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Family of Charles Albert AMBERG and Minnie Helen MITCHELL

Husband: Charles Albert AMBERG (1867-1951)
Wife: Minnie Helen MITCHELL (1868-1918)
Children: George Albert AMBERG ( - )
Status: Divorced
Marriage 1888 Racine, Wisconsin, USA
Divorce 1897 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Husband: Charles Albert AMBERG

Name: Charles Albert AMBERG
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1867
Death 1951 (age 83-84)

Wife: Minnie Helen MITCHELL

Name: Minnie Helen MITCHELL
Sex: Female
Father: William Coverly MITCHELL (1834-1908)
Mother: Jane HECTOR (1842-1925)
Birth 29 Jan 1868 Crediton , Devon, England
Occupation Painter
Death 6 Mar 1918 (age 50) Wisconsin, USA

Child 1: George Albert AMBERG

Name: George Albert AMBERG
Sex: Male