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Family of William PETT and Mary MILLMAN

Husband: William PETT (c. 1760-1828)
Wife: Mary MILLMAN (c. 1759- )
Children: James Millman PETT (1786- )
Ann PETT (1788- )
Rebecca PETT (1790- )
William PETT (c. 1794-1877)
Mary PETT (1797- )
Rebecca PETT (1801- )
Marriage 15 Jun 1785 Buckland Filleigh, Devon, England

Husband: William PETT

Name: William PETT1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1760
Will 2 Jun 1828 (age 67-68)
William's estate was valued at under £600 for the purposes of probate.

He left his estate oft Paddon to his wife Mary. He left £2.00 annually to his son James, To each of his three daughters he bequeathed £8.00 to be paid annually. Paddon was to go to his son James after his wife's death. James was to continue to pay the allowance to his sisters from the estate, which would go to his male heir on his death. In the event that James had no male heirs, the estate of Paddon and the obligations for the allowance were to go to William Pett. After his death the estate of Paddon would go to his son William along with the responsibility for the annuities for the sisters , Mary and James Millman Pett.

The estate of Waters North Furse, then being leased by James Larkworthy was left to Mary Pett, for two years when she would receive the rents. After two years the estate was to go to daughter Rebecca and her heirs. Wife Mary was also left the house of North Furse, leased for three lives by John Bridgeman. After Mary's death the house at North Furse was to go to grandson William Pett Penhale. Son William also got the estate Berry Park in Shebbear, which was to be passed to his son William after his death.
He left the estate of South Furse to his wife as long as his rights to it continued, with the proviso that she pay £3.00 annually to the three daughters from the proceeds of the estate.
He gave to his three sons-in-law £5.00 each. He also left £5.00 to his grandchildren. The balance of his estate went to his wife.
Death 5 Jul 1828 (age 67-68) Buckland Filleigh, Devon, England

Wife: Mary MILLMAN

Name: Mary MILLMAN1
Sex: Female
Father: James MILLMAN ( - )
Mother: Mary UNKNOWN ( - )
Birth c. 1759
Baptism 14 Sep 1759 (age 0) Buckland Filleigh, Devon, England

Child 1: James Millman PETT

Name: James Millman PETT1
Sex: Male
Birth 1786 Buckland Filleigh, Devon, England

Child 2: Ann PETT

Name: Ann PETT1
Sex: Female
Spouse: George PENHALE (1787- )
Birth 1788 Buckland Filleigh, Devon, England

Child 3: Rebecca PETT

Name: Rebecca PETT1
Sex: Female
Birth 1790 Buckland Filleigh, Devon, England

Child 4: William PETT

Name: William PETT1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary THORNE (c. 1790-1862)
Birth c. 1794 Shebbear, Devon, England
Baptism 12 Sep 1794 (age 0) Shebbear, Devon, England
Occupation Farmer of 120 Acres
Death 1877 (age 82-83) Shebbear, Devon, England

Child 5: Mary PETT

Name: Mary PETT1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Stephen HAWKIN (1790- )
Birth 1797 Shebbear, Devon, England

Child 6: Rebecca PETT

Name: Rebecca PETT1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Robert UNDERHILL ( - )
Birth 1801 Shebbear, Devon, England

Note on Husband: William PETT

Possibly born in Holsworthy.


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