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Family of William PICKETT and Mary Ann JOHNS

Husband: William PICKETT (1821-1873)
Wife: Mary Ann JOHNS (c. 1825-1911)
Children: Emily PICKETT (c. 1846-1851)
Lucy PICKETT (c. 1849-1869)
Emily PICKETT (1851- )
Jacob Greenslade PICKETT (1854-1854)
Ellen PICKETT (1854- )
Amelia PICKETT (1857- )
Eliza PICKETT (c. 1860-1890)
Mary Ann PICKETT (c. 1862-1898)
Elizabeth PICKETT (1864-1943)
Marriage 1 Mar 1846 St Mary Steps - Exeter, Devon, England

Husband: William PICKETT

Name: William PICKETT1
Sex: Male
Father: John PICKETT (1794-1860)
Mother: Elizabeth GREENSLADE (c. 1793-1850)
Birth 1821 Sandford, Devon, England
Occupation Tailor and grocer
Census 6 Jun 1841 (age 21) Sandford, Devon, England2
3 Park Street, Sandford
Occupation 6 Jun 1841 (age 21) Tailor; Sandford, Devon, England2
Death 1873 (age 51-52) Sandford, Devon, England

Wife: Mary Ann JOHNS

Name: Mary Ann JOHNS1
Sex: Female
Father: William JOHNS ( - )
Mother: Mary PACKER ( - )
Birth c. 1825 Sandford, Devon, England
Occupation Shopkeeper
Death 23 Oct 1911 (age 85-86) Sandford, Devon, England

Child 1: Emily PICKETT

Name: Emily PICKETT1
Sex: Female
Birth c. 1846 Sandford, Devon, England
Death 1851 (age 4-5) Sandford, Devon, England3

Child 2: Lucy PICKETT

Name: Lucy PICKETT1
Sex: Female
Birth c. 17 Feb 1849 Sandford, Devon, England
Death 24 Feb 1869 (age 20) St Pancras, London, England
University College Hospital

Child 3: Emily PICKETT

Name: Emily PICKETT1
Sex: Female
Birth Q4 1851 Sandford, Devon, England4

Child 4: Jacob Greenslade PICKETT

Name: Jacob Greenslade PICKETT1
Sex: Male
Birth 1854 Sandford, Devon, England
Death 1854 (age 0) Sandford, Devon, England

Child 5: Ellen PICKETT

Name: Ellen PICKETT1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henry Mountjoy JONES (1860- )
Birth 1854 Sandford, Devon, England
Census 5 Apr 1891 (age 36) St Georges - Hanover Square, London, England5
74 Lumley Buildings, Pimlico Road SW
Census 31 Mar 1901 (age 46) St Georges - Hanover Square, London, England6
74 Lumley Buildings, Pimlico Road SW
Census 2 Apr 1911 (age 56) St Georges - Hanover Square, London, England7
111 Lumley Buildings, Pimlico Road SW

Child 6: Amelia PICKETT

Name: Amelia PICKETT1
Sex: Female
Birth 7 Oct 1857 Sandford, Devon, England8

Child 7: Eliza PICKETT

Name: Eliza PICKETT1
Sex: Female
Birth c. 1860 Sandford, Devon, England
Baptism 2 May 1860 (age 0) Sandford, Devon, England
Death Dec 1890 (age 29-30) Sandford, Devon, England

Child 8: Mary Ann PICKETT

Name: Mary Ann PICKETT1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles KERSLAKE (1863-1897)
Birth c. 1862 Sandford, Devon, England
Death 29 Mar 1898 (age 35-36) Sandford, Devon, England

Child 9: Elizabeth PICKETT

Name: Elizabeth PICKETT1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Alfred John HATTIN (1864-1913)
Birth 1864 Sandford, Devon, England
Death 1943 (age 78-79) Newton Abbot, Devon, England

Note on Wife: Mary Ann JOHNS

In 1902 Kellys Mary Ann is described as a shopkeeper.


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John Pickett 45 Tailor
Elizabeth Pickett 45
John Pickett 23 Tailor
William Pickett 21 Tailor
Richard Pickett 15 Apprentice Tailor
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Henry Mountjoy Jones,Head,M,M,31,Tin smith,,Chelsea, London, England,
Ellen Jones,Wife,M,F,36,,,Sandford, Devon, England,
Amelia Vincent Pickett,Daughter,S,F,11,Scholar,,Chelsea, London, England,
Charlotte Emily Jones,Daughter,S,F,5,Scholar,,Belgravia, London, England,
Henry William Jones,Son,S,M,4,,,Belgravia, London, England,
Mabel Lucy Jones,Daughter,S,F,2,,,Belgravia, London, England,
Bessie Jones,Daughter,S,F,2m,,,Belgravia, London, England,
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Amelia Vincent Pickett,Daughter,S,F,21,,,,Chelsea, London, England,
Charlotte Emily Jones,Daughter,S,F,15,,,,Belgravia, London, England,
Henry William Jones,Son,S,M,14,,,,Belgravia, London, England,
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Bessie Jones,Daughter,S,F,9,,,,Belgravia, London, England,
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Ellen Jones,Wife,F,56,M,27,5,4,1,,,,,Sandford, Devon, England,,
Henry William Jones,Son,M,24,S,,,,,Taxidermy,,,,Belgravia, London, England,,
Bessie Jones,Daughter,F,20,S,,,,,,,,,Belgravia, London, England,,
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