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Family of Henry HEARD and Cecilia Anne O'CONNELL

Husband: Henry HEARD (1910-1986)
Wife: Cecilia Anne O'CONNELL (1915-1980)
Children: Alan Henry HEARD (1938-1986)
Carole Anne HEARD (1939-1970)
Michael P HEARD (1945-1951)
Marriage 27 Jun 1938 Essex South Western Register Office, Essex
They were living at 31 Marlborough Road, South Woodford, Essex

Husband: Henry HEARD

Name: Henry HEARD1
Sex: Male
Father: Harry HEARD (1879-1916)
Mother: Britannia HOADLEY (1884-1972)
Birth 16 Feb 1910 Plaistow, Essex, England
Census 2 Apr 1911 (age 1) West Ham, London, England1
71 Denmark Street, Barking Road, Plaistow
Occupation 1938 (age 27-28) Coal porter; South Woodford, Essex, England
31 Marlborough Road
Census 29 Sep 1939 (age 29) South Woodford, Essex, England2
123 Chigwell Road, E18
Occupation 29 Sep 1939 (age 29) Labourer( trenches) Heavy worker; South Woodford, Essex, England2
Death 20 Aug 1986 (age 76) Plaistow, Essex, England3
Cause: Ischaemic Heart Disease certified after post mortem, without inquest.
Address: Newham Hospital, Plaistow E13
He was found to be dead on arrival at Newham Hospital, Plaistow.
His birth was incorrectly recorded as 11 February 1912 on his death certificate. informant was his daughter-in-law Valerie Margaret Heard of 7 Radley Terrace, Hermit Road, Canning Town E.16. "Alan died in 1986 aged 47 heart attack and within two months Mr Heard died; he had angina and I think had stopped taken his pills I think Mr Heard did not want to live when Alan died."

Wife: Cecilia Anne O'CONNELL

Name: Cecilia Anne O'CONNELL
Sex: Female
Father: Maurice O'CONNELL (1881?-1921)
Mother: Caroline BRIMSON (1880?-1918)
Birth 12 Nov 1915
Census 29 Sep 1939 (age 23) South Woodford, Essex, England2
123 Chigwell Road, E18
Occupation 29 Sep 1939 (age 23) Unpaid domestic duties; South Woodford, Essex, England2
Death Q3 1980 (age 64) Poplar and Bethnal Green, London, England

Child 1: Alan Henry HEARD

Name: Alan Henry HEARD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Valerie Margaret JAYNES (1940-2001)
Birth 17 Oct 1938
Census 29 Sep 1939 (age 0) South Woodford, Essex, England2
123 Chigwell Road, E18
Occupation 29 Sep 1939 (age 0) Under school age; South Woodford, Essex, England2
Occupation Royal Marine
Occupation 1985 (age 46-47) Motor Mechanic
Death 1986 (age 47) Newham, London, England
Cause: Heart attack

Child 2: Carole Anne HEARD

Name: Carole Anne HEARD
Sex: Female
Spouse: PRIVATE ( - )
Birth 8 Oct 1939 Essex South Western Registration Diustrict, Essex
Death Q4 1970 (age 30-31) Westminster, London, England
Cause: Leukemia

Child 3: Michael P HEARD

Name: Michael P HEARD
Sex: Male
Birth Q2 1945 West Ham, London, England
Death Q3 1951 (age 6) West Ham, London, England
Cause: Leukemia

Child 4: PRIVATE

Sex: Male
Spouse: PRIVATE ( - )

Note on Husband: Henry HEARD

"My father, Harry Heard,  was based in Cornwall during the war and didn't know he had a problem with his hearing until being asked 'who goes there?'.... as he didn't hear this and kept going, he was shot at, the bullet richocheted past his head and buried itself in the wall ahead of him.  He moved the family out to a village location when he joined the home guard to keep them safer as the decision had been taken not to evacuate the children.  They rented a house but when he signed up, my mum gave the house up and returned to the East End as she wasn't at all happy being away from her beloved East End and family.   They were bombed out of their home a number of times, Aunt Marie has told us they were bombed out five times in total.  My family shared a house with my Grandmother, Britannia Heard in Ordnance Road - where I was born in 1954.   Aunt Marie told me the a story that at the age of around 15, she and a friend were walking arm in arm down the street when suddenly they were knocked to the ground by an ARP Warden.  Seconds later a Doodlebug fell from the sky exploding near them and covered them with glass and pieces of brick.  My mum told me that when they flew over, the noise from the rocket sounded like it was saying "I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming....."  then silence."

"Harry used to do a little tap type dance, blow a mouth organ and play the spoons." "My lasting memory of my dad is hearing him sing to my mum If I had my life to live over, I'd still fall in love with you by The Dinning Sisters.   Despite  her illness in latter years, my dad remained deeply devoted to her."3

Note on Wife: Cecilia Anne O'CONNELL

"My mother, Cecilia O'Connell, spent some of her latter years in respite care during the week at Goodmayes Psychiatric Hospital, and returned home at weekends. She was suffering depression having lost two of her children, Michael at age 6 and Carole at age 31. Aunt Marie has told my wife Jackie and I that she was never the same after this, my Aunt Marie loved my mum dearly and has shared many memories of her as a younger lady as she too lived in the same house as the family. I did believe my Grandfather Maurice O'Connell had died in WWI until research from this site has shown otherwise. My mum was in an orphanage with at least some of her siblings from age 6 when her father passed away" She always maintained that her name was Celia, not Cecilia, though her birth registration and other documents always were in the name of Cecilia. In practice she was always known as Anne.3


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