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Family of Carl GERISCHER and Clara STROHFELDT

Husband: Carl GERISCHER (1872-1916)
Wife: Clara STROHFELDT (1877-1950)
Children: Victor RAMSAY (1899- )
Hilda RAMSAY (1901- )
Rudolf RAMSAY (1904- )
Clara RAMSAY (1910- )
Carl RAMSAY (1910- )
Oswald Emil RAMSAY (1914-2003)

Husband: Carl GERISCHER

Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1872
Occupation Beer Retailer/Plumber
Death 1916 (age 43-44)
died in internment camp. DOB could be 1872


Sex: Female
Father: Emil STROHFELDT (1854- )
Mother: Emilie UNKNOWN (1853- )
Birth 1877 Berlin, Germany
Death 1950 (age 72-73)

Child 1: Victor RAMSAY

Name: Victor RAMSAY1
Sex: Male
Birth 1899

Child 2: Hilda RAMSAY

Name: Hilda RAMSAY1
Sex: Female
Birth 1901

Child 3: Rudolf RAMSAY

Name: Rudolf RAMSAY1
Sex: Male
Birth 1904

Child 4: Clara RAMSAY

Name: Clara RAMSAY1
Sex: Female
Birth 1910

Child 5: Carl RAMSAY

Name: Carl RAMSAY1
Sex: Male
Birth 1910

Child 6: Oswald Emil RAMSAY

Name: Oswald Emil RAMSAY1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Margaret Helena HEARD (1923-2005)
Birth 28 Jun 1914
Death 28 Sep 2003 (age 89)
birth index Camberwell 1d 1818 Q31914

Note on Husband: Carl GERISCHER

born in Elberfeldt near Dusseldorf

Naturalised British subject

1901 cen. King Charles Hotel, Ely?, Cambs

Note on Wife: Clara STROHFELDT

Re-married ? Ramsay


Naturalised British subject

2nd marriage index Camberwell 1d 1766 Q2 1919

1901 cen. King Charles Hotel, Ely?, Cambs


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