History, Gazetteer and Directory of Devonshire by William White, for 1850 As well as the brief descriptions of the villages and towns, the chief landowners, churches and schools, the Directory, of course, had lists of gentry, worthies and tradespeople for each town. You will find those names transcribed below for some of the villages of interest to our families.

(Transcription of  Crediton, Shobrooke, Sandford , Cheriton Fitzpaine , Colebrooke , Cheriton Bishop, Stokenham , Chivelstone , Loddiswell, Ugborough, Puddington, Cruwys Morchard , Morchard Bishop , and Zeal Monachorum listings. )


Crediton high street 1920

Those marked 1 are in East Town; 2, High Street; 3, Market Street; 4, North Street; and 5, in Parliament Street

The Post-Office is at Mr. Francis Shute's, High street. Letters dispatched at 45 minutes past 12 in the afternoon, and at 10 minutes past 7 in the evening, via Exeter; and to  Bideford, Barnstaple, &c., every morning.

Backwell Saml. inspr, of weights and measures

Holman Capt. Charles, High st

1 Badcock John, wine merchant, &c.

Hookway Giles, gentleman

2 Baker Rev James, (Independent)

Hugo Stephen, gent. High street

Bent Mrs Emily, Penton cottage

2 Kelland Mrs

Bishop Win. earthenware dealer

Kingdon Mrs

Blagden Peter, gent. Mill street

4 Langabeer Jas. cheesemonger

4 Boxer Robert, news agent

Leach Rev George, (Wesleyan)

2 Brown Mr Saml. & 4 Mrs My. Ann

Leach Wm. Comyns, master of workhouse

Buller Jas Wentworth, Esq. Downes

Lee Fras. court bailiff

1 Burdge Mr Wm.

Lightfoot Mrs and Miss, East town

Berry Mr John [3 x great grandfather]

McCombe Rev Alex. (Unitarian)

Cade Thos, veterinary surgeon

2 Madge Wm. supt. of Gas works

Carthew John, miller, Four Mills

2 Madge Mr Thos

Cleave Benj. sen. and jun. Esqrs. Newcombes

Pearse Mr Wm.

Davy and Sons, linen, sacking, &c. manufacturers,
Fordton Mills

Melhuish. Mrs., Fair Park cottage

Dawe Mrs Annette, Market street

2 Norrish Alan. tallow chandler

Day Rev Saml Phillips, (Indpt.)

2 Park John, clothes cleaner

2 Devon and Cornwall Bank; open Saturday

Prickman Mr Ts. & Mrs. Blagden pl

Deans Rev James, MA. curate

2 Renwick Capt. Ts. & Rev. Ts., B.A.

5 Dicker Rt. cabinet mkr. par. clerk,and agt. to Western
Provdt. Instn.

Roberts Mrs Sarah, North street

Rowe Rev Saml., M.A. Vicarage

Drake John, gent. Winswood House

Rowe Richd. starch manufacturer

Drake Misses Chtte. and Charity

Rudall Francis, gent. Palace

Dutchman Hewson, R.N. High street

Rudall Miss Ann, East town

2 Francis Mr Wm. and Mr James

Shute Fras. post master, High st

Francis Mrs Eliz., Blagden place

3 Smith Mrs

Francis Miss, Palace cottage

Snow Mrs Chtte.

1 Furze Wm. coal agent

2 Taylor Mr John

Gorwyn Mr Richard Lambert

Tarrant Mr Win.

2 Gover Jas. brush and bellows mkr

2 Thomas John, china, glass, &c. dlr

2 Gover John, brush & bellows mkr

5 Tremlett Mrs B.

Guest John, supervisor, High st

Temple Mrs

Guppy Jane, beerhouse, High st

2 Tremlett John, brewer &c.

2 Hall Mr Saml.

2 Tucker James, dyer and scourer

Halse Mr N.W.

Ward Thomas, coach builder

1 Haycraft Daniel, fellmonger

Wilson Mrs Margaret, East town

1 Hayes Wm. organist

Winter Robert, coal and corn dlr

Hippesley J. H. Esq. Fulford Park

Wreford Abm accpt.

2 Hoard Wm. A. machine maker

Yelland Mrs



2 Cleave Wm. C., High street

3 Pring Thos. (union clerk & supt.registrar;) h Fordton House

Francis John, High street

Langdon Wm., High street

5 Smith John Geo and Fras.Edw.(clks to Magistrates;) h Oakfield

Medland Robert, High street

2 Tanner Geo. (clk of County court)

Cattlemarket in High Street
Crediton Market, 1915

FARMERS (+ are Owners)


Baker Joseph, Uton

+Lee James, Holwell

Brock Wm., Westwood

Lee James, Uford

Brooks Thomas, Priestcombe

Lee Thomas

Brown Richard, Dunscombe

Lee Richard

Coombe Wm. and John, Knowle

+Lee Thomas, Gunston

+Cornish Wm

+Madge John, Bewsleigh

Dodd John

+Madge Thomas, Landscore

Dark John

Matthews Thomas, Fordton

David Richard

May John, Lower Elston

Ewings John, Rudge

Milford John, Lower Westwood

Ewings Wm. and Saml., Bradley

Mortimer George, Uton Barton

+Francis Philip, Moor

Partridge Silvanus

+Francis Wm., Westout

Pike John

+Gorwyn Win. L., Bradley

+Pridham Danl. Tremlett, Rock

Gregory Geo. and John, Park

+Rattenbury James, Ford

Hall John, Chiddon Brook

Rowe John, Westacott

+Harris Joseph, Chapeldown

Searle John, Lower Easton

Harris John, Vinnecomb

+Skinner Richard, Hollacombe

James Henry, Trowbridge

Strong John, Knowle Barton

+Lamacraft Joseph, Eastacott

+Tremlett Daniel, Holcombe

+Lee James, Warren

Ward Elias Tremlett, Langridge

+Lee Francis

Wreford Simon, Well-parks

Lee James

+Yarde John, Trowbridge House



2 Clerical, Medical, & General, Chas.Hainworth

2 Imperial, George Newman

2 County & Provident, S. Backwell

2 Norwich Union, Abraham Wreford

2 Eagle and Law, Wm. Langdon

5 West of Engd., J. G. & F.F. Smith

2 Farmers, W. H. Hugo




Angel, Jas. Collings, High street

2 Oat Sheaf, Thomas Brown

5 Commercial Inn, Thos. Odgers

Old Swan, Edward Vile, High st

Coplestone Cross Inn, John Tucker

1Plymouth Inn, Wm. Berry

Coplestone Inn, John Cann

1 Ring of Bells, Wm. Wollacott

Dock Inn, Wm. Davie, High st

Royal Oak, Thos. Coles, High st

2 Duke of York, John Strong

Seven Stars, John Milton, High st [3 x great uncle]

Green Dragon, Wm Milton, High st [3 x great grandfather]

2 Ship Hotel, Jas. Williams, (postg)

5 Horse and Jockey, John Strong

Star, Win. Strong, Mill street

1 King's Arms, James Stone

5 Union Inn, Wm. Harvey

4 Lamb Inn, Wm. Bawden

1 White Hart, John Rudall

2 London Inn, Eliz Gover

2 White Swan, John Holcombe

Fordton suburb
Fordton, in the 1920s?



2 Amery Mgt. & E.

2 Jarman Mary

Amery Mary

8 Jones Thomas

Berry Mary

Langworthy Miss, Sus. (boardg.)

Bradford James

Luxmore Misses

Davy Wm.

Manley Rev Jno., M.A., Grm. Sch.

2 Edwards Giles

2 Martin Wm.



1 Lear Hy. survr.

2 Thomas John and James



1 Badcock John

2 Jennings John,

2 Bishop Wm

2 Lee John

2 Burdge John

2 Lee Simon

1 Gale Fredk.

1 Milford Win.

2 Glanfield Geo

5 Squire John

5 Gribble Geo.

2 Strong Thos.

2 Hamlin Giles

2 Thomas Wm

2 Herring Chtte.

2 Watts Samuel

2 Hodge Thos.

1 Whippell Wm.



1 Radford Jas.

1 Saunders Thos.



1 Blight Robert

1 Perkins Jonth.

2 Hoard Wm. A.

2 Pollard John

1 Madge Thos.

2 Risdon John

2 Madge Wm.




2 Luxmore Jno.V.

2 Wreford Sus.



2 Backwell Sml.

1 Elston Geo.

2 Backwell Jas.

1 Elston John

4 Berry Thomas

2 Lendon Wm.

2 Berry John

2 Marchant Edw.

1 Berry Wm.

5 Marchant Jas.

2 Browning John

2 Trais John



5 Finch C. & Son ( & chandlers)

2 Tremlett John



2 Channon Jno.

5 Manning Hy



1 Berry Wm. [ 3 x great uncle]

2 Hurson John

2 Channon John

Shorland James

2 Cockram John

2 Thomas J. &  J.



4 Bond Thos.

2 Nichols Thos.

2 Hurson Thos.

5 Shepherd John

2 Nichols John

1 Tapper Wm.



1 Harris John

2 Thomas J. & J.

5 Dicker Robt.

2 Vowler Wm.



2 Hutchings Wm.

2 Kerslake Wm.



2 Couldridge Jno.

2 Snell Jno & W.



4 Read Robt. (& vety surgeon)

2 Wreford Ann

2 Searle Wm.



Crediton Fair in the High Street
Crediton Fair

GROCERS ( * Drapers and + Spirit Dlrs)


4 Bully Wm.

2 * Newcombe Jno.

2 Couldridge Wm.

2 * Pinson Sarah

1 * Glanvill Geo.

2 + Searle Wm.

2 * Harris Robt.

2 + Skinner Hy.

2 + Kelland Geo.

2 Stone Robt.

2 * Mann John

2 * Toose & Good



2 Couldridge W.

Elston Wm.



1 Fursman John

4 Pope Wm.

IRONMONGERS (* Tinners also)


2 * Berry John [2 x great grandfather]

2 Heathman Ts.

2 * Gover Jas.

2 Voysey Jas.

2 * Gover Saml




1 Badcock Edw.

1 Pope Simon

Cann John

1 James Henry

5 Finch C. & Son

2 Snow Wm.



Backwell Btha

2 Pollard Sus.

Good Eliza


PLUMBERS, Glzrs & Painters


2 Backwell John

2 Newman Geo.

2 Hall John




1 Blatchfield Jno.

1 Rice Michl.

1 Dawe Thos.




2 Gibbings Geo.

2 Tozer & Bailey

2 Lee Thos.


Crediton view from the south
Crediton from the South



2 Andrews Eliz.

1 Milton Richd.

1 Berry John

1 Norris Robt.

1 Berry Wm

1 Salter Ann

1 Burrington Jas.

2 Thomas My. J.

1 Clarke John

1 Treble Maria

2 Endacott Wm

2 Ware John

2 Holmes John

1 Welsford Rosna

1 Jones Mary

1 White Thos.

2 Lucas John




3 Edwards Jno.A.

Holman Herman

2 Empson Edwin

Hugo Wm. Hy.

Hainworth Chas.

Yarde Edward



2 Bondson Jas

2 Mickleborough John & Co

2 Bradford Wm

2 Norrish John

2 Glanfield Wm

5 Potter Fredk.

4 Lattaney John




2 Adams Edw.

1 Francis John



2 Bellringer Frs. [ 3x great uncle]

1 Maunder John

2 Lane John

2 Webber Geo



1 Carthew Jas.

2 Langford Fras

2 Field Daniel



COACHES, &c pass daily to Exeter, Barnstaple &c. Omnibuses daily to Exeter.

Thos. Cole's from the Royal Oak


John Rudalls from the White Hart


SHOBROOKE   Back to top

Shobrooke Church, 1909

Brown Mr Wm

Pascoe John, land steward

Gibbings Mrs

Rawl Wm. vict. North Country Inn

Glendinning R., Esq. Eastwood

Slade Henry, tailor;

Greenslade Wm. corn miller

and Wm. par. cl

Hippisley Jno.Hy., Esq. Fulford Park

Slade Geo. maltster & vict. Lion

James Samuel, blacksmith

Tucker Elizah, shoemaker & shopr

Knox Rev Robert A., B.A. curate

Woodgate Mr Thomas Cider House

Manning John, shoemaker

Woodland Uriah, blacksmith



Arnold Richard

Helmore Mark

Burrington John

Hole Thomas

Burton John

Huggins James

Cade Henry

Lane Robert

Coles James

Norris Thomas, Lower Efford

Francis Wm.

Pitts Henry

Godfrey Wm.

Rowden John

Hellier Philip

Tuckett Wm. West Raddon

SANDFORD  Back to top

Bailey John, wheelwright

Ellis Henry, Saddler and vict. Lamb

Baker Rev James, (Baptist)

Ellis John, plumber and glazier

Bragg Wm. machine maker, wheelwright, and vict. Hare and Hounds

Greenslade Thomas, corn miller

Gregory Rev Charles, incumbent

Bragg Wm. jun. corn miller

Jarratt Thomas, mason

Brown John, Esq. Park House

Lake James, vict. Rose and Crown

Brown Samuel, spirit merchant

Luxton Henry, cattle dealer

Brown Silvns. butcher, & Wm.cbt.mkr

Morgan Wm. schoolmr. & registrar

Burge Miss Elizabeth

Parish James, builder

Clayfield Edw. Ireland, Esq. Dowrich House

Reynolds Mr Thos.

Davie Sir Henry R.Ferguson, Bart. Creedy Park

Putt W. smith

Dawe James, vict. Star

Wellacott Wm relieving officer

Deans Wm. Surgeon

Wright Jas. & Thomas, blacksmiths [ 3 x great grandfather]

Drew James, blacksmith

Wright John, wheelwright [2nd cousin 5 times removed]

churchvicarage at sandford


FARMERS (+ are Owners)


Ansty John, Combe Lancelles

Kelland Robert

Bere Abraham, North Creedy

+ Lane Wm.

Bickley John

+ Lee Thomas

Burrington Daniel

+ Norrish Edward

Burrington Wm.

+ Norrish John

Challice John

+ Norrish John, Gays

Daw Wm.

+ Norrish Robert, Prowse

Field John

+ Norrish Wm., Hele

Densham Wm. Bremridge

Partridge Matthew and Silvanus

Harris Robert and Wm. Ruxford

Partridge Wm. West Sandford

Hattin Daniel

+ Pope John, Henstill

Hattin Wm.

+ Pope Wm. Sandford Ash

Henwood Daniel

+ Tremlett Elias and John

Hookway Jane

+ Tremlett John, Woolsgrove

Kelland Robert, Dowrich

+ Wreford Roger

Lake Thomas

Wreford George



Discombe Mary

Snow Peter



Ewings Samuel

Snow Rt. & Wm.

Haydon John




Marles Wm.

Pickett John

Millman Wm.

Snow John

Mortimer Wm

Strong Wm.



Hattin James

Snow Robert

Pickett John

Taylor John

POST OFFICE at Jno.Pickett's Letters via Exeter, daily



Arundel Rev Wm. Harris, M.A. rector

Sharland & Son, tanners, Waterhouse

Body Josiah, surgeon

Skinner Mr Thomas

Greenslade John, wheelwright

Stone Henry, smith & wheelwright

Hewish Richd. farrier & parish clerk

Thorne James, baker & shopkeeper

Langworthy Saml. vict. Ring of Bells

Veysey Frederick L. schoolmaster

Ley Wm. carpenter

Wotton James, cooper and overseer

Manley Robert, corn miller

Wotton John, cooper and baker

Oliver John, cattle dealer

Wotton Wm. plumber & vict. Half Moon

Prior John, mason

Wotton Wm. baker



Pope Wm.

Squire Thomas



Fisher John

Hookings Wm.

Oliver John




Lavis John

Pike John

Melhuish Rd.

Roberts John

View of Cheriton Fitzpaine
Cheriton Fitzpaine

FARMERS (+ are Owners)


Bradford Richd.

+ Luxton George

Brown W. Combe

+ Manley john

Chamberlain P.

Manley Robert

Clement Wm.

+ Melhuish John

+ Francis Philip Court Place

Melhuish Thomas T.

+ Frost Jane

+ Pitt Thomas

Hatswell Hor

+ Pridham Saml

+ Heard Richard

Searle Samuel

Heard John

Strong John

Heard Wm.

Tremlett Edward, Upcott

+ Hewish John

+ Turner John



Hewish John

Hosegood Luke

Hewish Thomas

Whitton Joseph

POST OFFICE at John Roberts. Letters via Crediton

COLEBROOKE Back to top

Arscott Robert, parish clerk

Kerswell James, schoolmaster

Arscott Thos., & Daw Geo. shoemkrs

Melhuish Robert, corn miller

Arscott Wm. miller, Ford Mill

Norrish Saml. gent. Horwell

Boundy Ann, shopkeeper

Peters Thos. vict. & butcher, Ship

Cann Geo. mlstr. & vict. Coplestone Inn

Sillifant John, Esq. Coombe House

Davey Geo. wheelgt.; and Jas. smith

Smale Saml. baker and shopkeeper

Drosier Rev. Thos., A.B., Vicarage

Sobey John, carpenter

Ebbels John, shopkeeper, Post Office

Southcott My. vict. New Inn

Ebbels Richard, wheelwright

Sutton My. Ann, schoolmistress

Glanfield Wm. tailor

Tucker John, vict. Coplestone Cross

Hill Mrs J. Coplestone

Wreford Jas, carpenter, Coombe

Hooper James, blacksmith

Wreford Thos. D. baker & vict. Bell

FARMERS ( + are Owners)


Bartlett Richard, Buttsford

May John

Burrington George, Painston

Partridge Thomas

Cheriton Thos.

Norrish Wm. Colesford

Daw Thomas

+ Pearce John

Dark John and Wm. Wotton

Snell Andrew

+ Hill James, Stidham

Stoneman Chpr.

+ Lee Francis, Coleford

+ Wreford James

+ Lee James

Willcocks John and Wm.

+ Madge Johna.

Will Geo. G. Wolmerstone

+ Madge Robert, Coplestone




Those marked 2 are at Cheriton Cross; 3, at Crockernwell; and the others at CHERITON BISHOP, or where specified

Bean Felix, gent. Venbridge House

Harris John schoolmr. & asst. overseer

3 Bolt Robert, shopkeeper, Post Office

3 Langdon Wm. butcher

3 Endacott Henry, saddler

Mallock Rev Wm., B.D. Rectory

FARMERS (+ are Owners)


Bolt Robert, Waterland

Hole John

Bolt Thomas, Higher Mounson

Hole Joseph

Brimblecombe Wm. Honeyford

Hutchins Wm. Westbeare

Brook James, Coxland

Kemble Samuel, Lower Mounson

2 Chudley Sar.

Kemble Robert, Lewdon

Gibbins Jonas

Kemble Wm. Tillerton

Finch Wm. Hooperton

Leach Joseph, Middle Eggbeare

+ Gorwyn John, Hole Farm

Pitts Daniel

+ Gorwyn George, Medland House

Sampson John

Guscott Wm. Furze Down

Seward John

3 Hamley Wm.

Snell Andrew

+ Haydon John

Wills George

Haydon Samuel

Wolland Moses

+ Haydon Wm.

+ Wreford Samuel, Orchard Lake

+ Haydon Wm. Westford




3 Golden Lion, Wm. Langdon

Ring of Bells, John hole

2 New Inn, John Lias

3 Royal Hotel, Wm. Hamley

Rest and be Thankful, John Hole

Royal Oak, Ann Browning



2 Ashplant John

2 Davy Samuel



3 Bolt George

Smith Samuel

3 Preston Andrew

2 Townsend Geo.



2 Browning Jas.

3 Fewins Samuel (& wheelwright)

3 Chudley John and Wm.

Groves John



3 Ching Thos.

Tancock Joseph

Tancock Geo




Osborn John

3 Osborn Wm.

POST-OFFICE at Robert Bolt's, Crockernwell



STOKENHAM Back to top

In the following Directory of Stokenham Parish, those marked 2 are at Chillington;3, Beeson;4, Beesands; 5, Halsands; 6, Kellaton; 7, Torcross; 8, Bickerton; 9, at Dunstone; and 10, at Cornborough.

Allen John, Esq. Coleridge

2 Loye Mr P. [ 3 x great grandfather]

7 Baker Wm. gent

Meldrum Arthur, schoolmaster

2 Dare Mr W.

Mitchell Robert, gardener

2 Bowden John, tea dealer

Newman Sir R.L., Bart. Stokely

2 Brooking Wm. tailor

7 Newman Miss

3 Bucknell Rev - (Independent)

Perrott Mr John

2 Cove Stephen, painter & glazier

Nicholls Roger, miller Landcomb

4 Croker Susan, beer seller

2 Patey John, parish clerk

Diggle Rev Chas. Wadham, curate

7 Pepperell Mrs My.

Edmunds Mr Philip, Cornborough

Pike Mary

2 Edwards Mrs S.

5 Perrott Wm. thatcher

7 Johnson Miss

7 Pike John, basket maker

Gillard Jno. P. surveyor and auctioneer, Matscombe

2 Pitts Mr Nicholas [ 3 x great uncle]

Gillard Peter, surveyor, Colmore

Webb Mr Rt.

7 Hannaford Mrs E.

Shoemack Wm.  Start Point Light Hs.

Maye Eliz

Tolcher D. schoolmaster

Holdsworth A.B.E., Esq. Widdecombe

7 Tucker Edward, butcher

Lyde Jas. surgeon

7 Westlake John, stone & slate mert

Start Point Lighthouse



7 Anchor, Wm Pepperell

2 New Inn, Wm Luscombe

Church House, Joshua Creber

New Inn, Richard Shepherd

7 Dartmouth Inn, Betsy Crispin

2 Union, John Ingram

5 London Inn, Samuel Mingo




2 Clements Jas.

Mitchell John



8 Dunn John

6 Patey Henry

Harraden Henry

2 Randall John

2 Harraden Wm.




5 Adams Wm.

8 Pepperell P. sen

7 Pepperell Pp.




6 Burgoin Wm

Kelland H. jun

2 Farr Geo. bldr

Kelland John

Kelland Henry

2 Pilditch Wm.

FARMERS (+ are Owners)


+ Adams John

2 Patey Wm

3 Cockram John

Parnell Samuel

10 Cole John

+ Pearce John

6 + Cole Philip [3 x great grandfather]

Pepperell John

8 Cole Wm. [2 x great grandfather]

Pepperell Samuel

+ Cole Wm. & Son

10+Perrett B.

10 Drew Wm.

+Pitts John [1st cousin 4 times removed]

3 Earle Samuel

+Pitts Nicholas [3 x great uncle]

+ Gillard J.P. [1st cousin 4 times removed]

3+Randall Abs

2+Helmer Fnx.

3 Randall A. & G.

9 Helmer Nichs

3+Randall Geo

3 Jarvis John

+Randall George

Letheron George

+Randall John

Lidstone George

+Randall Ptr & Nichls. millers [1st cousins 4 x removed]

8 Lidstone Wm.

Soper Samuel

9 Lizard Thos.

10 Timewell Jas

Loye Philip, Jun [2 x great uncle]

2 Tolcher Geo

Maye Thomas

6 Wood Eli

+Paige John




2 Brooking Jas.

Pedrick John

2 Edgeland John

2 Rhymes Peter



6 Dure Edw

2 Perrott Thos

Issell John

2 Shepherd John



3 Loggin Mary

7 Pepperell Pp

2 Randall Nichs

7 Tucker My. A.



2 Brown Henry

6 Patey James

POST OFFICE at J.Issell's - Letters via Kingsbridge



In the following Directory of Chivelstone Parish, those marked 2 are at Chivelstone;3, Ford;4, Prawle; and 5, at South Allington

4 Burney Lieut. coast guard station

Maunder N. miller, Ford Mills

4 Cole Wm. vict. Union

4 Pearse Lieut.Wm., A.R., R.N.

4 Creber Thos. & 5 John, carpenters

Pitts Nichs. Esq. South Allington House [3rd cousin]

2 Edwards Thomas, shoemaker

4 Putt Mary, vict. Providence

5 Farrow Rev John R., B.A. curate

2 Tucker John, mason

2 Folland James, beer seller

3 Tucker Thomas beer seller



3 Cuming Edw.

5 Harraden Hy.

4 Goodwood Jno


chiveslstonchurch painting
Detail of painted screen in Chivelstone St Sylvester



5 Blank Mary

2 Huxham John

5 Cousins Wm.

4 Pile Robert

3 Friend Fras.

3 Prettejohn Bws.

4 Foss Rt. & Hy.

5 Randall Rd.

Gillard Mr

Snowden John

4 Heath Richd.

4 Sture Henry

4 Hutchings P.

4 Tucker Richd.



5 Edwards Jas.

3 Goodyear-

4 Edwards N.




2 Lidstone Wm.

2 Wood Jph.

5 Wakeham John


POST to Kingsbridge 1 aftn from W. Lidstone's


LODDISWELL Back to top

Cole John, gardener

Peek Richd., Esq. Hazlewood

Gay John, thatcher

Popplestone Jas. vict. Church House

Hill John, woolcomber

Rundle Thos. vict. Turk's Head

Luscombe Jno. and Hy. yellow ochre manufacturers

Sandover Elias, wheelwright

Manning Mr Charles

Street Edward, schoolmaster

Marriott Rev Harvey, M.A. Vicarage

Tollman John, vict. Bridge Inn

Osmond Rev Chas., M.A. Woolston

Wise Mrs Eliz., Alleron

FARMERS (+are Owners)


Beer Wm.

+ Moysey Philip Tunley

Came John

+ Moysey Nichls. A., Heathfield

Crocker Thomas

+ Matthews Wm., Hazlewood

Denbow John

Pinhay Servington, Staunton

Denbow Wm., Woolston

Popplestone John

Earle Joseph, Hach Arundell

Rundle Peter

+ Friend George

+Prettejohn Pp. King, Hach

Friend Robert

+ Prettejohn Nicholas, Yanston

+ Friend Charles

Rogers Peter and Richd., Hazlewood

Harvey John

+ Treby John

Hurrell Richard

Tollman John

Huxham Wm.

Willing Wm. (and maltster)

+ King James

Willing Robt. Pp.

Pinhay Henry

Yalland James

Loddiswell church
Loddiswell Parish Church of St Michael



Kennard John

Weeks W.P.

Rundle John




+ Willing Thomas

Yalland James



Hine James

Popplestone Rt.

Hine John

Prowse John

Popplestone Jno

Saunders John, (and painter)

Popplestone Pp






Bowden Wm.

Taylor John

Stear Henry




King Thomas

Willing Richd.

Saunders Alex.




Harvey John

Yalland Thomas

Hoskin John




Guest John

Lidstone John

Lake Henry




Lake H.B.

Lidstone Wm.

Lidstone Rd.

Luscombe Geo.

POST-OFFICE at James Harvey's. Letters desp. 2 aftn


UGBOROUGH Back to top

Those marked 2, are at Bawcombe; 3, Caton; 4, Fileham; 5, Ludbrooke; 6, at Wrangaton; 7, at Cheston; and 8 at Ivybridge

Baker Ann, schoolmistress

Savey Servington, Esq., Fowellscombe

Crimp George, saddler

Sawyer Jno. Pearse, Esq., Fileham

Crocker Lieut. Hy., R.N., Newhouse

Templer John Line Esq., Torr Hill

May Rev. John, B.A., Vicarage

Toms Mr Richard, Quarry

Middleweek Robt. cattle dealer

Velvin Robert, butcher

Mitchell George, Esq. Venn

White Arthur, steward to Sir W.P.Carew

Sanders Mr John

Widdicombe Wm. & Son (John,) auctioners & land surveyors and agents, Hey and Ludbrooke

Soper Mr Henry

Willing Mr Samuel, Peepmill cottage



Lavers John, Earlscombe

Parker Alexander, Owley Mill

Parker Edward, Bittaford Mill

Torr____, Turtley Mill



Anchor, John Rogers

8 Grocers' Arms, Wm. Atwill

Aven Inn, (empty,) Newhouse

Horse & Groom, S.Truman, Bittaford

Carew Arms, Henry Langworthy

Ship, John Newman

Church House, Philip James




8 Blackmore Thos.

Garratt John



5  Bowey Richd.

6  Mumford Jno.

Dodderidge Jph.

Newman John

Henley Richard




Hurrell Henry

Scoble Joseph

Kent Thomas

Stentiford Chas

Moore Wm.




Horswill Henry

Watts Wm.

Jeffrey Wm.



FARMERS (+ are Owners)


Beable Edward

Marshall John

Beable Wm

Matthews Henry

Beable Thos.

Middleweek Pp.

8  Blight Philip

Moysey Nichls.

Bradridge Thos

6  Newman Thos.

Cole Richard

Newman Wm.

7  Crocker John

Paige Francis

Crossing Thos

4  Parsons Wm.

4  Cuming Geo.

Pearn Joseph

8  Curber John

Pulleyblank Jno.

Denbow John

Pulleyblank Fdk.

7  Dennis Wm.

Sanders Thomas

Dewdney Thos.

Sherwill Thos.

Gill Wm.

Sherwill James

Goodman James

Smerdon Robert

Heath J., Turtley

Stolley David

Hewitt John

Stroud Wm.

+ 2  Hodder Stvn

4  Tapson Wm.

+ 2  Hodder Wm.

Trist John

Hosking R., Stone

Trist Wm.

Kingwell Isaac

Veale Samuel

+ Lang Jno. Z.S.

Velvin Robert

Lang Wm. & J.

Wakeham John, Monks Moor

Lavers Wm.

6  + White John

Luscombe Geo., Witchcombe

+ Widdicombe S.

Luscombe Saml.

Winter Richard

Luscombe Thos.

Wotton Wm., Tor

Luscombe Wm.




Baker Wm

Lethbridge Robert

Hurrell Richard

Mabin Wm.

Lethbridge Richard




Chapple Eliz.

Stentiford Chas.

Ford Robert

Toulcher Wm.

Jeffrey Robert


Prettejohn Wm., Newhouse




Beare Robert

Toulcher Wm.

Beare John

Tucker Thos.



Beable Edward

Willing G., Caton

POST-OFFICE at Rt Beare's. Letters desp 4 afternoon

RAILWAY. Trns from Kingsbridge Road and Ivybridge stns.

CARRIERS To Plymouth, Veale & Toulcher, Thurs. & Sat. To Totnes, Wm. Toulcher, Tu., and to Kingsbridge, Mon.

PUDDINGTON Back to top

Foss Wm. carpenter

Vickery Jane, schoolmistress

Greenslade Wm. blacksmith

Welman Charles N., Esq. Lodge

Llewellyn Rev David, Rectory

White James, shopkeeper and carrier to Exeter

Puddington church <
St Thomas a Beckett church, Puddington

FARMERS (+ are Owners)


+ Blagdon John

Pugsley John, (butcher,) Newhouse

Born Wm.

Waller John

Crook John

Waller Wm.

Manning Robert

+ Wensley Anthony

Martin Wm

+ Wensley James

Waller Edmund

Wreford John, Coombe


Cruwys Rev G.S., M.A. rector, Cruwys Morchard House

Pope Henry, blacksmith

Greenslade Thomas, wheelwright

Rookes Geo. vict. Mount Pleasant

Hodge John, shopkeeper, Tong

Venn Henry, vict. & smith, Cruwys' Arms, Pennymoor

Laurie Rev Rd., B.A. curate, Rectory

Voysey Wm. corn miller

Nichols John, wheelwright


FARMERS (+ are Owners)


+ Ayre George, West Ruckham

Norris Robt.

Badcock Geo.

Pook Wm.

Beedell John

Quick James

+ Beedell Thos

Raymont John

Bellamy Rt

Redford James

Bidgood John

Redford Wm.

Bird Richard

Skinner John

+ Bodley John, Lower Park

Smale Stephen

Bray John

+ Strong Thos.

Elworthy John

Thorne Wm.

Cornwall Fras.

+ Thorne John, Lower Yedbury

Cornwall Rd.

Thorne Thos. Yedbury Mill

Fursden John

Tidbald Wm.

Griffin Edward

+ Tidbald John

Hunt Wm. Higher Yedbury

+ Waller John

Kelland John, East Ruckham

Warren John

Kelland Pp.

+Webber Mildred

+ Lake John

Webber John

+ Lake Wm., Edgeworthy

White John, Thorne

+ Meechem Joseph, Moor

Voysey Geo., East Cotton

Morrish Richd. (parish clerk)

POST from Tiverton


 Morchard bishop street scene

Bartholomew Ven. John, M.A., archdeacon of Barnstaple
and canon of Exeter, Rectory

Melhuish John, shoemaker

Bartholomew Rev C.W.M.,B.A., curate

Mortimer Robert, grocer and draper

Basely Charles, surgeon

Quick Wm. tinner and glazier

Bremridge Rev Jas. Pp., M.A.curate

Putt John, shopkeeper

Cann Stephen, watchmaker [2nd cousin 3 x removed]

Reed John, wheelwright

Churchill Lady Henrietta Dorothea, Barton House

Russell John, tailor

Drew Hy., Wm., & Rd. wheelwrights

Skinner John, tallow chandler

Gibbings Maria, vict.London Inn

Smith Thomas, blacksmith

Glanfield Bartw. shopr. & blacksmth

Strong Robt. vict. Three Horse Shoes

Glanfield John, grocer and draper

Tucker Rev C. Hill House

Hookway John, relieving officer

Tucker John, agrl.machine maker

Hooper John, vict. Fountain Head

Webber John, shoemaker

Mansfield John, boarding school

White Robert, watch & clock maker

Mare Saml. parish clerk & schoolmr

Wreford Mr Wm. Henry, Southcott

FARMERS (+ are Owners)


+ Bennett Thomas, Wood Barton

Maunder John

+Brown John

+Maunder James

Challice Wm.

Morris George

+Davy Philip

+Mortimer Wm

+ Densham Roger

+Pope John, Oldborough

Hall Samuel

Pullman Robert, Rolston Barton

+Kingdon John

+Read George

+Leach Edward

+Saunders Philip

+Leach John

+Wreford John

+Leach Roger

Tucker Thomas

+Leach Wm.

Wreford Geo. and John, Ash


Bibbings Joseph, wheelwright

Hill Wm.. gent. Foldhay

Bibbings Wm. farming implement maker and registrar

Hooper Wm. blacksmith

Clotworthy Wm. vict. North Star

Mitchell Wm. machine maker and vict. Golden lion

Cooper Rev Edw. curate, Rectory

Staniford, blacksmith

Hill Geo. gent. Laurel Cottage




Cheriton  Saml.

Snell George

Hern James

Snell Wm.

Homyard Saml

Sweet John

Moon Edward

Wreford John

Pedler John

Wreford Wm.

Pedler Robt.




Slee Charity

Vanstone Ann

Slee Thomas