In this album we have the Heards, descended from John Heard of Hartland, together with their spouses. The photos are arranged by descent from four brothers - James, John, William and Daniel Heard - all sons of John Heard and Agnes Hattin who were born in the 1820s. It was their children who started to move away from Devon. Within these lines they are more or less arranged by generation. The Turners are also included here - my paternal grandmother's family - Jessie Heard née Turner

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Descendants and their spouses of James Heard 1829-1897

william heard and ellen fey
ellen fey
william and ellen heard
heardfamily group
william and ellen heard gravestone
walter heard
William Heard
1854-1925 and
Ellen née
Fey 1819-1897
  Ellen Heard née Fey 1851-1929  

William and Ellen Heard

  Heard family gathering
in 1915 for Ethel
Heard's marriage to
Thomas Pollard
  William and Ellen
Heard's grave in
Crediton cemetery
  Walter Heard 1887
berry works outing
  Berry and vincent photo  
walter at work
walter older
Walter and Jess
Walter Heard and son
Bill on a Berry and Vincent works outing
  Walter Heard with workmates,
2nd from left
  Walter Heard and son
Bill in Berry and Vincent works photograph
  Walter Heard with workmates  

Walter Heard 1887-1957

  Walter Heard 1887-1957 and Jessie née Turner 1889-1975
walterheardsgrave   william heard   lucy groves   lucy groves and possibly charley heard   heardfamily group   grave of albert heard
Grave of Walter and Jessie Heard and their daughter Betty at Crediton cemetery   William Heard 1885-1950   Lucy Heard née Groves 1890-1965   Lucy Groves, possibly with brother-in-law Charley Heard   Albert Heard and a family group   Grave of Albert and Amy Heard at Crediton Cemtery
The Pollard Family   Tom Pollard   Thomas Comins Pollar   Thomas and ethel Pollard   Pollard family on beach  
ethel pollard's grave
The Pollard family with a young Thomas Pollard   Thomas Comins Pollard 1890-1949   Thomas Comins Pollard in The Devonshire regiment probably   Thomas Pollard and Ethel née Heard with their children   Pollard family at Dawlish Warren   Ethel Pollard's grave in Crediton cemetery
walter bubear mi   Mary Heard   Mary Heard grave   Margery heard  
rob and marge
margery's wedding
Grave of Walter Bubear, Ellen Bubear née Heard and Bertie Bubear, Crediton cemetery   Mary Heard, standing on right, 1893-1942   Mary Heard's grave, Crediton cemetery   Margery Heard's graduation   Rob Voss and Margery née Heard in 1941 in Crediton   Margery Heard 1911-1991 and husband Rob Voss 1912-1997
margery heard
rob voss
margery heard
Young Bill Heard
gertie heard
gertie in guide uniform
Margery Voss née Heard 1911-1991   Rob Voss 1912-1997   Margery Voss's memorial stone in Crediton cemtery   Bill Heard 1914-1993   Gertrude Farthing with sisters Rose and Freda in 1926   Gertrude Farthing and sister Freda in 1928
bill at shobrooke
gertie at shobrooke
bill in uniform
Bill at work
bill and gertie1941
Heard family group with Bill Heard centre front, and Jack Heard next to him.   Bill Heard 1914-1993, at Shobrooke Park.   Gertie Heard née Farthing, 1918-2008   Bill Heard in uniform   Joiner Bill Heard working at Berry and Vincent's.   Bill and Gertie Heard in 1941
gertie 1941
bill on bike 1
bill on bike 2
winswood coronation party
ray and brother
Gertie Heard 1918 -2008   Dispatch rider Bill in Reyjavik, Iceland   Bill at Vine Cottage, East Street, Crediton.   Gertie Heard with sons at Coronation Party   Ray Heard at Winswood, Crediton   Left, Ray Heard 1948-2010
Ray Heard's wedding  
Rays band
  gertie   bill older   Jack heard and cousin  
Ray Heard's wedding   Ray Heard and his band Sean and Heard   Gertie Heard née Farthing   Bill Heard   Wilfred John ("Jack") Heard (left) with cousin Clifford Bond   Den Heard left and Jack Heard right, in the Church Choir, Crediton
brothers Bill Jack and Den Heard
jack heard in uniform
Jack Heard in India
Jack and Sadie's wedding
Jack sadie and son
Left to right, brothers Den, Jack and Bill Heard   Jack Heard 1916-1989, in uniform   Jack Heard, army cook in India 1945   Wedding of Jack Heard and Sadie Pitts   Wedding of Jack Heard to Sadie Pitts   Jack and Sadie Heard and son
sadie and son  
Jack and sadie with son at Exmouth
Jacksons products
jack and sadie beach
  Jack and Sadie Heard at
Sadie Heard née Pitts 1916-1993, and son   Jack and Sadie Heard née Pitts and son   Jack and Sadie at Sandy Bay   Jackson's products. Jack Heard and his grandmother worked at the factory   Wilfred "Jack" and Sadie Heard   Sadie and Jack at Clayhidon church in the 1980s
Nicholas Heard
Sadie in nurse uniform
jack and sadie
N Heard
heatrds and wrights
Sadie and Jack heard's grave
Nicholas Heard in 1984   Sadie Heard   Jack and Sadie Heard   Jack and Sadie Heard's son, Nicholas   Jack and Sadie Heard with Wright cousins   Grave of Sadie and Jack Heard and son Ronald in Crediton cemetery
den heard school rugby
school rugby den 1
den's wedding
dens wedding reception
Sgt Den Heard
Den Heard with cousin ken Pollard
Dennis Heard in school rugby team 1933.   Dennis Heard in school rugby team 1934.   Den Heard's wedding   Den Heard's wedding   Sergeant Den Heard 1918-2001   Den Heard with cousin Ken Pollard
Dennis Crediton RFC   Den older  
betty heard
betty at school
barbara heard sister Phyllis and friend
  Barbara and Paul Benson
Den Heard in Crediton rugby team season
  Den Heard 1918 -2001   Betty Lorraine Heard 1919-1930   Betty Heard with school friends   Barbara Heard 1922- 1995 and Phyllis Heard 1924- 1969   Barbara Benson née Heard 1922-1995 and Paul Benson 1920-1981
Paul Benson
barbara heard
  phyllis and barbara heard  
Bob Cross
  Heard brothers and sisters 1984   ethel haydon and william cann
Paul Benson 1920-1981   Barbara Benson née Heard 1922-1995   Phyllis Heard 1924-1969 with sister Barbara Heard 1922-1995   Bob Cross, Phyllis's widower, and his second wife.   A gathering of Heards in 1984   William Cann, 1885-1958, and Ethel née Haydon 1894- 1963
Jack Haydon in army
Jack Haydon
gwen powleslands grave
grave of clifford bond
Albert Tonkin and Joan Heard
Jack Ethel and Ken Pollard
Jack Haydon with army friends   Jack Haydon on the right   Memorial stone to Gwen Powlesland née Cann 1920-1995   Grave of Clifford Bond, 1920-1991 and Stella née Belcher 1921 -1990   Wedding of Joan Heard and Albert Tonkin in 1940   L to R: Jack, Ethel and Claude "Tug" Pollard
ken pollard
Jack Pollard at Hele's school Exeter
Jack Pollard
jack pollard on left
Jack and Tug Pollar
Mary Heard
Ken Pollard 1918 -1995   Jack Pollard at Hele's School, Exeter   John Comins "Jack" Pollard 1916-2000   Jack Pollard on left   1996: Jack 1916-2000 and Claude Pollard1919-1999   Mary Heard née Webber 1885-1969, and baby Alice Maud 1912-1997
Mary Heard and baby   grave of  ernest and margaret Heard and Margaret Heard   Charlie and James Henry hrd            
Mary Heard née Webber with baby Alice Maud and possibly Ellen Fursdon behind them   Grave of Ernest Heard, and Margret,née Bennett, in Sandford Churchyard   Grave of Charlie Heard 1899-1904 and James Henry Heard 1898-1953, at Sandford            

Descendants of William Turner 1838-1907

Mary Ann Turner
Lower westwood smithy
westwood smithy
Ann Turner Jacksons
ann saffin
ann saffin
Mary Ann Turner née Heal 1847-1931. Wife of William Turner   William Turner1865-1895 at Westwood Smithy   Same scene, with Ethel Turner 1890-1979, on right edge of picture   Ann Turner, née Saffin working at Jackson's   Ann Turner née Saffin 1862-1945   Ann Turner née Saffin at Hoopers Court, Crediton
ann saffin
jessie in service
Jack Turner
Ann Turner née Saffin 1862-1945   Ann Turner with granddaughters Phyllis and Barbara Heard   Jessie Turner 1889-1975   Jessie Heard née Turner in service   Ernest John "Jack" Turner 1894-1935    

Descendants and their spouses of William Heard 1823-1885

Walter Heard   sarah lynes   sarah gutteridge   oliver gutteridge   oliver and sarah gutteridge   oliver and sarah gutteridge
Walter John Heard 1887-1968   Sarah Jane Lynes 1895-1971, first wife of Walter Heard   Sarah Gutteridge née Lynes 1895-1971   Oliver Gutteridge, second husband of Sarah Lynes, 1903 -1968   Oliver Gutteridge and Sarah née Lynes   Oliver and Sarah Gutteridge
grave of sarah gutteridge   shustoke   pantyfedwen farm   walter heard grave   william heard an Olive nee Willey   grave of william heard and olive
Grave of Sarah Gutteridge née Lynes 1895-1971, in Polesworth Churchyard   The Green, Shustoke. After their marriage, Sarah and Oliver lived here   In the 1950s Sarah and Oliver lived in Pantyfedwen farm in Cardiganshire, Wales   Grave of Walter Heard 1887-1908 and Mabel Heard née Willey 1890-1982 in Broadclyst Churchyard   William Heard 1893-1970 and Olive née Willey 1904-1960   Grave of William and Olive Heard
daniel heard
florence heard
Jima and florence johns group
florence and jim heard
florence johns
Daniel Heard 1901 - 1986   Florence Emily Johns née Heard 1914-1991   Florence and Jim Johns   Arthur "Jim" Johns 1900-1989 and Florence Johns 1914-1991   Grave of Florence and "Jim" Johns, Payhembury, Devon   William Heard
william Heard
bill heard drill sergeant
enaheard nee wilso
bill heard with ken cox
ena wilson
Bill Heard 80th birthday
William Heard 1915-2003   William "Bill"Heard,1915-2003 , centre, drill sergeant   Ena Linnet Heard née Wilson 1916-2003   William Heard with brother-in-law Kenneth Cox   Ena Heard   Bill Heard, on his 80th birthday
william thomas
william thomas heard grave
doris heard
walter sweet
doris heard
grave for doris heard
Bill Heard 1915-2003   Grave of Bill Heard, Topsham, Devon   Doris Heard 1921-2010   Walter Sweet 1923-1991   Doris Sweet née Heard   Memorial plaque for Walter and Doris Sweet in St Nicholas, Baddesley Ensor, Warwickshire
young fred heard   fred heard army group   fred heard   fred heard alice   fred heard   stanley heard wedding
Fred Heard 1922-2007   Fred Heard with army friends, standing right   Fred Heard 1922-2007   Fred Heard 1922-2007 with Alice née Webb 1929-1985   Fred Heard 1922-2007   Stanley Heard's wedding to Lillian Palfrey
Lillian heard nee palfrey
stan and frd heard
stanley james heard
evelyn elsie heard
george walker
Bernard Jarvis
Lillian Palfrey 1932-1988   Stanley Heard 1924-2009 and Fred Heard 1922 -2007   Stanley James Heard 1924-2009   Evelyn Elsie Jarvis née Heard 1925-1994   Grave of George Walker, 1926-1998   Bernard Jarvis 1921-1997
alfred cox
Kenneth Alfred Cox
Kenneth Cox
Kenneth Cox
Enid Heard
Richard Heard
Kenneth Cox kneeling in front, with his parents Alfred and Esther Cox, and sister Joyce   Kenneth Alfred Cox   Kenneth Cox 1929-1981   Kenneth Cox 1929-1981   Enid Heard née Humphrey 1936-1995   Richard Heard 1934 -1996
richard john heard
richard heard
richard heard grave
David Heard
David Heard in army
David Heard wedding
Richard Heard in National Service   Richard Heard 1934 -1996   Grave of Richard Heard at Machynlleth, Powys   David Heard 1935-2011   David Heard in army photograph   David Heard's wedding in 1962
David Heard and friend
david heard funeral
davis Heard's grave
allan f Heard
Andrew Caddick
andrew caddick
David Heard, right, with unknown friend   Order of service for David Heard's funeral.   Grave of David Heard 1935-2011, Polesworth churchyard   Allan Heard 1944- 2006   Andrew Caddick, born 1968   Andrew Caddick, born 1968
william heard and sisterwinifred   william Heard wedding   bill heard mi   Flossie Heard        
William Heard 1919-1999 and sister Winifred Heard 1923-2008   Wedding of William Heard   Grave of William Heard in Broadclyst Churchyard   Flossie Heard 1926-2001        

Descendants and their spouses of John Heard 1820-1898

henry heard and eva chanter grave   ernest john heard grave   Ray Heard   rayheaRDSWEDDIN1941   rayinprisoncamp  
Grave of Henry Heard 1859-1929 and Eva née Chanter 1861-1937   Grave of Ernest John Heard 1883-1894   Raymond Heard 1917-2009   Ray Heard's wedding in 1941   Ray Heard in POW camp   Ray's book launch in 2003
50th anniversary of landing in Canada   Ray Heard in 2009   Kenneth Heard   Kenneth Heard with squadron   Margaret Heard and family    
Celebrating their 50th anniversary of arriving in Canada   Ray Heard in 2009   Kenneth Heard 1922-1942   Kenneth Heard 1922-1942   Oswald Ramsay1914-2003 and Margaret née Heard 1923-2005    

Descendants and their spouses of Daniel Heard 1826-1892

Reuben Heard   Esther heard nee wilson   Reuben and Florence second wedding            
Reuben Heard 1886-1964   Esther Heard née Wilson, Reuben's first wife 1882-1932   Reuben Heard 1886-1964, marrying his second wife Florence Saunders, 1889-1963