Like any group of families our lot lived lives rich in stories, misdemeanours, accidents, pastimes, tragedies, romances, achievements, scandals, fame, crimes, heroism, quirks, humour...Well, all the things that make up all our lives. This menu bar will usher you into their world. You will find that we have a lot more going on over several hundred years than might be imagined from a family originating in the agriculture of mid-Devon.


Some family trivia?

  • What was the story about the vicar, the prostitute and the Freemasons?
  • What was the tragedy of West Chapple Farm?
  • Who were the family rugby and cricket internationals?
  • How did cousin Jack Hayden cook the last meal of Princess Elizabeth?

  • Wrestlers?Wrestlers

  • Which of our families produced two swindling MPs, a murder victim and the captor of a celebrated bandit?
  • Why was a Plymouth street named after a student nurse, my first cousin, once removed?
  • Who allegedly ran most of the way from Exeter to London for a fight?

  • Plymouth Prison Hulks Plymouth prison hulks?

  • Which of our family was killed at the Battle of Hastings?
  • What was the connection between a Sandford WAAF and the Cherokee Trail of Tears?
  • How does Corrie's Suzie Birchall relate to a nineteenth century fraudster and our families?

  • Tudor statesman? REalph Sadleir

  • Who snapped when he narrowly escaped the North Devon Savages?
  • Why would you have second thoughts if our Crocker in-law William Mordey asked you to drop in?
  • Who was the Chartist rebel who wrote Songs for the Nursery?
  • Did suicide run in the clockmakers' family?

Globe MapWhose map?