The Picketts are connected to our families by marriage to the Wrights and to the Hattins. They were thought of as a Sandford family for many generations, though it is likely that the Picketts did not originate in Devonshire. The name is common in Wiltshire and Somerset. Early appearances in Devon are around Plymouth. There are suggestions that our Sandford Picketts were in nearby West Anstey prior to moving to Sandford, but there is no evidence for that. We can be certain that some time between 1793 and 1800 William Pickett, his wife Deborah, née Clapp and their children William, John, Richard, Deborah and Mary had taken up residence in the Lamb Inn, Sandford. The Rev. George Bent's local census in 1793 has no mention of the Picketts, but they appear in his next one in 1800. There are no Picketts living in the parish now. The Picketts are grouped by generation. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger version of the picture.

elizabeth pickett   grave richard pickett   john pickett   elizabeyth pickett nee hookway   john hookway
Elizabeth Pickett née Greenslade 1793-1850   Grave of Richard Pickett 1775-1831   John Pickett 1818 - 1879   Elizabeth Pickett née Hookway 1812-1894   John Hookway 1774-1847
grave of mary ann pickett   grave of jas wright and   lewis and jane snow at lamb   lewisandjanesnowgrave   john pickett
Grave of Mary Ann Pickett née Johns   Grave of James Wright 1851-1909 and Eliza Hookway Wright née Pickett 1847-1917   Lewis Snow 1845-1937 and Jane Snow née Pickett 1850-1936 outside the Lamb, Sandford.   Grave of Lewis and Jane Snow, in Sandford churchyard.   John Pickett 1852-1921
john picke and ellen smee   ellen smee     harriett hatting pickett   john greenslade and lucy hatting
John Pickett 1852-1921 and Ellen Pickett née Smee 1857-1931   Ellen Pickett née Smee 1857-1931   Thomas Pickett 1855-1913   Harriet Hatting Pickett née Greenslade 1864-1941 with son Fred Pickett 1889-1951   John Greenslade 1832-1892 and Lucy Greenslade née Hatting 1835-1922
harriet hatting greenslade   eliza pickett and mary ann kerslake   fred piper and emily nee greenslade   james blackburn pickett   emily caroline pickett
Harriet Hatting Pickett née Greenslade 1864-1941   Grave of Eliza Pickett 1860-1890 and sister Mary Ann Kerslake née Pickett 1862-1898 at St Swithun's, Sandford   Fred Piper 1872-1953 and Emily Piper née Greenslade 1880-1943   James Blackburn Pickett 1885-1931   Marriage of James and Mabel Pickett in 1908
mabel florence pickett   arthur pickett and fiance   John and ellenpickett and children   john pickett   alice dot spearpoimt
Mabel Florence Pickett née Vaughan 1885-1965   Arthur Pickett 1878-1912 and fiancée. Arthur died before the wedding.   John and Ellen Pickett with children   John Pickett 1880-1915   Alice Pickett née Spearpoint 1881-1960
ernest pickett        
Ernest Pickett 1883-1959   Herbert Pickett 1885-1968.   Kate Pickett 1886-1971   Kate Pickett 1886-1971in 1908   Will Harmer 1882-1960
harmer and mum   elsie pickett       pickett letter head
Kate Harmer, 1886-1971, née Pickett, with baby Stanley Harmer   Elsie Pickett, 1896-1987.   Alfred Snow at Sandford School in 1887   Herbert Pickett 1891-1949   Pickett business stationery.
fred pic   fred pickett   fred and wrights man   mary wright   mildred mary fred
Fred Pickett 1889 - 1951   Fred Pickett, 1889 - 1951, seated on the right   Left: Fred Pickett 1889 - 1951   (Ida) Mary Wright 1896-1967   Standing: Fred & Mary Pickett Seated: Harriet Hatting Pickett with baby Mildred Pickett
fred mary john mildred   fred and mildred     fred john theo  
Fred and Mary Pickett with their children,   Fred Pickett with daughter Mildred   Fred and Mary with their son and a Wright sister-in-law.   Picketts and Willings   Fred and Mary Pickett
mary wright           charles barber   ada and charles barber
Mary Pickett née Wright 1896-1967           Charles Barber 1890-1972   Charles Barber 1890-1972 and Ada Barber née Davy 1896-1974
harryjohn blacburn pickett   harry and lillian marriage   harry pickett   harry and lilian anniversary    harry and lillian pickett
Harry John Blackburn Pickett 1911-2010 & James Blackburn Pickett 1909-1983   Marriage of Harry Pickett to Lilian Farquhar in 1936   Harry John Blackburn Pickett 1911-2010   Harry John Blackburn Pickett 1911-2010 and Lilian Pickett née Farquhar 1913-2009   Harry John Blackburn Pickett 1911-2010 and Lilian Pickett née Farquhar 1913-2009
  may attenbrow   wilfred attenbrow     matilda stanbridge
Margaret Georgina Pickett née Dudley 1883-1945 with her three grandchildren.   May Attenbrow née Pickett 1873 - 1953   Wilfred Bernard Attenbrow   George Attenbrow 1817-1878, father of Wilfred Attenbrow   Matilda Attenbrow née Stanbridge 1831 - 1898.Wife of George
matilda stanbridge   arthur or edmund attenbrow   aubrey attenbrow   charles causley   charles causley
Matilda Stanbridge 1831 - 1898.   Arthur William or Edward George Attenbrow   Aubrey Edward Attenbrow 1873-1925   Charles Causley 1917-2003
the poet.
  Charles Causley
alice pickett 1904   menti and albert   menty and albert   jelley family  
Alice Tandy née Pickett 1904-1939   Albert Jelley and Menti Jelley née Pickett in June 1930   Albert Jelley and Menty Jelley née Pickett   Albert and Menti Jelley and children   Charles Pickett 1918-1975
charles wedding   charles pow   charles pow   albert pickett  
Marriage of Charles Pickett (1918-1975) to Gertrude Durran (1921-1988) in 1945   Charles Pickett in POW camp   Charles Pickett in POW camp   Albert Pickett 1921-1988.   Albert Pickett 1921-1988 and Margaret Pickett née Hamilton 1927-2003. Wedding day 1946
albert pickett   margaret pickett   margaret pickett   charles and gertrude   Picketts in London
Albert Pickett 1921-1988   Margaret Hamilton 1927-2003   Margaret Pickett née Hamilton 1927-2003   Pickett family on the beach   Picketts in Trafalgar Square, London.
robert pickett   stan harner age1      
Robert Pickett 1911-1960   Stanley Harmer 1913-2009   Stanley Harmer in Battersea   Stanley Harmer 1913-2009   Stanley Harmer 1913-2009
stan harmer with wifeetc   molly burnes     kate harmer   kathleen harmers wedding
l to r: Winifred (Molly) Harmer née Burnes 1912-2003, Stanley Harmer 1913-2009, Kathleen Flaum née Harmer 1922-2003   Molly Burnes 1912-2003   Stanley Harmer 1913-2009   Kate Harmer 1922-2003   Wedding of Kate Harmer to Conrad Flaum in 1943
    mary mildred john   mildred pickett an jimmy   mildred pickett
Mildred Pickett 1929-1991   Mildred Pickett 1929-1991   Mary Pickett with Mildred and son   Mildred Glass née Pickett with cousin Jimmy Wright   Mildred Glass née Pickett
mildred   frank aubrey sttenbrow   frank and mary attenbrow   audrey May Attenbrow   audrey may attenbrow
Grave of Mildred Glass née Pickett 1929-1991   Frank Aubrey Attenbrow 1911 - 1985   Frank Attenbrow 1911-1985 and Mary Attenbrow née Winby 1913-2010   Audrey May Attenbrow 1898-1971   Audrey May Attenbrow
    roger johns   john and eliz coles and family   daisy curtice
William Baylis Attenbrow 1905-1967   William Baylis Attenbrow 1905-1967   Roger Johns, b.1954   John and Elizabeth Coles and family   Daisy Curtice née Coles 1905-1995
I am particularly grateful to John Pickett and Stuart and Pat Pickett for their help with this photo album   103