Here the Berry family and their in-laws and cousins - the Miltons, Furseys, and our Scots connection, the Donalds, Andrews
and Fergusons. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger version of the picture.

Samuel Dunn   john berry   william milton   john berry   william Berry
Samuel Dunn 1723-1794. First cousin of Martha Berry née Prawl 1780-1845  

John Berry 1780-1851
husband of Martha Prawl

  William Milton 1782-1851   John Berry 1804-1869, son of John Berry   William Berry 1807-1874
william berry grave   elizabeth Fursey   jefferis   william Boddy Berry  
Grave of William Berry 1807-1874 and his wife Susan née Boddy 1814-1893   Elizabeth Fursey née Berry 1812-1884   Grave of Catherine Jefferis née Milton 1823-1913 and her husband George Jefferis 1819-1887   William Boddy Berry 1838-1907   Grave of William Boddy Berry
and Mary Berry née Burge
alongside her parents' grave at Crediton
sd berry grave   Mary martha berry   sd fursey   Merton House   violet christein Fursey
Grave of Samuel Dunn Berry 1847-1924 and Catherine Berry née Cliff 1849-1918   Mary Martha Berry 1851 -1939   Samuel Dunn Fursey 1842-1886   Merton House, Southwick, where Samuel Fursey lived and taught   Elizabeth Fursey née Adams 1847-1907, and daughter Violet Fursey 1885-1979
Mary jane wood nee Adams   george donald   Agnes donald nee wilson   john andrew   James Wallace Donald
Mary Jane Wood, née Adams, sister of Elizabeth Fursey née Adams   George Donald 1826-1893   Agnes Donald née Wilson   John Andrew b.1852   James Wallace Donald, 1874-1935.
james donald grave   Alexander T Mc Donald   margaret andrew17   margaret andrew   sproul andrew and ferguson
Grave of James Wallace Donald, and Violet Christine Donald née Fursey, Hawaii   Alexander T Mc Donald b.1880   Margaret Sproull Andrew1876-1957age 17. Daughter of John Andrew   Margaret Sproull Andrew 1876-1957   Margaret Sproull Ferguson née Andrew 1876-1957and James Ferguson 1871-1961
golden wedding   hubert berry   Charled Berry's grave    Dartmoor Sanatorium , Chagford    Doreen Ruth Watney, left, with sister Marjorie Joan 
Golden wedding of James and Margaret Ferguson Hubert Berry Grave of Charles Berry  at Winston, Suffolk, 1877-1958 Dartmoor Sanatorium, Chagford, where Charles Berry was a doctor for many years Doreen Ruth Watney,
with sister Marjorie Joan

 Joan and Bryan Watney
  Samuel Berry marriage to Doreen Watney    Doreen Ruth Berry nee Watney at her 90th tea party    James wally Donald    wally 
Marjorie Joan and Bryan Watney    Marriage of Samuel Berry to Doreen Ruth Watney, in Uganda    90th birthday of
Doreen Ruth Berry née Watney, widow of Samuel John Berry
   James Wallace Donald at the Grand Canyon   James Wallace Donald 1924-2008. Son of James Wallace Donald 
 Margaret Miller nee Donald    Young Ralph Miller   Ralph Miller with his paintings        Ruth Donald MI 
  Margaret Miller née Donald 1917-1981    Ralph Rillman Miller 1915-1994   Ralph Rillman Miller at an exhibition of his paintings.     Ruth Wallace Donald, University of Hawaii, 1934       Ruth Wallace Barnes née Donald memorial inscription 
 alan wallace ferguson    berrymemorial            
  Alan Wallace Ferguson 1906-1954, son of James Ferguson and Margaret Andrew    Memorial to the Berry family in Berrynarbour Church. Alleged ancestors of the Berrys of Sandford