
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Lynes, Clamps

samuel lynes   samuel lynes   ellen elmore   ellenelmore   ellen elmore   samuel lynes
Samuel Lynes 1867-1936   Samuel Lynes seated with Thomas Elmore   Ellen Elmore 1894-1982   Ellen Lynes née Elmore with children   Ellen Lynes née Elmore   Samuel Lynes 1893-1952
ellen elmore   samuel lynes MI   william lynes in front   william lynes 1897   William and Hannah Lynes with Edith Wilcock and husband   william lynes home
Ellen Lynes with children   Grave of Samuel Lynes   William Lynes 1897-1953. Nearest the camera   William Lynes 1897-1953   Wilcock sisters with William Lynes and Frank Layland   The home of William Lynes at Lea Lane Farm, Over Whitacre
william and hannah lynes grave   Nellie Lynes    harry lynes   Frank and Win Lynes    Frank and Win Lynes   
Grave of William and Hannah Lynes née Wilcock   Nellie Lynes 1899-1986    Harry Lynes 1900 - ?   Frank Lynes and Win Spencer on their wedding day   Frank and Win Lynes    Frank Lynes 1909-1983 
 william thomas Lynes    Joseph Lynes   Margaret Lynes    Charlotte Lynes   Charlotte lynes    Nancy Lynes
 William Thomas Lynes 1917-1991    Joseph Henry Lynes 1924-2009    Margaret Lynes 1928-2005 and husband Richard Worton 1923-2002   Charlotte Ellen Lynes 1921-1979   Charlotte Lynes 1921-1979    Annie Elizabeth "Nancy" Lynes 1929-2005
 Brenda Lynes   Sgt Thomas Frank Lynes    Thomas Frank Lynes    Sybil Packwood    Grave of Thomas Lynes    William Lynes marriage 
Brenda Lilian Lynes 1939-2001    Sgt Thomas Frank Lynes 1923-1946   Thomas Frank Lynes 1923-1946    Sybil Lynes née Packwood    Grave of Thomas Frank Lynes    William Derek Lynes' marriage
 to Rose Duffy in  1953
Rose Duffy    William Derek Lynes     James Clamp 1827   James Clamp and Eliza King    James Clamp 1855   william clamp
Rose Lynes, née Duffy 
  William Derek Lynes,
   James Clamp 1827 - 1909   James Clamp and Eliza Clamp née King    James Clamp 1855 - 1905   William Clamp 1889-1963

Feys, Hectors, Cornishes, Blaens, Helmores, Drews

susan nee drew    ann drew   anndrewsgoblet   alfred and tryphena fey shobrooke   john coombe and elizabeth coombe   john coombe
Grave of Frank Phillips 1854-1929 and Susan Phillips née Drew 1861-1931     Ann Drew 1835-1889   Ann Drew's goblet   Grave of Alfred Fey 1866-1932 and Tryphena Fey, née Tozer 1868-1951, Shobrooke   John Coombe 1854-1945 and Elizabeth Coombe née Wood 1854 - 1931   Grave of John Coombe 1854-1945..
 wood    coombe grave   The Coombe sisters     freeman and mary    mary coombe and thomas freeman grave    woodgates fey
and wife Elizabeth Coombe née Wood 1854 - 1931     Coombe family plot   Coombe sisters    Thomas Freeman, Mary née Coombe and family.   Grave of Mary Coombe and Thomas Freeman at Ashby de la Zouche        Grave of William Woodgates Fey 1808-1879, and Mary Fey, née Gill 1812-1891, in Crediton Churchyard
 james fey    Mrs james fey    eva fey    edgar james fey    fey brothers    edwin fey
James Fey 1842-1918    Sarah Ann Elston 1841-1912   Grave of Frances Fey, Eva Fey née Aul and Sarah Elizabeth Fey in Chicago    Grave of Edgar James Fey 1880-1952, in Chicago   James Fey 1842-1918,
William Fey1844-1924
Edwin Fey1848-1923
  Edwin Fey 1848-1923
 Edwin Fey business card    William hector    hector william and jane grave    sarah hector    sarah hector    Sarah Hector
 Edwin Fey's business card    William Hector 1820-1882   Grave of William Hector 1820-1882 and Jane née Cann 1819-1892    Sarah Hector 1849-1932   Sarah Fey née Hector 1849-1932      Sarah Fey née Hector 1849-1932
 hector women    sarah fey and ellen    sarah fey    sarah hector    sarah fey and george bigwood    minnie daw
 Hector and Fey women at Forches Cross, Crediton   Sarah Fey née Hector 1849-1932 and Mary Ellen Fey 1879-1953   Sarah Fey née Hector 1849-1932   Sarah Fey née Hector,1849-1932   George Bigwood 1852-1911 and Sarah Fey 1849-1932   Minie Alice Fey 1870-1954
 minnie daw    sidney and minnie daw    daws sidney and minnie    minnie alice hector daw    sidney daw and minnie    Edwin Reg Fey
 Minnie Alice Fey     Sidney Daw 1870-1937 and Minnie Alice Daw née Fey 1870-1954   The Daw family before their migration.      Minnie Alice Daw née Fey   Minnie Alice Daw with second husband Albert Pierce      Edwin Reginald Fey,
with Ethel Fey née Bigwood and Cyril Fey
 fred and reg    frederick fey    fred fey    Frederick Fey    Blanche webley    blanche fey
 Frederic Fey 1876-1938 and brother Edwin Reginald (Reg) Fey 1874-1943   Frederic Fey 1876-1938   Frederic Fey 1876-1938   Frederic Fey 1876-1938   Blanche Mona Webley 1873-1947   Blanche Fey, née Webley 1873-1947  
feys grave at canford    ellen fey    mary ellen pyman    nellie and fred pyman    fred pyman   bowkettpopewedding
 Grave of Feys at Canford, Westbury-on-Trym, Gloucestershire    Mary Ellen Fey 1879-1953, daughter of Sarah and Edwin Fey.   Mary Ellen Pyman née Fey 1879-1953    Fred Pyman 1880-1916 and Mary Ellen "Nellie" Pyman, née Fey, 1879-1953   Fred Pyman, Nellie Pyman and family.   Wedding of Carrie Bowkett (née Fey) and John Pope in 1909.
 hector's shop   John Cann Hector     hector advert    winifred and hugh fey    albert fey    albert fey
 Shop of William Hector,1852-1925, Watchmaker and Jeweller, 27 High Street, Crediton   John Cann Hector and family before migrating to the USA   Newspaper advert for John Cann Hector's business.   Hugh Fey and Rosina née Chattington with family group.   Albert Edward Fey 1884-1958 and Ellen Fey, née Elliston   Albert Edward Fey 1884-1958 and Ellen Fey, née Elliston with children Florence, Ethel and Albert
nellie male    herbert fey    lilian esther broberts nee fey    lilian esther fey    lilian esteher fey    lilian esther fey
Nellie Fey née Male 1883-1969   Herbert Winston Fey 1908 -?   Lilian Esther Fey née Roberts 1904-1987   Lilian Esther Fey née Roberts 1904-1987   Lilian Esther Fey née Roberts 1904-1987   Lilian Esther Fey née Roberts 1904-1987
 alan fey2    alan fey 1   alan fey     alan fey   alan and lilian fey grave     grave alan fey
 Alan Fey 1935-1987   Alan Fey 1935-1987   Alan Fey 1935-1987   Alan Fey 1935-1987   Lilian Fey 1904-1987 and her son Alan Fey 1935-1987, grave plaque.   Grave of Lilian Fey 1904-1987 and her son Alan Fey 1935-1987,
 school warmemorial    ekbradford    elizabeth Kendricks presentation    elizabeth bradford    jones and ek bradford grave    frances jones
 Feys on Barton Hill School War memorial   Elizabeth Kendrick Bradford 1887-1952 (on left) and friend   Ladies gold pocket watch presented to Elizabeth Kendrick Bradford.   Thomas Jones 1889-1946 and Elizabeth Kendrick Jones née Bradford 1887 -1952   Grave of Thomas Jones 1889-1946 and Elizabeth Kendrick Jones née Bradford 1887- 1952   Frances Jones 1919-2006
walliamward and frances neejones    alfred harris    kimm    susannah kimm    Florence Harris and husband Alfred    florence harris
 William Ward 1915-1986 and Frances Ward née Jones 1919-2006   The Harris family in Montreal in 1912   Susannah Harris née Kimm 1862-1947   Susannah Harris 1862-1947   Florence Harris with husband Alfred Irons in 1927    Florence Viona Irons née Harris 1900-1979 
 florence harris    herbert slee    ronald slee    dicjk chipperfield with Myrtle    jimmy chipperfield    mary chipperfield
 Florence Viona Irons née Harris 1900-1979    Herbert George Slee 1893-1979   Ronald Slee 1924-2006   Dick Chipperfield and Myrtle née Slee   Jimmy Chipperfield 1912-1990   Mary Chipperfield 1937-2014
 partridge family    ellen partridfge    emily and ellen partridge    sidney tucker   Dorothy Labbett     
The Tucker family   Ellen Partridge née Drew and granddaughter Gladys Partridge   Emily and Maud Ellen Partridge   Sidney Tucker about 1912   Dorothy Labbett    Dorothy Labbett
     procter grave   Ada Shuman   Stanley Fey University of Illinois   frederick daw age19   worthy daw and doris barralet
"Lisa Perli's" Mise en Scene, 1937     Grave of Charles Frederick Procter1898-1936, and wife Ivy Louise, née Fey 1899-1966   Ada Georgina Shuman née Fey, with son Stanley Shuman, and granddaughter   Stanley Edgar Fey    Frederick Daw    Worthy Daw and
Doris Barralet
Carrie and John Pope's children    ethel fey   mona fey   hectorrubyfred   reg fey   Hector Fey
Two of Caroline née Fey and John "Jack" Pope's children   Ethel Ruby Dent née Fey.1903-1977   Mona Elizabeth Inglis née Fey 1908-1982   Hector Fey 1905 - 1989, Fred Fey 1902-1966, and Ethel Ruby Fey 1903-1977   Reginald Eric Fey 1901 - 1975   Hector Fey 1905-1989
hector fey   gladys and gil pyman   gladys pyman   1queenie pyman   folk house orchestra   aldermanwilliams
Hector Fey 1905-1989   Gladys Pyman 1900 - 1969, Frederick Gilmore "Gil" Pyman 1904 - 1971, Cyril Fey 1904 - 1978, .   Gladys Pyman 1900-1969   Queenie Rosina Pyman 1908-1992 Bristol Folkhouse Orchestra, 1929 Alderman William Williams, 1907-2003
    Jane Mitchell small   william coverly mitchell   Caroline Mitchell grave   em mitchel
Jane Mitchell, née Hector.1842-1925. Jane Mitchell, née Hector.
Grave of Jane Mitchell William Coverly Mitchell, 1834-1908 Grave of Caroline Richardson née Mitchell 1870-1923 Emily Mitchell 1882-1973.
emily mabel   emily mitchell     charles amberg   John Alby  
Emily Mitchell 1882-1973.   Emily Gerner née Mitchell 1882-1973.   Minnie Mitchell 1868-1918   Charles Albert Amberg 1867-1951   John Alby 1872-1958   Grave of Minnie Alby née Mitchell 1868-1918, Oakwood Cemetery, Wisconsin,USA
mitchell girls   hector sisters   chapples    jane chapple   janie, pauline and julia maude chapple    
Mitchell women   Two daughters of William Hector and Betty née Parks, with friends at La Vita, Colorado   Maude and Henry Cornish, Janie Chapple and Hugh Morton Blaen   Janie Chapple 1877-1917   Sisters Janie, Pauline and Julia Maude Chapple   Janie and Julia Maude Chapple 
 John Blaen's family    blaen    jim mary blaen    blaens of Creetown    George Hugh Blaen   dora blaen
 John Blaen's family    James Blaen's family    Jim and Mary Blaen, cousin of Hugh Morton Blaen.   Creetown picnic     (George) Hugh Blaen 1909-1972   Dora Elsie Blaen
fred helmore   helmore poster   fred helmore   1illiam helmore   bert helmore    
Frederick John Helmore 1861-1935   Helmore poster   Frederick John Helmore at work   William Helmore, 1794-1883   Bert Helmore, 1895-1965    


thomas comins pollard   thomas pollard grave   edward pollard   edward and martha pollard   epollardand children    
Thomas Comins Pollard 1819-1876   Grave of Thomas Comins Pollard, John Adams Pollard and Ellen Eliza Pollard   Edward Pollard 1855-1908   Edward and Martha Pollard   Edward Pollard and his children    


harry and mary tonkin   william tonkin androsina   rose tonkin   william henry tonkin   william tonkin   william tonkin
Harry Tonkin 1859-1916 and Mary Tonkin née Spear 1860-1918   William Tonkin 1890-1958 and Rosina Tonkin née Fishleigh 1889-1971   Rosina Tonkin née Fishleigh 1889-1971   William Tonkin 1890-1958 and friend.
  William Tonkin 1890-1958.
  William Tonkin 1890-1958.
fanny edith and ellen tonkin                    
Fanny Tonkin 1887-1982,Ellen Tonkin 1889-1964, Edith Tonkin 1893-1982                    

Saffins and Turners

jane safion nee clark     william saffin 1854-   Mary Ann Saffin nee jordan   poleford   grave of william and mary ann saffin
Jane Saffin née Clark 1832-1906   Jane Saffin née Clark 1832-1906   William Saffin 1854 - 1941   Mary Ann Saffin née Jordan 1858-1904   Poleford - Saffin family home at Cheriton Bishop   Grave of William Saffin1853-1941, Mary Ann Saffin 1858-1904
and daughter Maud Saffin 1883-1917
george safin   annett and saffin marriage 1911   henry annett   sarah jackson-millard   george and Catherinie saffin in Condah cemetery   
George Saffin 1885-1926   George and Kate Saffin née Annett on their marriage day.10 May 1911   Henry Annett 1845-1927   Sarah Annett née Jackson-Millard 1850-1927   Grave of George and Catherine Saffin, Condah cemetery   William Henry Saffin 1912 - 1990
esther mirtschin   mirtschin and saffin   stan and edith price nee saffin   saffin/habner grave   turner and perryman   john william perryman turner
Esther Mirtschin   Esther Mirtschin and William Saffin marriage 1939   Stan Price 1915-1973 and Edith née Saffin1913-1944   Grave of Heather Habner née Saffin and children   James Turner and Ann Perryman grave in Colebrooke churchyard   John William Perryman Turner 1865-1935
perryman turner                    
William Perryman Turner 1896-1976                    


sam and elizabeth fursdon MI at Sandford   Gordon and Violet Fursdon   donald fraser   thomas Fraser        
Samuel and Elizabeth Fursdon's grave stone at Sandford   Gordon and wife at Hawkmoor Hospital Bovey Tracey   Donald Fraser   Thomas Fraser in 1900        

Sharlands, Wensleys, Wallers and Carpenters

 george sharlaND    sharlands   William Boaden and elizabeth Sharland    grace and francis sharland   sarah sharland grave     james and elza sharland's grave
 George Sharland 1830-1909 - brother-in-law of Grace Heard    George Sharland's children   Elizabeth Boaden née Sharland, 1855 - 1919 and William Edwin Boaden 1857-1922    Grave of Francis Sharland 1837-1923 and Grace Sharland née Wensley 1832-1891.    Grave of Sarah Sharland, second wife of Francis Sharland née Mogridge. 1845-1928.    Grave of James Sharland 1839-1907 and Eliza Sharland née Crook 1843-1925.
Joe Sharland    Grave of Joe Sharland and family   George Sharland   Arthur Sharland   lydia snell and henry davey   lydia sharland snell
Joe Sharland, 1867-1940    Grave of Joseph Sharland, Julia Sharland née Nancarrow and Olaf Sharland   George Sharland  1860-1955 and Leonie Sharland née Loucke 1866-1957   Arthur Sharland, 1868-1953 and Sarah Jennie Sharland née Carter 1874-1943   Henry Davey, Lydia Sharland Davey née Snell, and family.   Lydia Sharland Davey née Snell. 1869-1955 Niece of Francis Sharland
lydia   knightshayes   Mary Jane Sharland   walter sharland grave   helena sharland and henry howells    James Sharland
Lydia Davey with Grandaughter Nola and baby great grandaughter   Knightshayes   Mary Jane Sharland, 1867-1923   Grave of Walter Sharland 1869-1951 and Jane Sharland née Hunt 1866-1912   Helena Elizabeth Howells nee Sharland, 1871 - 1955 and Henry Howells, 1872-1905   Private James Sharland, 1878-1915
Thomas George Sharland   Thomas Sharland   Thomas George Sharland   Ethel Mary Sharland   Myrtle May Sharland, nee Robinson   sharland grave
Thomas George Sharland, 1880-?   Thomas George Sharland, 1880-?   Thomas George Sharland, 1880-?, with father James Sharland, 1839-1907   Ethel Mary Sharland née Moore,1882-1970, widow of Thomas George Sharland   Myrtle May Sharland, née Robinson, 1884-1974   Grave of Leopold and Myrtle Sharland née Robinson
Walter Lym Sharland   muriel davey   muriel davey memorial   Annie Mabel Howells   Cecil Sharland   Grace Hards
Walter Lym Sharland, 1885-1981 and Blanche Sharland née Down 1884-1977   Muriel Davey, daughter of Lydia and Henry Davey, 1895-1985   Memorial plaque to Muriel Freeman née Davey   Annie Mabel Howells,
  Cecil Sharland,
  Grace Matilda Sharland née Hards, 1888-1962
Tom Sharland   Arthur henry sharland   Herbert Henry Sharland   sharlanreunion   grave of james and mary wensley   lydia wensley mi
Tom Sharland 1886-1956
and Edith Sharland
née Straddon 1899-1969
  Arthur Henry Sharland,
  Herbert Henry Sharland
  First Sharland Reunion 1916, Dexter, Michigan, USA   Grave of James Wensley 1801 - 1881 and Mary Wensley, née Waller 1802-1851   Grave of Antony Reed Wensley, 1807-1900 and Lydia Wensley, née Waller 1809-1899,
Ann Waller   Ann Waller   William Carpenter   William Carpenter   William Carpenter memorial, Withleigh Church   John Waller Carpenter
Ann Carpenter née
Waller 1811-1882
  Ann Carpenter née
Waller 1811-1882
  William Carpenter,
  William Carpenter,
  William Carpenter memorial, Withleigh church    John Waller Carpenter,
John Bragg and sarah waller   John Thomas Bragg & sarah waller   Laurence and robert luxton grave   luxton brothers   frances memorial seat   frances luxton 1908-1975
Sarah Emma Bragg née Waller, 1845-1922 and John Thomas Bragg, 1849-1940   Sarah Emma Bragg née Waller, 1845-1922 and John Thomas Bragg, 1849-1940   Laurence and Robert John Luxton's grave Winkleigh   Luxton memorial stone in Winkleigh churchyard   Frances Luxton memorial seat at Brushford   Frances Luxton 1908-1975


abe cann   abe cann   john william blackborough   blacborough   joseph jeffrey and eileen blackborough    
Wrestler Abe Cann's portrait (1794-1864)   Abe Cann portrait in the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter   John Blackborough 1907-1939   Eileen Blackborough 1910-1958   Joseph Jeffrey and Eileen Blackborough    


gertie and granny   James farthing   tom farthing and sis   thomas and sarah farthing   tom farthing   tom farthing horse
l - r: Sarah Hoyle née Edwards b.1867, Rose Farthing 1920-1988, Gertrude Hoyle b.1891 Taken in Rochdale, about 1926   Thomas Farthing 1889 -1959 Thomas was a gunner with the Royal Garrison Artilley.   Thomas Farthing 1889-1959 and Sarah (Sis) Farthing née Hoyle 1892-1971   Thomas and Sarah Farthing   Thomas Farthing in Rochdale in 1926.   Thomas Farthing 1889-1959
freda farthing   harry farthing   rose farthing   joyce farthing   william edwards   bill and workmates
Freda Farthing 1916-2002   Harry Farthing 1893-1921 and Clara Farthing, née Hardy, b.1898   Rose Farthing b.1903 and Vincent Heap   Joyce Farthing b.1922   William Edwards, b.1881   Bill Park or Farthing 1883-1970, with workmates, at Corrigin, Western Australia, 1912.
bill and friend   bill and bride   bill wedding   jack labbett   jack  labbett    
Bill Park 1883-1970, with unknown companion at Luna Park, Melbourne, 1914   Bill Park 1883-1970 and Gwendoline Dunn 1898-1992   1918. The marriage of William Park,1883-1970, to Gwendoline Dunn, 1898-1992,   PC Jack Labbett. 1978-1996. The uncle of Gertie Heard's daughter-in-law.   Jack Labbett. 1978-1996.    


octavius ralling   thomas ralling   thomas ralling   ralling brothers   t ralling funeral   ralling mi
Octavius Ralling 1858-1929   Thomas John Ralling 1846-1924   Thomas John Ralling in his Masonic regalia.   Thomas Ralling with five of his brothers, who were all Freemasons   Funeral of Thomas Ralling   Thomas John Ralling's grave in Colchester Cemetery and Crematorium, Essex
william lewis ralling                    
William Lewis Ralling 1883-1954                    


thomas ladbrook   sarah ladbrook   richard carey   winnie keys   walter holcombe   Peter Holcombe
Thomas Ladbrook 1859-1923   Sarah Ladbrook née Carter 1867-1945   Front row right: Richard Carey 1882-1920   Winifred Kleynhans née Keys 1908-1964   Walter Holcombe 1893-1960   Peter Holcombe with parents and second wife.
kathleen read                    
Kathleen Read, née Carey, formerly Holcombe, her mother Catherine Carey née Rice and third husband, Albert Read                    

Some other Heard family members

charlotte haydon   ann madge   bubear   maria rice   rice and heal mi   henry willey
Charlotte Haydon, Edith Haydon née Heard's aunt   Ann Madge née White 1811-1888, and daughter Ellen, 1836-1895   George Bubear, champion rower   Maria Rice née Heal 1828-1883   Grave of John Heal, 1818-1888 and Lovedy Heal, née Rice, 1810-1883.   Henry Willey aged 70
ernest john newcombe   william and ann smallridge   joseph smallridge   john smallridge grave   jonathon page gown   john chanter mary wreford
Ernest John Newcombe   Grave of William Smallridge, 1790-1871 and Ann née Ball 1791-1869   Grave of Joaseph Smallridge1757-1811 and wife Mary née Millman 1765-1826,   Grave of John Smallridge 1849-1898 and Sarah Jane Smallridge née Partridge 1854-1912   Jonathon Page Gown,1852-1927.   John Chanter 1822-1892 and his wife Mary née Wreford, 1822-1907
tancock   isabella drew grave sandford   william hattin grave   grave of charles hattin   henryfrostgrave boconnoc    
Matilda Tancock 1874-1944.   Grave of Isabella Drew, née Cheriton 1855-1915, and sons Frederick Drew 1889-1916 and William Drew 1895-1908.   Grave of William Hattin 1810-1887 and Jane Hattin née Norrish 1808-1889, at Cheriton Fitzpaine   ...and their son Charles Hattin 1853-1880  

Grave of Henry Frost 1832-1892 in Boconnoc churchyard, Cornwall