The South Hams has always seemed to me to be a special and quite separate part of Devon. Hence this album has partly been created to display those parishes in South Devon where family lived that are not part of the South Hams - around Newton Abbot and Torbay. It also includes parishes from West Devon, including Okehampton, Tavistock, Devonport, Plymouth and surrounds.

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starcross   dawlish warren   dawlish   dawlish   dawlish
Starcross   Dawlish Warren   Dawlish Station   Dawlish   Dawlish
dawlish   dawlish   ashton     Exeter Street Chudleighh
Dawlish   Dawlish   Ashton   Chudleigh   Chudleigh
chudleigh   chudleigh church   chudleigh   chudleigh   chudleigh rock
Chudleigh   Chudleigh church   Chudleigh   Chudleigh   Chudleigh Rock
Kingsteignton   Kingsteignton   Kingsteignton   bovey tracey   bovey
Kingsteignton   Kingsteignton   Kingsteignton   Bovey Tracey   Bovey Tracey
bovey   bovey tracey   bovey   wolborough   newton abbot
Bovey Tracey   Bovey Tracey   Bovey Tracey   Wolborough Church, Newton Abbot   Newton Abbot
newton abbot   newton abbott   newton abbot   bishopsteignton   bishopsteignton
Newton Abbot War Memorial   Newton Abbot   Newton Abbot   Bishopsteignton   Bishopsteignton
teignmouth   teignmouth   teignmouth   teignmouth   teignmouth from shaldon
Teignmouth   Teignmouth   Teignmouth   Teignmouth Promenade   Teignmouth from Shaldon
shaldon   shaldon   shaldon   shaldon   Shaldon village
Shaldon   Shaldon   Shaldon beach   Shaldon   Shaldon village
st peters shaldon   combeinteignhead   combeinteignhead   coombeinteignhead  
St Peters Church, Shaldon   Combeinteignhead   Combeinteignhead   Combeinteignhead   Stokeinteignhead
stokeinteignhead   stokeinteignhead   stokeinteignhead   torquayx   torquay
Stokeinteignhead   Stokeinteignhead   Stokeinteignhead   Torquay   Torquay
torquay   Torquay   Imperial Hotel, Torquay   paignton   Torbayroad Paignton
Torquay   Torquay   Torquay   Paignton   Paignton
paignton   galmpton   Churston cove   churston village   churston
Paignton   Galmpton   Churston Cove   Churston Ferrers   Churston church and manor
brixham   brixham   brixham   brixham   ashburton
Brixham   Brixham   Brixham   Brixham   Ashburton
Ashburton   ashburton east street   Ashburton   broadhempston   broadhempston
Ashburton and the Moor   East Street Ashburton   East Street Ashburton   Broadhempston   Broadhempston
ipplepen   buckfast abbey   buckfastleigh   buckfastleigh   cornwood
Ipplepen   Buckfast Abbey   Buckfastleigh   Buckfastleigh   Cornwood
cornwood viaduct   ivybridge   Yealmpton   yealmpton   yealmpton
Cornwood viaduct   Ivybridge   Yealmpton   Yealmpton   Yealmpton
newton ferrers   Newton Ferrers   newton ferrers   newton ferrers   Plympton
Newton Ferrers   Newton Ferrers   Newton Ferrers   Newton Ferrers   Plympton
plympton   Plympton church   Plympton Statiokj   plymstock   radstock manor
Plympton   Plympton church   Plympton Station   Plymstock   Radstock Manor, Plymstock
radstock manor   plymstock   Plymstock   plymstock   Okehampton view
Radstock Manor, Plymstock   Plymstock   Plymstock   Plymstock   Okehampton view
Okehampton   Okehampton Station   Arcade Okehampton   bridestowe   Lydford
Okehampton   Okehampton station   Arcade Okehampton   Bridestowe   Lydford Village
lydford   lydford gorge   Lifton church   Lamerton   west street tavistock
Lydford   Lydford gorge   Lifton   Lamerton   West Street, Tavistock
tavistock   kelly college tavistock   Tavistock   Tavistock   Square tavistock
Tavistock from Deer Park   Kelly College, Tavistock   Tavistock   Tavistock Goose Fair   Guildhall Square, Tavistock
tavvy bridge   tavvy   Tavistock   Tavvy   Tavistock
Tavistock   Tavistock   Tavistock   Tavistock   Tavistock
Princetown   dartmoor prison   Meavy   meavy  
Princetown   Princetown.Dartmoor Prison   Meavy   Meavy   Meavy
yelverton   yelverton   yelverton   yelverton   shaugh prior
Yelverton   Yelverton   Yelverton   Yelverton   Shaugh Prior
Shaugh Prior   Tamerton Foliot   tamerton foliot   Tamerton Foliot   Tamerton foliot
Shaugh Prior   Tamerton Foliot   Tamerton Foliot   Tamerton Foliot   Tamerton Foliot station
Crownhill barracks   St Budeaux   St Budeaux   ferry at saltash   camelshead
Crownhill barracks, Plymouth   St Budeaux   St Budeaux   Ferry at Saltash   Camels Head, Plymouth
Devonport   devonport   Devonport1924   Mutton cove devonport   Mutton Cove Devonport
Devonport   Devonport   Devonport 1924   Mutton Cove, Devonport   Mutton Cove, Devonport
devonport   devonport   plymouth torpoint ferry   Torpoint ferry   stoke damerel
Devonport Naval Barracks   Devonport Naval Barracks   Torpoint ferry   Torpoint ferry   Stoke Damerel
durnford street and rm barracks   stonehouse   stonehouse   halfpennygate   stonehouse
Durnford Street and the Royal Marine barracks, Stonehouse   Halfpenny tollgate, Stonehouse bridge   Halfpenny gate, Stonehouse bridge   Through the Halfpenny gate,Stonehouse bridge   Stonehouse, Plymouth
union street   union street   naval war memorial plymouth   hoepier   plymouth hoe
Union Street, Plymouth   Union Street, Plymouth   War Memorial, the Hoe, Plymouth   Plymouth pier and Hoe   Plymouth Hoe
Hoe   Barbican   Barbican   Barbican   Barbican
Plymouth Hoe   The Barbican, Plymouth   The Barbican, Plymouth   The Barbican, Plymouth   The Barbican, Plymouth
barbican   Barbican   theatre royal and athenaeum   george street   george st plymouth
The Barbican, Plymouth   The Barbican , Plymouth   Theatre Royal and Athenaeum, Plymouth   George Street and the Theatre Royal, Plymouth   George Street, Plymouth
Old Town street   plymouth derrys cross   plymouth bedford street   guildhall plymouth   drake circus
Old Town Street, Plymouth   Derry's Cross Plymouth   Bedford Street, Plymouth   The Guildhall, Plymouth   Drake Circus, Plymouth
Mutley Plymouth   Mutley Plain   Tavistock Road Plymouth   mass grave   efford memorial
Mutley, Plymouth   Mutley Plain, Plymouth   Tavistock Road, Plymouth   Mass grave of the victoims of the blitz, at Efford Cemetery   Memorial at Efford Cemetery