The Wrights have been a Sandford family for many generations, though as yet we have been unable to determine the origin of the earliest Wright in our family - Thomas, born about 1650. Several generations in different branches were blacksmiths in and around Sandford, but the break up of a partnership led to rivalry between brothers that became competition between their two branches of the family. Most of the Wrights here are descended from those brothers, James and Robert, the sons of my 3 x great grandfather James Wright (1799-1851) and Mary Bragg (1800-1875). Wright marriages connect with our Heards, Berrys and Pittses.Click on the thumbnails to see a larger version of the picture.

james wright 1799 and grandson   ottertonmillmachine   james and robertwright advert   wright plaque   cart
Grave of James Wright 1799-1851 and William Robert Wright 1855-1872,. Sandford churchyard   Milling machinery at Otterton Mill, sold by James Wright.   Advert for the West of England Iron Works from the Exeter Flying Post of 18 June 1857   James Wright name plate from the business.   A cart made by the Wrights
ellen hatting   ellen hatting   james and ellen wright mi   lewis  
Ellen Wright, née Hatting 1818-1914.   Ellen Wright, née Hatting 1818-1914.   Grave of James Wright 1825-1897, and Ellen Wright née Hatting,
  James Wright 1825-1897   Probably William Wright, 1854 -1923
meadowside today   lewiswrightgate   wrights workmen   lewis wright   west of england ironworks
Meadowside, Sandford, today.   One of the gates made by Lewis Wright and the West of England Iron Works.   Wrights' workmen   Lewis Wright, 1850-1928, and Mary Martha Wright née Berry 1851-1929   Wrights' workmen
mary martha   mary martha berry   mmb and children   lewis and nell   mmb kate and carrie
Mary Martha Wright née Berry 1851-1929 with baby Emma Kathleen Wright, 1878-1954   Mary Martha Wright née Berry 1851-1929   Mary Martha Wright née Berry, 1851-1939 with daughters Kate, 1878-1954, Clara 1882-1911, and baby Nellie Louise 1891-1959   Lewis Wright, 1850-1928
with daughter Nellie Louise Wright, 1891-1959
at Meadowside, Sandford
  Mary Martha Wright née Berry, 1851-1939 with daughters Kate, 1878-1954, Clara 1882-1911.
lewis wright   mmb       wrightmen
Lewis Wright, 1850-1928   Mary Martha Wright née Berry 1851-1929   Mary Wright and granddaughter   Mary Wright née Berry, with daughters Kate, Mary
and granddaughter Sadie Clarice Pitts
  Lewis Wright with sons, sons-in-law and family friends in about 1924
wrights with boydells   lewis and mmbolder   wrights 1920s   mmbwithdaughtersandgrandchild   lewismaryalansauntandpeggy
A Wright family gathering at Sandford   Lewis and Mary Wright   Lewis and Mary Wright with children Fred, Kate, Jack and George   Mary Wright, Ida Mary Pickett,
Emma Kathleen Pitts and baby Mildred Pickett
  Mary Wright, Margaret Wright, Lewis Wright and Violet Wright
lewis mary and margaret wright   lewis and mmb with maryetc   mildredmaryandmmb   katemarynellwithmmb   lewis and mmbmi
Lewis Wright 1850-1928, Margaret Wright 1897- 1987, Ida Mary Wright 1896-1967   Annie Wright née Lillicrap, Ida Mary Wright, Lilian Wright née Boydell. Seated: Mary Wright née Berry, Lewis Wright   Mary Wright, (Ida) Mary Pickett née Wright with Mildred Pickett.   Mary Martha Wright and her three daughters   Grave of Lewis and Mary Wright, in Sandford churchyard
jane wright nee coulson     wrightchildren   emma kate   kate

Jane Wright née Coulson, 1839-1900.
First wife of James Wright.

  Lewis and Mary Wright with children, and two grand children in about 1915.   A gathering of Lewis and Mary Wright's children.   Kate Wright 1878-1954   Kate Wright 1878-1954
nickpittsandemmakathleen   emma kate and laurie   kate and sadie   idanellandkate   kate and nick
Nick and Kate Pitts   Kate Pitts and Laurie Pitts   Kate Pitts with Sadie Pitts   Nellie Louise Willing,Ida Mary Pickett and Emma Kathleen Pitts, nées Wright   Kate Pitts and grandson Nicholas Heard
nick and kate pitts   fred   fred clara george and jack   fred   fred wright
Nick and Kate Pitts   Fred Wright   Clara, Fred, George and Jack Wright   Fred Wright, 1880-1946   Fred Wright
fred in ireland     fred and ada mi   john berry wright  
Fred Wright in Ireland,   Fred Wright, 1880-1946   Grave of Fred and Ada Wright   John Berry (Jack) Wright   Jack Wright
annie   anniejck and vi   jbwright   johnberrywright  
Annie Lillicrap 1880-1964   Annie Wright née Lillicrap 1880-1964 with children Jack Wright and Vi Wright   A gathering of Jack Wright's children and grand children in Exeter.   Jack and Annie Wright with daughters Vi and Betty.   Annie Wright née Lillicrap.
jbwrightand annie     georger at leigh   lil and brother   george wright
Jack and Annie Wright with son Jimmy Wright and son-in-law Roy Retter   Grave of John Berry Jack Wright and Annie Wright née Lillicrap in Sandford churchyard.   George Jefferis Wright 1888-1958.   Lilian Boydell and a brother   George Jefferis Wright
george at fair     george and lil     kath and mum
George Wright at an agricultural fair   George Wright and Lilian Wright née Boydell   George Wright and Lilian Wright née Boydell   George and Lilian Wright with baby Kathleen Wright, Ida Mary Wright and unknown man.   Lilian Wright with daughter Kathleen
  liland uncle   lil and book    
Lil and Kathleen Wright with friends   Lilian Wright with a brother   Lilian Boydell   Lilian Boydell   Wrights' day out
  nell and mary   nell and mary   nell 1911   moreton
Wrights' day out   Wright sisters Mary and Nell   Wright sisters Nell and Mary   Nellie Louise Wright, 1891-1959   Francis Moreton Willing 1888-1970
nell andmoreton   nell   francis and nell in alberta   francis on wagon   nell and francis
(Francis) Moreton and Nell Willing   Nell Willing in Canada   Moreton and Nell in Alberta   Moreton Willing   Nell and Moreton in Alberta
  moreton nell theo agnes   willings mi   marywright   mary pickett
Moreton and Nell Willing with baby Agnes   Agnes, Moreton, Theo and Nell Willing   Willings' grave in Ebford cemetery, Plymouth   (Ida) Mary Wright 1896-1967   (Ida) Mary Wright 1896-1967
    mary and margaret wright   maryon farm  
Mary Wright at Meadowside, Sandford   Lewis and Mary Martha with daughter Mary Wright and daughter-in-law Annie Wright.   Margaret Wright and Mary Wright   Mary Wright,1896-1967   Mary Wright
mary with book         mary her mother and mildred
Mary Wright   Mary Pickett with baby Mildred   L to r Marty Pickett, son, Mildred Pickett, Fred Pickett   Mary Pickett   Mary Pickett with her mother and her daughter
marynell and agnes   mary and fred pickett   moreton with sisterinlaw     wright children
Picketts and Willings   Fred and Mary Pickett with son.   George Wright with Mary Pickett   Mary Pickett and Lilian Wright in unknown group.   Grandchildren of Lewis and Mary Wright
sadie kathleen vi   sadie and laurie   sadie and laurie     jack and phyllis wright MI
Three granddaughters of Lewis and Mary Wright   Sadie Pitts 1916-1993 and
Laurie Pitts 1912- 1999
  Sadie and Laurie Pitts   Laurie Pitts   Grave of Ivor Jack Wright and Phyllis Wright, née Larcombe
vi     roy and vi   jbwright  
Violet Lillicrap (Vi) Wright 1912- 2009   Vi Retter née Wright and Roy Retter   Vi Retter née Wright and Roy Retter   John Berry Wright with children and grandchild   Peggy Wright, Vi Retter and Mary Pickett
vi and betty   vi at jimmys diamond   jack and rachel   heards ad wrights   jack
Vi Retter and Betty Junaluska nées Wright   Vi Retter   Jack and Rachel Wright with daughter Katherine   Wrights and Heards at the Wellington Monument   Jack Wright
      rachel jack mi   betty and peggy
Jack, Rachel and Katherine Wright and Jack Heard   Jack and Rachel Wright with Jack and Sadie Heard   Katherine, Jack and Rachel Wright   Grave of Jack and Rachel Wright at Broadclyst   Betty and Peggy Wright
bety   betty   betty   arthur   rachel betty me
Betty Wright 1920-2005   Betty Junaluska Smith, née Wright 1920-2005   WAAF Betty Wright   Arthur Smith Junaluska   Rachel Wright, née Pett, Nick Heard, Betty Junaluska Smith née Wright
rachel sadie betty   peggy       jimmy
Rachel Wright née Pett, Betty Junaluska Smith née Wright, Sadie Heard née Pitts   Peggy Wright   Peggy Wright   Peggy Wright and nursing colleagues   Richard Lewis "Jimmy" Wright
jimmy   mildred and jimmy     jimmyolder   jbwright
Jimmy Wright 1923-2013   Jimmy Wright with Mildred Glass née Pickett   Jimmy Wright, right, with first and second left, Sadie Heard and Vi Retter.   Richard Lewis "Jimmy" Wright, 1923-2013   John Berry Wright with his children
katherin   katherine MI   kath at school   kathleen   kath and uncle
Katherine Wright   Katherine Wright MI at Broadclyst church   Halberton school with Kathleen Wright   Kathleen Wright 1912-1987   Kathleen Wright with an uncle
kathleen on bike   Kathleen   kathleen   Kathleen Wright and friend   kathleen
Kathleen Wright   Kathleen Wright and friend from Leigh, Dorothy Unsworth   Kathleen Wright 1912-1987   Kathleen Wright and Dorothy Unsworth   Kathleen Wright 1912-1987
kath 1936   kathleen at Torquay   gerald   kathleen and gerald   gerald goodwin
Kathleen Wright 1912-1987   Kathleen Goodwin née Wright   Gerald Goodwin   Kathleen Goodwin née Wright and Gerald Goodwin   Gerald Goodwin, 1909-1968
agnes   may and theo   olivia agnes and theo     olivia and theo
Agnes Willing, daughter of Moreton Willing and Nell Willing née Wright   Olivia May and Theo Willing   Olivia May, Agnes and Theo Willing   Newspaper photo of May and Agnes Willing in Alberta   Theo and May Willing
  communal grave plymouth   agnes   agnes nurse   agnes
May Willing's grave marker   Communal grave at Efford cemetery, Plymouth   Agnes Willing 1917-2009   Agnes Willing 1917-2009   Agnes Willing
agnes   sid and agnes wedding   agnes   agnes in fur   sid
Agnes Willing   Wedding of Agnes Willing to Sid Davis at Loddiswell in 1948   Agnes Davis (r) with friend   Agnes Davis née Willing 1917-2009   Sid Davis 1909-1997
sid and agnes   sid   sid and agnes   britannia letterhead   wright gate post
Sid Davis,1909-1997 and Agnes Davis née Willing,1917-2009   Sid Davis   Sid Davis and Agnes Davis née Willing   Letterhead of the rival Britannia Iron Works   Robert Wright's work - a gate post at Woolfardisworthy
robertwright gate   robert wright mi   walter henry wright   ellen huxtable   ellen huxtable
The complete gate at Woolfardisworthy   Grave of Robert and Eliza Wright in Sandford churchyard   Grave of Walter Henry Wright 1856 -1908, and Elizabeth Wright née Trickey, 1863-1947   Ellen Wright or Ellen Frayling, née Huxtable, 1858-1939   Ellen Wright/Frayling,
ellen huxtable   frayling photo children   young ellen huxtable?   ellen huxtable   arthur wright

Ellen Wright or Frayling, née Huxtable,

  Possibly Ellen Huxtable in a school group.   Could this be Ellen?   Grave of Ellen Frayling, 1858-1939, in Medford, Massachusetts, USA   Arthur Wright 1888-1979
arthurjohnfraylingwright   cherylmurray   cheryl   cheryl murray   alfred frayling
Arthur Wright 1888-1979   Cheryl Frayling-Wright/ Cheryl Murray in the Rovers Return   Cheryl Frayling-Wright b.1952   Cheryl Murray b.1952   Alfred Sydney Frayling
alfred sydney frayling   alfred frayling2   alfred and alice frayling   ernest frayling   ernest frayling
Alfred Sydney Frayling 1893-1941   Alfred Sydney Frayling   Alfred and Alice   Ernest Francis Frayling   Ernest Francis Frayling
ernest frayling   ernest francis frayling   ernest margaret and children   ernest and family   maud frayling
Ernest Francis Frayling   Ernest Francis Frayling   Ernest Frayling with wife Margaret and children   Ernest Frayling with wife Margaret and children   Maud Frayling
maud frayling   Maud Frayling   maud frayling   maud and ken   maud with ken and pat
Maud Frayling at 24 Cannon Road, Liverpool   Maud Frayling 1896-1969   Maud Cuthbertson née Frayling   Maud and Ken   Maud, Ken and Pat
Ernest Kenneth Reid Cuthbertson   Ernest Kenneth Reid Cuthbertson   gathering of mauds family   charles and Maud Coffin   gravesof frayling
Ernest Kenneth Reid Cuthbertson   Ernest Kenneth Reid Cuthbertson   Gathering of Maud's family   Charles Coffin and Maud Coffin née Frayling   Frayling graves
robert bishop wright mi   wgswrightmi   edward wright     regwrightandednahudson
Robert Bishop Wright, nephew of James Wright   Walter Gerald Sanders Wright grandson of Robert Bishop Wright   Grave of Constance Ellis, née Wright, 1889-1927, and her brother Edward Wright, 1886-1960,   Reginald Wright with wife Edna Wright, née Hudson and mother-in-law Ethel Hudson and children.   Reg Wright and Edna Hudson Son of William George Wright,
dorothy wright   rogerwright and family            
Dorothy Wright 1906-1935   Grave of Roger Wright, second cousin once removed of James Wright.