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Family of Thomas PRAWL and Frances SHEPPARD

Husband: Thomas PRAWL (c. 1791-1861)
Wife: Frances SHEPPARD (1792-1852)
Marriage 18 Sep 1845 St Pancras, London, England

Husband: Thomas PRAWL

Name: Thomas PRAWL1
Sex: Male
Father: John PRAWL (1751?-1822)
Mother: Mary DUNN (c. 1745- )
Birth c. 1791 Crediton , Devon, England
Baptism 13 Mar 1791 (age 0) Crediton , Devon, England
Witness 14 Feb 1816 (age 24-25) Old Bailey

Witnessed theft from his master's shop and gave evidence. summarised below.

"ROBERT HARRIS was indicted for stealing, on the 20th January , three yards of flannel, value 27s. the property of Thomas Lay , privately in his shop .

THOMAS PRALL . I live at No. 36, Tottenham Court Road . I am employed by Mr. Lay. He is a linen-draper, residing in Tottenham Court Road. On the 20th January, in the evening, I was informed that a piece of flannel was taken from the door. I pursued the prisoner, and found him in a bye street a short distance from our house. It must be at least a hundred yards to where I found him from our house. He was going on very slowly. I did not see him until I came close up to him. I went up to him, and seized him and collared him. He had the piece of flannel under his arm. I brought him back, and when I took him into the shop, I examined the flannel and knew it to be my employer's property. I knew it by my own marks upon it. (Property produced.) That is it. It cost 27s. and I have no doubt that it is my master's.

DANIEL NICHOLS . I know the shop of Mr. Lay, in Tottenham Court Road. I was going by, and saw the prisoner standing at the door. I saw him take this roll of flannel from the door. I immediately went into the shop, and gave the alarm to Mr. Prall.

WILLIAM CHILD . I am a constable, and was sent for to take the prisoner into custody. I have had the flannel ever since.

HARRIS GUILTY , aged 26.

Confined three months , and fined 1s.

First Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Justice Richards."

Occupation 1816 (age 24-25) Linen draper's shop man; London, England
36 Tottenham Court Road
Employed by Thomas Lay

Witness 1 Dec 1819 (age 27-28) Old Bailey
Witnessed theft in his master's shop and gave evidence. Summarised below.

"THOMAS EVANS was indicted for stealing, on the 30th of November , seventy-two yards of canvas, value 1 l. 16 s. , the goods of Thomas Lay .

THOMAS PRALL . I am shopman to Thomas Lay , who is a linen-draper , and lives in Tottenham Court-road . On the 30th of November, about seven o'clock in the evening, a stranger called, and asked me if I had lost any goods from the door? on looking I missed a piece of canvas from inside the door. He said a boy had been stopped with it in Crown-street - I found them at Coley's house.

RICHARD COLEY . I was told a boy was in Crown-street with a roll of canvas; I stopped the prisoner, who stood leaning his elbow on it - it was on the ground. I asked him if it was his? he said Yes - he would not say where he got it; I took him - the prosecutor claimed it at my house.

(Property produced and sworn to.)


Confined Three Months .

Second Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Common Sergeant"

Occupation 1841 (age 49-50) Linen Draper
Census 1841 (age 50) London, England
36 Tottenham Court Road
Thomas was a linen draper at Tottenham Court Road. He was living with Mary Prall, who was almost certainly his sister rather than his wife. Shop worker and apprentice John Welstead and Richard Berken were with him.
Residence 1845 (age 53-54) London
36 Tottenham Court Road
John Berry was staying with him here, and his mother during 1845.
Census 30 Mar 1851 (age 60) Bermondsey, London, England2
50 New Church Street, St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey
Occupation 30 Mar 1851 (age 60) Retired linen draper; Bermondsey, London, England2
Death 17 Apr 1861 (age 69-70) Bow, London, England
Grove Hill
Value of Estate 2 May 1861 (age 69-70) less than £100; Bermondsey
New Church Street
Letters of Administration 2 May 1861 (age 69-70) Granted to William Berry, builder of Crediton,; Bermondsey, London, England
New Church Street
Berry was his nephew, and next of kin

Wife: Frances SHEPPARD

Name: Frances SHEPPARD1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1792 Boston, Lincolnshire, England
Census 30 Mar 1851 (age 59) Bermondsey, London, England2
50 New Church Street, St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey
Death 1852 (age 60) Bermondsey, London, England
New Church Street


1"Nick Heard". This GEDCOM is predominantly the work of Nick Heard, but it incorporates the collaborated work of many other family historians. You are welcome to use the information herein but please acknowledge the source. Every effort has been made to ensure the data is accurate, but any use you make of it is entirely at your own risk. (c) Nick Heard 2009
2"Census 1851 Bermondsey, London ED11 HO107/1560 Folio 323 Page 42 (Thomas Prall (Prawle))".
Text From Source: Name Related Cond Age Occupation Birth Place
Thomas Prawl Head Mar 60 Retired linen draper Crediton , Devon
Frances Prawl Wife Mar 59 Boston, Lincolnshire
ED11 HO107/1560 Folio 323 Page 42. Cit. Date: 30 March 1851. Assessment: Secondary evidence.