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Family of Thomas SHARLAND and Sarah BENNETT

Husband: Thomas SHARLAND (1825-1905)
Wife: Sarah BENNETT (1826-1902)
Children: William SHARLAND (1849- )
Mary Ann SHARLAND (1851-1917)
George SHARLAND (1853-1893)
Daniel SHARLAND (1855-1917)
Lydia SHARLAND (1859-1917)
Thomas SHARLAND (1860- )
Joseph SHARLAND (1863- )
Sarah SHARLAND (1865- )
Sophia SHARLAND (1867- )
Francis SHARLAND (1870- )
Marriage 28 May 1848 Morchard Bishop, Devon, England

Husband: Thomas SHARLAND

Name: Thomas SHARLAND1,2
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas SHARLAND (1800-1878)
Mother: Mary SKINNER (1804-1890)
Birth 1825 Puddington, Devon, England3
Census 1901 (age 76) Poughill, Devon, England
Cottage, Poughill
Thomas and Sarah have grandson Joseph, son of Joseph and Mary with them at the 1901 census
Occupation Agricultural Labourer3
Death 1905 (age 79-80) Crediton Registration District, Devon, England3

Wife: Sarah BENNETT

Name: Sarah BENNETT2,4
Sex: Female
Father: Richard BENNETT (1790- )
Mother: Mary RICHARDS (c. 1786- )
Birth 1826 Morchard Bishop, Devon, England
Baptism 6 Aug 1826 (age 0) Morchard Bishop, Devon, England
Death 1902 (age 75-76) Crediton Registration District, Devon, England

Child 1: William SHARLAND

Name: William SHARLAND2,4
Sex: Male
Birth 1849 Puddington, Devon, England

Child 2: Mary Ann SHARLAND

Name: Mary Ann SHARLAND2,4
Sex: Female
Spouse: Benjamin VICKERY (1844-1903)
Birth 1851 Puddington, Devon, England
Death 26 Feb 1917 (age 65-66) Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales

Child 3: George SHARLAND

Name: George SHARLAND2,4
Sex: Male
Spouse: Eliza RADFORD (1857-1888)
Birth 1853 Puddington, Devon, England
Occupation 1871 (age 17-18) Farm Servant
Occupation 1881 (age 27-28) Agricultural Labourer
Occupation 1891 (age 37-38) General Labourer
Death 1893 (age 39-40) Tiverton Registration District, Devon, England

Child 4: Daniel SHARLAND

Name: Daniel SHARLAND2,4
Sex: Male
Spouse: Alma Ann PARSONS (1856- )
Birth 1855 Puddington, Devon, England
Occupation Royal Marine
Death 1917 (age 61-62) Crediton Registration District, Devon, England

Child 5: Lydia SHARLAND

Name: Lydia SHARLAND2,4
Sex: Female
Spouse: William PASSMORE (1854- )
Birth 1859 Puddington, Devon, England
Occupation Domestic Servant (1881) Launderess (1901)
Death 1917 (age 57-58) Crediton Registration District, Devon, England

Child 6: Thomas SHARLAND

Name: Thomas SHARLAND2,4
Sex: Male
Spouse: Emma MILFORD (1861- )
Birth 1860 Puddington, Devon, England
Occupation Agricultural Labourer

Child 7: Joseph SHARLAND

Name: Joseph SHARLAND2,4
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary UNKNOWN (c. 1866-1896)
Birth 1863 Puddington, Devon, England
Occupation Soldier (1881) Agricultural Labourer (1891) Horseman (1901)

Child 8: Sarah SHARLAND

Name: Sarah SHARLAND2,4
Sex: Female
Spouse: Frederick HARRIS (c. 1863- )
Birth 1865 Puddington, Devon, England

Child 9: Sophia SHARLAND

Name: Sophia SHARLAND2,4
Sex: Female
Spouse: Richard LUXTON (1869- )
Birth 1867 Poughill, Devon, England
Occupation General Domestic Servant

Child 10: Francis SHARLAND

Name: Francis SHARLAND2,4
Sex: Male
Spouse: Hannah BUDD (1875- )
Birth 1870 Poughill, Devon, England
Occupation Agricultural labourer (1891) Carter on Farm (1901)

Note on Husband: Thomas SHARLAND - shared note

Thomas was not in the family home on the census of 1841 but was apprenticed to John Crook in Puddington along with his brother, George. PRO Ref: HO 107 Piece 261 Book 2


On the 28th May 1848 he married Sarah Bennett at Morchard Bishop and by the time of the 1851census were residing on Pitt Farm in Puddington. PRO Ref: HO 107 1887 Folio 48 Page 9


1861 Thomas lives Little Borough, Washford Pyne, Devon PRO Ref: RG9/1470 Folio 65 Page 6


1871 aged 46 he has now moved to Poughill, Devon, PRO Ref; RG10//2163 Folio 12 Page 2


1881 aged 58 still in Poughill. PRO Ref RG111/2231 Folio 15 Page 5


1891 aged 66 still in Poughill PRO Ref RG12/1761 Folio 18 Page 7


1901 aged 76 in Poughill, PRO Ref Rg13/2131 Folio 14 Page 3


He passed away in 1905 his death registered at Crediton June Q 1905 GRO Ref 5b 253 Age 803

Note on Wife: Sarah BENNETT - shared note

Believed to be the daughter of Richard and Mary Bennett


She died aged 74 in 1902 her death was registered at Crediton March Q GRO Ref 5b 313


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