Family of James Osmond PARKER and Sarah Ann UNKNOWN

Husband: James Osmond PARKER ( - )
Wife: Sarah Ann UNKNOWN ( - )
Children: Harold PARKER (1900-1943)

Husband: James Osmond PARKER

Name: James Osmond PARKER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Sarah Ann UNKNOWN

Name: Sarah Ann UNKNOWN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Harold PARKER

Name: Harold PARKER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Lucy Kathleen HEARD (1905-1995)
Birth 1900 Winshill, Derbyshire, England
Death 11 Mar 1943 (age 42-43) At sea
Perished on HMS Harvester

Jurua was ordered by Brazil on 6 December 1937 from Vickers-Armstrongs, Barrow-in-Furness. The ship was laid down on 3 June 1938 and she was purchased by the British on 5 September 1939 and renamed HMS Handy. The ship was launched on 29 September 1939 and renamed Harvester in January 1940 as her original name was thought too liable to be confused with Hardy. Harvester was commissioned on 23 May and briefly worked up at Portland Harbour before she was assigned to the 9th Destroyer Flotilla

The ship joined the Dunkirk evacuation on 29 May and returned 272 men to Dover during the day. However, the situation at Dunkirk soon became too dangerous to risk the larger and more modern destroyers, so Harvester made no attempt to evacuate any troops during daylight hours on 30 May. This decision was rescinded during the day on 30 May and the ship sailed for Dunkirk on the night of 30/31 May. En route she was narrowly missed by two torpedoes, but she rescued 1341 men in two trips on 31 May and an additional 576 on 1 June. Harvester was lightly damaged by strafing German aircraft that same day and required repairs that were made at Chatham. On 9 June the ship was ordered to Le Havre, France, to evacuate British troops, but none were to be found. She loaded 78 men at Saint-Valery-en-Caux on 11 June. Later in the month she escorted ships evacuating refugees and troops from Saint-Nazaire and St. Jean de Luz (Operation Ariel).

From July to September, Harvester was assigned to convoy escort duties with the Western Approaches Command and she rescued 90 survivors from the armed merchant cruiser Dunvegan Castle in late August. The ship, together with five other destroyers of the 9th Flotilla, was assigned to Plymouth Command for anti-invasion duties between 8 and 18 September before returning to her role as an escort vessel. On 30 October, with help from her sister Highlander, she sank the German submarine U-32. Harvester rescued 19 survivors from the merchant vessel Silverpine on 5 December and 131 survivors from the Armed Boarding Vessel Crispin on 3 February 1941. She rescued four survivors from a Royal Air Force Armstrong Whitworth Whitley bomber four days later.

The ship was refitted at Barrow between 18 March and 18 April and then was assigned to Force H in Gibraltar where she escorted ships during Operations Tiger and Splice in May. Harvester was transferred to the Newfoundland Escort Force in June as her anti-aircraft capability was believed by Admiral James Somerville to be too weak. She was assigned to the 14th Escort Group upon her arrival at St. John's on 1 July. The ship was transferred back to the Western Approaches Command three months later and assigned to the 9th Escort Group. Harvester was converted to an escort destroyer during a lengthy refit at Dundee, Scotland, from 30 January 1942 to 16 April. She conducted sea trials of her Type 271 radar during May and then resumed her escort duties in the North Atlantic as flagship of Mid-Ocean Escort Force Escort Group B-3.

The ship was refitted at Liverpool between 12 December and 11 February 1943. Whilst defending Convoy HX 228 on 3 March, Harvester forced U-444 to the surface and then rammed it. She was badly damaged by the ramming, but she rescued five survivors after the submarine sank. The next day, Harvester was torpedoed by U-432 and broke in half. Nine officers and 136 ratings were lost, but the French corvette Aconit rammed and sank U-432 herself and then rescued Harvester's few survivors
Probate 30 Jul 1943 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Probate granted to widow Lucy Kathleen Parker. Effects valued at £223 17s 6d. Address 74 Baker Street, Burton-on-Trent