Family of Jonathon RICHARDSON

Partner: Jonathon RICHARDSON ( - )
Partner: (unknown)
Children: Mary Ann RICHARDSON (1880-1953)

Partner: Jonathon RICHARDSON

Name: Jonathon RICHARDSON
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Mary Ann RICHARDSON

Sex: Female
Spouse: John DADD (1877-1949)
Birth 19 Sep 1880 Stockton on Tees, Durham, England
Census 31 Mar 1901 (age 20) Skelton, Yorkshire, England1
48 Dixon Street
Census 2 Apr 1911 (age 31) Lingdale, Skelton, Yorkshire, England2
48 Dixon Street
Census 29 Sep 1939 (age 59) Guisborough, Yorkshire, England3
97 Westgate
Occupation 29 Sep 1939 (age 59) Unpaid domestic duties; Guisborough, Yorkshire, England3
Death 1953 (age 72-73) Durham South Eastern Registration District, County Durham, England


1"Census 1901 Skelton, Yorkshire, England RG13/4567; Folio: 145; Page: 19 (John Dadd)" (RG13/4567; Folio: 145; Page: 19).
Text From Source: Name,Relation,Condition,Sex,Age,Occupation,Employ Status,At Home,Where Born,Infirmity
John Dadd,Head,M,M,23,Below ground ironstone miner,,,New London, Loftus, Yorkshire, England,
Mary Ann Dadd,Wife,M,F,20,,,,Stockton on Tees, Durham, England,
Mary Elizabeth Dadd,Daughter,S,F,2,,,,Lingdale, Skelton, Yorkshire, England,
Annie Dadd,Daughter,S,F,1,,,,Lingdale, Skelton, Yorkshire, England,
2"Census 1911 Lingdale, Skelton, Yorkshire, England RG14; Piece: 29171 ED6 (John Dadd)" (RG14; Piece: 29171 ED6).
Text From Source: Name,Relation,Sex,Age,Married,Years,Chd Born,Chd Living,Chd Died,Occupation,Industry,Employ Status,At Home,Where Born,Nationality,Infirmity
John Dadd,Head,M,34,M,,,,,Ironstone face miner below ground,,,,New London, Loftus, Yorkshire, England,,
Mary Ann Dadd,Wife,F,31,M,12,8,8,0,,,,,Stockton on Tees, Durham, England,,
Mary Elizabeth Dadd,Daughter,F,12,S,,,,,School,,,,Lingdale, Skelton, Yorkshire, England,,
Annie Dadd,Daughter,F,11,S,,,,,School,,,,Lingdale, Skelton, Yorkshire, England,,
John William Dadd,Son,M,9,S,,,,,School,,,,Lingdale, Skelton, Yorkshire, England,,
Francis Thomas Dadd,Son,M,6,S,,,,,,,,,Lingdale, Skelton, Yorkshire, England,,
Charles Andrew Dadd,Son,M,5,S,,,,,,,,,Lingdale, Skelton, Yorkshire, England,,
James Henry Dadd,Son,M,4,S,,,,,,,,,Lingdale, Skelton, Yorkshire, England,,
Ernest Edward Dadd,Son,M,2,S,,,,,,,,,Lingdale, Skelton, Yorkshire, England,,
Percy Dadd,Son,M,5m,S,,,,,,,,,Lingdale, Skelton, Yorkshire, England,,
3"Census 1939 Guisborough, Yorkshire, England 1939 Register (John Dadd)" (1939 Register).
Text From Source: Name of person,Status,Gender,Birthdate,Condition,Occupation,Comments
John Dadd,,M,20 Aug 1877,M,Above ground miners labourer and heavy worker,
Mary Ann Dadd,,F,19 Sep 1880,M,Unpaid domestic duties,