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Family of Frederick Norman WATKINS and Bessie J TAYLOR

Husband: Frederick Norman WATKINS (1888-1968)
Wife: Bessie J TAYLOR (1879-1947)
Children: PRIVATE ( - )
Marriage Q1 1918 Milton Damerel, Devon, England

Husband: Frederick Norman WATKINS

Name: Frederick Norman WATKINS1
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas WATKINS (c. 1862-1901)
Mother: Lucy HEARD (1862-1937)
Birth 1 Dec 1888 Heavitree - Exeter, Devon, England
Baptism 1 Feb 1889 (age 0) Heavitree - Exeter, Devon, England
28 Newcombe Street
Census 5 Apr 1891 (age 2) Barnstaple, Devon, England2
41 Victoria Street
Education 12 Jun 1893 (age 4) Milton Damerel National School; Milton Damerel, Devon, England
T Watkins Shop
In the school register his date of birth was recorded as 5 Dec 1888 rather than the 1 Dec 1888 as recorded in the baptism register at Heavitree.
Census 31 Mar 1901 (age 12) Milton Damerel, Devon, England3
Holsworthy Beacon
Census 2 Apr 1911 (age 22) Milton Damerel, Devon, England4
Holsworthy Beacon
Occupation 2 Apr 1911 (age 22) Farmer's son working on farm; Milton Damerel, Devon, England4
Census 29 Sep 1939 (age 50) Sutcombe, Holsworthy, Devon, England5
Thuborough Mill
Occupation 29 Sep 1939 (age 50) Farmer; Sutcombe, Holsworthy, Devon, England5
Death 1968 (age 79-80) Bideford Registration District, Devon, England

Wife: Bessie J TAYLOR

Name: Bessie J TAYLOR
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 5 Sep 1879
Census 29 Sep 1939 (age 60) Sutcombe, Holsworthy, Devon, England5
Thuborough Mill
Occupation 29 Sep 1939 (age 60) Unpaid domestic duties; Sutcombe, Holsworthy, Devon, England5
Death 1947 (age 67-68) Milton Damerel, Devon, England

Child 1: PRIVATE

Sex: Male

Child 2: PRIVATE

Sex: Female


1"Nick Heard". This GEDCOM is predominantly the work of Nick Heard, but it incorporates the collaborated work of many other family historians. You are welcome to use the information herein but please acknowledge the source. Every effort has been made to ensure the data is accurate, but any use you make of it is entirely at your own risk. (c) Nick Heard 2009
2"Census 1891 Barnstaple, Devon, England RG12/1774 Folio 109 Page 10 (Lucy Heard)" (RG12/1774 Folio 109 Page 10).
Text From Source: Name,Relation,Condition,Sex,Age,Occupation,Employ Status,Where Born,Infirmity
Thomas Watkins,Head,M,M,29,Superintendent Singer Sewing Machine,,Milton Damerel, Devon, England,
Lucy Watkins,Wife,M,F,28,,,Linscombe - Sandford, Devon, England,
Frederick Watkins,Son,S,M,2,,,Heavitree - Exeter, Devon, England,
Mary M Watkins,Sister-in-law,S,F,24,,,Stratton, Cornwall, England,
3"Census 1901 Milton Damerel, Devon, England RG13/2167 Folio 23 Page 3 (Lucy Heard)" (RG13/2167 Folio 23 Page 3).
Text From Source: Name,Relation,Condition,Sex,Age,Occupation,Employ Status,At Home,Where Born,Infirmity
Thomas Watkins,Head,M,M,39,Farmer,,,Milton Damerel, Devon, England,
Lucy Watkins,Wife,M,F,38,,,,Linscombe - Sandford, Devon, England,
Frederick Watkins,Son,S,M,12,,,,Heavitree - Exeter, Devon, England,
Florence Watkins,Daughter,S,F,9,,,,Milton Damerel, Devon, England,
Ethel Watkins,Daughter,S,F,7,,,,Milton Damerel, Devon, England,
William Watkins,Son,S,M,3,,,,Milton Damerel, Devon, England,
Edith Watkins,Daughter,S,F,2,,,,Milton Damerel, Devon, England,
4"Census 1911 Milton Damerel, Devon, England RG14/13475; Schedule Number: 41 ED 03 (Lucy Heard)" (RG14/13475; Schedule Number: 41 ED 03).
Text From Source: Name,Relation,Sex,Age,Married,Years,Chd Born,Chd Living,Chd Died,Occupation,Industry,Employ Status,At Home,Where Born,Nationality,Infirmity
Lucy Watkins,Head,F,48,W,,7,5,2,Farmer,,,,Linscombe - Sandford, Devon, England,,
Frederick Watkins,Son,M,22,S,,,,,Farmer's son working on farm,,,,Heavitree - Exeter, Devon, England,,
Florence Watkins,Daughter,F,19,S,,,,,Domestic (general),,,,Milton Damerel, Devon, England,,
Ethel Watkins,Daughter,F,17,S,,,,,Domestic,,,,Milton Damerel, Devon, England,,
William Watkins,Son,M,13,S,,,,,School,,,,Milton Damerel, Devon, England,,
Edith Watkins,Daughter,F,12,S,,,,,School,,,,Milton Damerel, Devon, England,,
5"Census 1939 Sutcombe, Holsworthy, Devon, England 1939 Register (Frederick Watkins)" (1939 Register).
Text From Source: Name of person,Status,Gender,Birthdate,Condition,Occupation,Comments
Frederick Norman Watkins,,M,5 Dec 1888,M,Farmer,
Bessie J Watkins,,F,5 Sep 1879,M,Unpaid domestic duties,
John T Watkins,,M,1918,S,CLOSED,CLOSED
Bessie I Watkins,,F,1919,S,CLOSED,CLOSED
William Taylor,,M,21 Jun 1882,S,Incapacitated by illness,