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Family of Thomas TRELIVING and Blanche Elizabeth KILBOURN

Husband: Thomas TRELIVING (1780-1862)
Wife: Blanche Elizabeth KILBOURN (1782-1861)
Children: Thomas Giles Kilbourn TRELIVING (1805-1870)
Edwin Vanderband TRELIVING (c. 1807-1877)
Emma Whitman TRELIVING (c. 1810- )
Harriet Honor TRELIVING (1814- )
Samson TRELIVING (1817-1897)
Joseph Benjamin TRELIVING (1819-1819)
Benjamin Roseman TRELIVING (1821-1915)
Ralph May TRELIVING (1826-1895)
Marriage 29 Dec 1804 St George - East Stonehouse, Devon, England

Husband: Thomas TRELIVING

Name: Thomas TRELIVING1
Sex: Male
Father: John TRELIVING (1747-1822)
Mother: Honor VANDERBAND (1745-1836)
Birth 13 Aug 1780 Antony, Cornwall, England
Occupation Shipwright - according to BRT & on BRT m.cert
Death 1862 (age 81-82)
Death 5 Apr 1862 (age 81)
b. date is bapt at Antony East
d. at Stoke Damerel - Apoplexy

Wife: Blanche Elizabeth KILBOURN

Name: Blanche Elizabeth KILBOURN1
Sex: Female
Father: Thomas KILBOURN (1755-1805)
Mother: Elizabeth GILES ( - )
Birth 13 Aug 1782 Antony, Cornwall, England
Death 11 Jan 1861 (age 78)
b. date is bapt. at Stoke Damerel
d. at Stoke Damerel - diseased heart

Child 1: Thomas Giles Kilbourn TRELIVING

Name: Thomas Giles Kilbourn TRELIVING1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Charlotte Barton DOLLING (1805-1888)
Birth 31 Oct 1805 Antony, Cornwall, England
Occupation Scrivener, coach painter, & herald painter
Death 5 Aug 1870 (age 64)
Cardiac Disease at 2 Surrey Grove, Old Kent Road

Child 2: Edwin Vanderband TRELIVING

Name: Edwin Vanderband TRELIVING1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Honor SPRIDDLE (1806-1872)
Birth c. 1807 Stoke Damerel - Devonport, Devon, England
Baptism 2 Jan 1807 (age 0) Stoke Damerel - Devonport, Devon, England
Occupation Joiner
Death 8 Sep 1877 (age 69-70) Stoke Damerel - Devonport, Devon, England
bapt. 29/11/1807

Child 3: Emma Whitman TRELIVING

Name: Emma Whitman TRELIVING1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Thomas HORLFORD (1807- )
Birth c. 1810 Devonport, Devon, England
b. date is bapt.

Child 4: Harriet Honor TRELIVING

Name: Harriet Honor TRELIVING1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Samuel DAWE (1808- )
Birth 8 Apr 1814
b. date is bapt. at Stoke Damerel

Child 5: Samson TRELIVING

Name: Samson TRELIVING1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary Ann STIVEY (1818-1893)
Birth 2 Apr 1817 Devonport, Devon, England
Occupation Gas Fitter
Death 30 Jan 1897 (age 79) Solihull, Warwickshire, England
birth date is bapt. b. at Devonport, bapt at Stoke Damerel
d. at London

Child 6: Joseph Benjamin TRELIVING

Name: Joseph Benjamin TRELIVING1
Sex: Male
Birth 4 Nov 1819 Devonport, Devon, England
Death 6 Dec 1819 (age 0) Devonport, Devon, England
b. at Antony, d. at Stoke Damerel

Child 7: Benjamin Roseman TRELIVING

Name: Benjamin Roseman TRELIVING1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Maria COOKE (1821-1899)
Birth 25 Sep 1821 Devonport, Devon, England
Occupation Coach Painter
Occupation Coach Painter
Death 1915 (age 93-94)
Baptised inParish Church Stoke Damerel, Devon, on 8th Oct 1821

Child 8: Ralph May TRELIVING

Name: Ralph May TRELIVING1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth Baker PENROSE (1826-1894)
Birth 3 Jan 1826 Devonport, Devon, England
Occupation Plumber
Death 19 Oct 1895 (age 69)
b. Devonport, bapt. Stoke Demerel

Note on Husband: Thomas TRELIVING

'Abode' given as Dock in Parish Registers. Living at 2 North Prospect Devonport on 1851 census

Note on Wife: Blanche Elizabeth KILBOURN

'Abode' given as Dock in Parish Registers


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