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Family of Sydney Lewis RALLING and Nancy Doreen UNKNOWN

Husband: Sydney Lewis RALLING (1895- )
Wife: Nancy Doreen UNKNOWN (1904- )
Children: PRIVATE ( - )

Husband: Sydney Lewis RALLING

Name: Sydney Lewis RALLING1
Sex: Male
Father: Octavius RALLING (1858-1929)
Mother: Ellen Emelia BROWN (1864-1926)
Birth 29 Jul 1895 Exeter, Devon, England
Occupation Clerk, insurance
Census 31 Mar 1901 (age 5) Heavitree - Exeter, Devon, England2
5 Regents Terrace, Heavitree
Census 2 Apr 1911 (age 15) Exeter, Devon, England3
6 Devonshire Place, Exeter
Occupation 2 Apr 1911 (age 15) Clerk, insurance; Exeter, Devon, England3
Enlisted (Military) 1914 (age 18-19)
He joined the Royal Engineers and was in the 3/1 Wessex Division Signals Company. At some point he was apparently in the Cyclist Corps. He was promoted from Sapper to 2nd Lieutenant. He went to France on 22nd December 1914.
Military Medal 1922 (age 26-27) Victory Medal
Military Medal 1922 (age 26-27) British War Medal
Military Medal 1922 (age 26-27) 1914-15 Star
Residence 1922 (age 26-27) Sumatra
On his Military Medal Card, Sydney's address was given as : Lankat Rubber Co., Soengei, Pend Gara Kwala O K, Sumatra
Immigration 21 Oct 1927 (age 32) from Belawan, Dutch East Indies (Sumatra)
Sidney and Nancy returned on the Prins der Nederlanden at Southampton. They were going to Pontimoile House, Pontypool, Monmouth, Wales.
Occupation 1927 (age 31-32) Planter; Dutch East Indies
Emigration 8 Sep 1937 (age 42) to Mombasa, Kenya
Sidney, Nancy and children Barbara and David sailed on the Ubena from Southampton to Mombasa
Occupation 1937 (age 41-42) Planter
Immigration 13 Jun 1952 (age 56) to London, England from Mombasa, Kenya
Sidney and Nancy arrived at London on the Leicestershire. They were planning to stay at Caldecot, Crowborough, Sussex
Emigration 23 Aug 1952 (age 57) from Brenchley, Kent, England to Mombasa, Kenya
Hoodlands, Brenchley
He sailed on the Mantola from London with Nacy and Barbara
Occupation 1952 (age 56-57) Businessman
Occupation 1952 (age 56-57) Commercial Manager
Occupation 1955 (age 59-60) Sales Executive; Mombasa, Kenya
Immigration 27 May 1955 (age 59) from Kenya
Sydney and Nancy arrived at London, travelling 1sr Class, for a 3 month visit on the ss Uganda. They were staying at the Bell Hotel, Faringdon, Wilts.
Emigration 9 Sep 1955 (age 60) to Mombasa, Kenya
Sydney and Nancy sailed to Mombasa on the Uganda from London
Occupation 1955 (age 59-60) Manager; Kenya

Wife: Nancy Doreen UNKNOWN

Name: Nancy Doreen UNKNOWN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 11 Jun 1904

Child 1: PRIVATE

Sex: Female

Child 2: PRIVATE

Sex: Male


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2"Census 1901 Heavitree - Exeter, Devon, England RG13/2033 Folio 26 Page 11 (Octavius Ralling)" (RG13/2033 Folio 26 Page 11).
Text From Source: Name,Relation,Condition,Sex,Age,Occupation,Employ Status,At Home,Where Born,Infirmity
Octavius Ralling,Head,M,M,42,Architect,,,Colchester, Essex, England,
Ellen Emelia Ralling,Wife,M,F,30,,,,Starcross, Devon, England,
Emmeline Charlton Ralling,Daughter,S,F,11,,,,Exeter,Devon, England,
Margery Ralling,Daughter,S,F,10,,,,Exeter,Devon, England,
Ernest Hubert Ralling,Son,S,M,9,,,,Exeter,Devon, England,
Harold St George Ralling,Son,S,M,7,,,,Exeter,Devon, England,
Sydney Lewis Ralling,Son,S,M,5,,,,Exeter,Devon, England,
Thomas Stafford L. Ralling,Son,S,M,3,,,,Exeter,Devon, England,
3"Census 1911 Exeter,Devon, England RG14/12671 RG78/728 RD271 SD1 ED3 SN318 (Octavius Ralling)" (RG14/12671 RG78/728 RD271 SD1 ED3 SN318).
Text From Source: Name,Relation,Sex,Age,Married,Years,Chd Born,Chd Living,Chd Died,Occupation,Industry,Employ Status,At Home,Where Born,Nationality,Infirmity
Octavius Ralling,Head,M,52,M,,,,,Architect,,Own Account,,Colchester, Essex, England,,
Ellen Emelia Ralling,Wife,F,46,M,22,8,6,2,Corset maker,,Employer,,Starcross, Devon, England,,
Harold St George Ralling,Son,M,17,S,,,,,Apprentice wholesale drapery,,,,Exeter,Devon, England,,
Sydney Lewis Ralling,Son,M,15,S,,,,,Clerk, insurance,,,,Exeter,Devon, England,,
Thomas Stafford L. Ralling,Son,M,12,S,,,,,School,,,,Exeter,Devon, England,,
Emmeline Charlton Ralling,Daughter,F,21,S,,,,,Manageress, Corset shop,,,,Exeter,Devon, England,,
Doris Grace Lilian Ralling,Daughter,F,6,S,,,,,School,,,,Exeter,Devon, England,,
Ellen Spratt,,F,69,M,,,,,Head Mistress Elementary School, Retired,,,,Exeter,Devon, England,,