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Family of Sydney Robert CROSS and Emmeline Charlton RALLING

Husband: Sydney Robert CROSS (c. 1880- )
Wife: Emmeline Charlton RALLING (1889- )
Children: Ronald K P CROSS (1913- )
Robert Charles Phillips CROSS (1920-c. 2003)
Marriage 3 Feb 1912 Exeter, Devon, England1
at St James Church

Husband: Sydney Robert CROSS

Name: Sydney Robert CROSS2
Sex: Male
Father: Robert King CROSS (c. 1833-bef1901)
Mother: Bessie E PEARSE (c. 1847- )
Birth c. 1880 Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England
Occupation Draper
Census 1911 (age 30-31) Exeter, Devon, England
32-34 Hugh Street
Occupation 1911 (age 30-31) Drapers Assistant; Exeter, Devon, England
32-34 High Street
One of many living in the department store - Colson's - Exter's biggest Department Store for many years. The site is now occupied by its inheritor, House of Fraser.

Wife: Emmeline Charlton RALLING

Name: Emmeline Charlton RALLING2
Sex: Female
Father: Octavius RALLING (1858-1929)
Mother: Ellen Emelia BROWN (1864-1926)
Birth Q4 1889 Exeter, Devon, England
Census 5 Apr 1891 (age 1) Exeter, Devon, England3
67 Black Boy Road, Exeter
Census 31 Mar 1901 (age 11) Heavitree - Exeter, Devon, England4
5 Regents Terrace, Heavitree
Occupation 1911 (age 21-22) Manageress, Corset shop
Census 2 Apr 1911 (age 21) Exeter, Devon, England5
6 Devonshire Place, Exeter
Occupation 2 Apr 1911 (age 21) Manageress, Corset shop; Exeter, Devon, England5

Child 1: Ronald K P CROSS

Name: Ronald K P CROSS
Sex: Male
Birth 1913 Exeter, Devon, England

Child 2: Robert Charles Phillips CROSS

Name: Robert Charles Phillips CROSS2
Sex: Male
Name Prefix: Mr
Spouse 1: Phyllis Ellen HEARD (1924-1969)
Spouse 2: PRIVATE ( - )
Birth 26 Sep 1920 Preston, Lancashire, England6
Occupation Insurance Executive
Emigration 19 Oct 1956 (age 36) from Liverpool, Lancashire, England to Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Sailed on the Empress of Scotland, with Keith and Philip. Bob gave his occupation as "insurance".
Death c. Dec 2003 (age 83) Canada

Note on Husband: Sydney Robert CROSS

Sydney's father was Grocer and Draper in Wiveliscombe. In 1901 Sydney is a draper's assistant at John Barnes Ltd, Finchley Road Hampstead.


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