Relative Celebrity - some famous family members.

Perhaps famous is the wrong word for those members of our families appearing in these pages. Some certainly deserved fame for the things they had done in their lives. In fact some have achieved minor celebrity, some notoriety. More family figures can be found on the Pot Pourri and the Artistic Gene and Family Sports pages. or visit our family villains.


Samuel Dunn

Samuel Dunn

Samuel Dunn was a successful mathematician, astronomer and cartographer. His work on navigation contributed significantly to the British domination of the seven seas in the eighteenth century.



May Willing

At only 19, May Willing heroically gave her young life in the service of others in the Second World War.


The Noble Boydells

John Boydell portrait

Raoul Taisson killed at the Battle of Hastings; crusader Sir William Boydell; John Boydell, Lord Mayor of London; Phillip Boydell, graphic artist and art director.


The Hookers

Richard Hooker

John Hooker, antiquary, historian and astronomer, first chamberlain of Exeter and MP; Richard Hooker, Elizabethan lawyer and theologian; William Jackson Hooker, and son Joseph Dalton Hooker, creators of Kew Gardens