Most of our family came from Mid-Devon. Although their origins are concentrated around the parishes of Sandford and Crediton, many were born, lived or died in other Devon parishes. In this album, parishes from Dartmoor and the West of Devon ranging across North Devon and back again to the East coast of the county are featured. Ineveitably the greatest concentration of Heards, and also Wrights, Turners and their linked families come from central Devon.
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zeal monachorum   zeal monachorum   zeal monachorum   zeal monachorum   zeal monachorum
Zeal Monachorum   Zeal Monachorum   Zeal Monachorum   Zeal Monachorum   Zeal Monachorum
down st mary   morchard bishop   morchardbishop   morchard bishop   turningwaysmb
Down St Mary   Morchard Bishop   Morchard Bishop   Morchard Bishop   Turningways, Morchard Bishop
morchard bishop   morchard bishop   morchard bishop   morchard bishop   Morchard Bishop
Morchard Bishop   Morchard Bishop   Morchard Bishop   Morchard Bishop   Morchard Bishop
lapford   lapford station   lapford   lapford   highertown farm lapford
Lapford   Lapford Station   Lapford   Lapford   Higher Town Farm, Lapford
Chumleigh   chawleigh   winkleigh   winkleigh   winkleigh
Chulmleigh   Chawleigh Village Square   Winkleigh   Winkleigh   Winkleigh
winkleigh   Hatherleigh   Hatherleigh   Hatherleigh   North Tawton
Winkleigh   Hatherleigh   View of Hatherleigh   Hatherleigh   Distant view of North Tawton
northtawton   Dolton   Dolton   sampford courtenay   witheridge
North Tawton   Dolton   Dolton   Sampford Courtenay   Witheridge
witheridge   witheridge   witheridge   east worlington   shebbear
Witheridge   Witheridge   Witheridge   East Worlington   Shebbear
shebbear   shebbear cottages   torrington   torrington  
Shebbear   Shebbear   Torrington   Torrington Railway Bridge   Holsworthy Market
holsworthy   holsworthy   holsworthy view   hartland   hartland
Holsworthy   Holsworthy   Holsworthy   Hartland   Hartland
hartland   Hartland quay   welcome   bideford   bideford
Hartland   Hartland Quay   Welcombe   Bideford   Bideford
barnstaple   barnstaple   barnstaple   barnstaple   barnstaple
Barnstaple   Barnstaple   Barnstaple   Barnstaple   Barnstaple
berrynarbour   berrynarb   berrynarb   berrynarbor   berrynarbour
Berrynarbor   Berrynarbour   Berrynarbour   Berrynarbor   Berrynarbor
berrynarbour   ilfracombe   ilfracombe   ilfracombe   ilfracombe
Berrynarbor   Ilfracombe   Ilfracombe   Ilfracombe   Ilfracombe
south molton   south molton   southmolton   south molton   South Molton
South Molton   South Molton   South Molton   South Molton   South Molton
south molton   north molton   north molton   bishopsnympton   bishopsnympton
South Molton   North Molton   North Molton   Bishops Nympton   Bishops Nympton
kings nympton   Kingsnympton   kings nympton   ashreigney   ashreigney
Kings Nympton   Kings Nympton   Kings Nympton   Ashreigney   Ashreigney
Chittlehampton   Chittlehampton   Chittlehampton   Bampton   Bampton
Chittlehampton   Chittlehampton   Chittlehampton   Bampton   Bampton market
bampton   Tiverton   tiverton bridge   tiverton   lowmanbridge tiverton
Bampton   Tiverton   Tiverton   Heathcoats factory, Tiverton   Tiverton
station   tiverton   Bludells school Tiverton   St Peter's Tiverton   Tiverton and the Exe
The station, Tiverton.   Tiverton   Blundell's School Tiverton   St Peter's Tiverton   Tiverton and the Exe
tiverton view   fishermans cott bickleigh   bickleigh   halberton   halberton
View of Tiverton   Bickleigh   Bickleigh   Halberton   Halberton
cruwys morchard rectory   cruwys morchard house   cheriton fitzpaine   cheriton fitzpaine   cheriton fitzpaine
Cruwys Morchard   Cruwys Morchard   Cheriton Fitzpaine   Cheriton Fitzpaine   Cheriton Fitzpaine
cheriton fitzpaine   cheriton fitzpaine   thorverton   thorverton   thorverton
Cheriton Fitzpaine   Cheriton Fitzpaine   Thorverton   Thorverton   Thorverton
thorverton   thorverton   Thorverton   Bradninch   Cadbury
Thorverton   Thorverton   Thorverton   Bradninch   Cadbury
Brampford Speke   Upton Pyne   stoke hill gate   pinhoe   broadclyst
Brampford Speke   Upton Pyne   Stoke Hill Gate   Pinhoe   Broadclyst
broadclyst   broadclyst   broadclyst   Killerton   broadclyst
Broadclyst   Broadclyst   Dog village, Broadclyst   Killerton House   Broadclyst station
cullompton   cullompton   payehembury   Honiton   white hart
Cullompton   Cullompton   Payehembury   Honiton   Honiton
new street honiton   lacemaker   Clyst St Mary   Clyst St George   woodbury
Honiton   Honiton lacemaker   Clyst St Mary   Clyst St George   Woodbury
Woodbury Common   Littleham   littleham   exmouth   exmouth
Woodbury Common   Littleham Village   Littleham   Exmouth   Exmouth
exmouth   rolle street exmouth   exmouth yachts   exmouth   budleigh
Exmouth   Exmouth   Exmouth   Exmouth   Budleigh Salterton
budleigh   sidmouth   sidmouth   sidford   branscombe
Budleigh Salterton   Sidmouth   Sidmouth   Sidford   Branscombe
branscombe   axminster   Axminster   Axminster   carpet factory
Branscombe   Axminster   Axminster   Victoria Place Axminster   Wilton Royal Carpet Factory, Axminster
spreyton   Spreyton   drewsteignton   drewsteignton   drewsteignton
Spreyton   Spreyton   Drewsteignton   Drewsteignton   Drewsteignton
drewsteignton   Moretonhampstead   Moretonhampstead   moretonhampstead   moetonhampstead
Drewsteignton   Moretonhampstead   Moretonhampstead   Moretonhampstead   Moretonhampstead
chagfortd   chagford   dunsford   dunsford    
Chagford   Chagford   Dunsford   Dunsford