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Family of William BOYDELL and Cicely BELLOW

Husband: William BOYDELL (c. 1345-c. 1378)
Wife: Cicely BELLOW (c. 1345- )

Husband: William BOYDELL

Name: William BOYDELL
Sex: Male
Father: Owen VOYL (c. 1315- )
Mother: Margaret BOYDELL (c. 1315- )
Birth c. 1345
Death c. 1378 (age 32-33)1

Wife: Cicely BELLOW

Name: Cicely BELLOW
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1345

Note on Husband: William BOYDELL

Took his mother's surname. " Constantia and Isabella Abram.Their parents were descended from Owen Voyl and Margaret Boydell - whose son William changed his name to Boydell to preserve the family inheritence. Now I enter the fray when one Constancia (or Contance) married one Henry de Byrom - my grandmother Edith being a Byrom.

The Abram girls inherited the Boydell inheritance - which was considerable to say the least! Not only did they inherit via the Boydells but also from the Abrams.

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Kind Regards John Clayton (grandson of Edith Byrom)"


1"Genes Reunited Contacts Family Trees". John Clayton.