These are views of the places associated with our families, mainly in Devon, but also throughout the UK and the rest of the world where they settled. Most of the views date from the first 10 years of the 20th century, and given the pace of change over the preceding 100 years probably represent the locations almost as our families would have known them.  But there is also a gallery of contemporary photographs of some of the churches that feature in the lives of many family members.


Crediton and Neighbouring Parishes

More Mid and North Devon

crediton high street

Most of our family originated in Mid-Devon, around the parishes of Sandford and Crediton. This gallery focuses on Crediton and its neighbouring parishes. In many instances the scenes depicted here will have appeared much the same when our ancestors looked on them.

Crediton Photo Album

morchard bishop

This gallery covers many of the other Mid-Devon parishes where our families were born, married, lived or died. It includes scenes from North and East Devon parishes too.

Mid-Devon Photo Album

Stokenham and South Hams Parishes

Other South Devon Parishes


The Pitts family, their ancestors and in-laws in the main came from the South Hams, and spread to other South Devon parishes. In the early 20th century some of them moved to Mid-Devon. Even today the South Hams feels like its own place to me, apart from Devon.

South Hams Photo Album

Barbican plymouth

There had always been movement from all over Devon to the South of the County, paricularly to Plymouth for employment in HM Navy, Marines or Army, or in the the dockyard. By the middle of the 19th century our wealthier families were moving to the coast for the resort attractions.

South & West Devon Photo Album


Other Places

frog street exeter

As the nearest city to the Heards' Mid-Devon heartland, inevitably significant numbers of our families lived and worked in Exeter. Several of Exeter's parishes seem to have been popular as the venue for weddings to a second spouse. Any reasons I suggest for this would only be speculation.

Exeter Photo Album


The Pastures New pages detail how our families dispersed from Devon to other parts of the UK, and to other parts of the world. This gallery includes both those UK and "furrin" locations. The gallery will be enlarged over time.

Other Family Places Photo Album


St Bartholomew Nymet Rowland

These are contemporary photos of some of the churches where many of our families were baptised, married or buried. They have been arranged here in approximate order of frequency of use by the families appearing on this site. They are also a pictorial representation of graveyards I have wandered around!

Churches Album