Our Pitts family were from the South Hams of Devon. A Kattron Pitts was baptised, the daughter of Nicholas Pitts in Stokenham in the year of the Armada, 1588. Though without evidence for a direct descent from that Nicholas Pitts, our line starts later in Stokenham. The Pitts family were to be found in Stokenham and neighbouring parishes, as well as the nearest sizeable town, Kingsbridge. By the end of the 19th century they had spread throughout the South Hams parishes, and beyond. Their in-laws too were from throughout the South Hams. And as well as the Pitts family, the Willings were from the South Hams - a family connected to the Wrights. For our purposes, I am broadly referring to the ancient South Hams parishes, not the parishes included in the modern South Hams District Council area. It is more or less defined as the area between the line of the A38, and the sea, bounded by the Rivers Erme & Dart, but Im not too picky about it.

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Stokenham and Neighbouring Parishes

stokenham   stokenham   muckwell   stokenham   stokenham villagr
Stokenham. The South Hams parish for the Pitts family.   Stokenham. Most of our other South Hams families could be found in the parish at some time.   Muckwell Farm, Stokenham. Pitts ancestors farmed here for several generations until the early years of 20th century   Stokenham   Stokenham
stokenham   stoken   stokenham   stokenham village   stokenham
Stokenham   Stokenham   Stokenham   Tradesmen's Arms, Stokenham   Tradesmen's Arms, Stokenham
tradesmans armns   stokenham   stokenham   stokenham church   church
Tradesmen's Arms Stokenham   Stokenham   Stokenham   Stokenham Church through the years   Stokenham Church through the years
stokenham church   church stoke   stokenham   kellaton   torcross
Stokenham Church through the years   Stokenham Church through the years   Stokenham Church showing damage inflicted during D-Day rehearsals.   Kellaton, nr Stokenham,   Torcross, a short stroll from Stokenham Church.
coach at torcross   torcross   chillington   chillington   Start point
The Kingsbridge-Dartmouth coach waits at Torcross   Torcross   Chillington, in Stokenham parish   Chillington. Loyes, Pittses, Prettejohns and Randalls lived here.   The Start Point Lighthouse,in Stokenham parish.
hallsands   hallsands   chivelstone   chivelstone   south allington
Hallsands.   Hallsands. Prettejohns lived in the village.   Chivelstone   Chivelstone - home for Pitts and Collings   South Allington House, Chivelstone parish. Home for several generations of Pittses
lannacombe bay   east prawle   east prawle   east prawle   south pool
Lannacombe Bay. Chiveslstone parish. It runs between Prawle Point and Start Point   East Prawle in Chivelstone parish   East Prawle. The Pitts family have land holdings around the village.   East Prawle.   South Pool, home of 3xgreat grandmother Randall
southpool   sherford   slapton   slapton   slapton
South Pool.   Sherford. Michelmores and their Hurrell in-laws, Randalls, Luckhams and Steevins lived in the parish.   Slapton. Pitts and Willing family lived here   Slapton   Slapton

Within 5 Miles of Stokenham

blackawton1   Blackawton   blackawton   east Allington   dodbroke
Blackawton. Cames, Coles and Dawes lived in the parish   Blackawton.   Blackawton. Nicholas Prettejohn and Elizabeth Tucker were married in the parish church in 1727   East Allington. Blacklers, Loyes and Hingstons lived in East Allington *   Dodbrooke, Kingsbridge. Part of Kingsbridge. Sarah Pilditch lived in Dodbrooke.
Kingsbridge   kingsbridge   kingsbridge   kingsbridge   kingsbridge
Kingsbridge. Pittses, Loyes, Harrises, Hortons, Prettejohns all lived here.   Kingsbridge.   Kingsbridge   Kingsbridge   Kingsbridge
kingsbridge   kingsbridge   east portlemouth   east portlemouth    
Kingsbridge   Kingsbridge station   East Portlemouth.   East Portlemouth from Salcombe    

5 to 8 Miles from Stokenham

malborough   malborough   malborough   salcombe   salcombe
Malborough. Loyes, Adams and Fairweathers lived here.   Malborough   Malborough   Salcombe, in Malborough parish   Marine Hotel, Salcombe
salcombe   salcombe   hope south huish   churchstow   churchstow
Bolt Head, Salcombe   Salcombe. Reg Fey lived in the parish.   Hope , South Huish. Cames and Fairweathers lived in the parish.   Churchstow.Pittses, Blacklers and Lakemans lived in the parish   Churchstow.
churchstow   churchstow   aveton gifford   aveton gifford   avetongiford
Churchstow.   Churchstow.   Aveton Gifford - Birthplace of Elliotts, Leighs, Coles, Prettejohns, Blacklers   Aveton Gifford   Aveton Gifford
aveton gifford   aveton gifford   loddiswell   loddiswell   loddiswell mill
Aveton Gifford   Aveton Gifford*   Loddiswell. Home to Willings, Lakemans, Moyseys and Prettejohns   Loddiswell   New Mills, Loddiswell.
lodiswell   loddiswell   loddiswell station   halwell   dartmouth
Loddiswell*   Loddiswell*   Loddiswell Station   Halwell. Home for Lillicraps, Willings and Hingstons. *   Bayard Cove, Dartmouth
dartmouth   dartmouth   darmouth   dartmth   dartmouth castle
Dartmouth. Loyes, Heards, Heenans and Huddys lived in the town.   Dartmouth   Dartmouth   Dartmouth   Dartmouth
dartmouth   st saviours dartmouth   st petrox and castle   Britannia College   kingswear
Dartmouth   St Saviours, Dartmouth   St Petrox Church and Dartmouth Castle.   Britannia Royal Naval College   Kingswear. Across the Dart from Dartmouth.
kingswear   stokefleming            
Kingswear. Thirza Lendon, a Heard cousin, lived here.   Stoke Fleming. Dawes and Huddys lived in the parish*            

8 to 15 miles from Stokenham

dittisham   cornworthy   cornworthy   stoke gabriel   stoke gabriel
Dittisham. Blacklers lived here   Cornworthy - home of Cames, Donathornes, Shillabeers and Peekes   Cornworthy.   Stoke Gabriel   Stoke Gabriel
totnes   totnes   totnes   totnes   totnes
Totnes. One of the larger towns in the South Hams.   Totnes.   .Totnes.   Totnes   Totnes
totnes   totnes   totnes   berry pomeroy   berry pomeroy
Totnes   Totnes   Totnes   Berry Pomeroy, best known for its castle was home to Jeffery Michelmore who married Kate Pitts.   Berry Pomeroy. Wrights lived here.
harberton   harberton   harberton   harberton   harberton
Harberton. Blacklers, Loyes and Lillicraps lived in Harberton   Harberton   Harberton   Harberton   Harberton
harberton   bigbury   bigbury   bigbury   pickwickinn
Harberton   Bigbury. Coles, Blacklers and Hamlyns lived in Bigbury   Bigbury was home for Loye in-laws   Bigbury   Pickwick Inn, Bigbury
bigburypilchard inn   bigbury   bigburyandburgh   pilchard inn   bigbury on sea
The Pilchard Inn and Burgh Island, Bigbury   Bigbury   Bigbury and Burgh Island   Pilchard Inn, Bigbury   Bigbury
ringmore   ringmore   ringmore   thurlestone   thurlestoine
Ringmore - home for Blacklers and Loyes   Ringmore. The Blacklers were in the parish for many generations.   Ringmore. Crocker in-laws lived here   Thurlestone, home of Lakemans, Coles and Willings   Thurlestone
thurlestone   thurlestone hotel   thurlestone   thurlestone   kingston
Thurlestone. Squares were here for many generations.   Thurlestone   Thurlestone   Thurlestone   Kingston. Blacklers, Lakemans, Loyes all lived here.
kingston   kingston   Kingston   kingston   kingston
Kingston. Stonemans and Crockers lived in the parish.   Kingston   Kingston   Kingston   Kingston
kingston   holbeton   holbeton   holbeton   holbeton
Kingston   Holbeton.was home to Pittses, Gileses, Cameses and Hingstons   Holbeton   Holbeton   Holbeton
holbeton   holbeton   holbeton   holbeton   schoolholbeton
Holbeton   Holbeton   Holbeton   Holbeton   Village school,Holbeton
modbury   modbury   modbury   modbury  
Market in Galpin Street, Modbury   Modbury - home of Pittses, Crockers, Blackler   Modbury. Elliots, Sharlands, Prettejohns, Hingstons and Fairweathers lived here.   Modbury   Modbury
modbury   ermington church   ermington po   ermington   ermington
Modbury   Ermington. This was home for Blacklers, Gileses and Crockers.   Ermington   Ermington   Ermington
ugborough   ugborough   ugborough   ugborough    
Ugborough - birthplace of Cornish, Crocker, Elliott and Lakeman families   Ugborough. Shillabeers and Willings lived here.*   Ugborough   Ugborough    
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