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Family of Alfred Sydney FRAYLING and Alice G COWELL

Husband: Alfred Sydney FRAYLING (1893-1941)
Wife: Alice G COWELL (1894-1975)

Husband: Alfred Sydney FRAYLING

Name: Alfred Sydney FRAYLING
Sex: Male
Father: Ernest John FRAYLING (1867-1899)
Mother: Ellen HUXTABLE (1858-1939)
Birth Q2 1893 Newcastle-on-Tyne, Northumberland, England
Census 2 Apr 1911 (age 18) Liverpool, Lancashire, England1
24 Canon Road, Clubmoor, Liverpool
Occupation 2 Apr 1911 (age 17-18) Sheet Metal Worker; Liverpool, Lancashire, England1
Industry or Service with which worker is connected: Dairy utensil manufacturer
Enlisted (Military) 4 Sep 1914 (age 21 yrs 150 dys) Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Seaforth, Anfield
He gave his place of birth as Anfield.
Military Regiment 1914 (age 21) Royal Engineers
Military Rank 4 Sep 1914 (age 21) Sapper
He was a skilled tinsmith when he joined the RE.
Occupation 1914 (age 21) Metal Worker; Liverpool, Lancashire, England
24 Cannon Road, Liverpool
Height (Military) 4 Sep 1914 (age 21) 5 ft 9½ins
Weight (Military) 1914 (age 21) 140lbs
Eyes (Military) 1914 (age 21) Blue; Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Complexion (Military) 1914 (age 21) Pale
Chest Size (Military) 1914 (age 21) 35 ins
Hair (Military) 1914 (age 21) Brown
Military Marks/Scars 1914 (age 21) Scar over right eye
Religion 1914 (age 21) Wesleyan
Next of Kin (Military) 1914 (age 21) Ellen Frayling; Liverpool, Lancashire, England
24 Cannon Road, Anfield, Liverpool
He gave his mother as next of kin
Military Service 5 Nov 1914 (age 21) 31st Signal Coy
Military Service 3 Sep 1915 (age 22) Conduct; Dunstable, Bedfordshire, England
Alfred was admonished for falling in late on 6 am parade.
Military Service 4 Oct 1915 (age 22) Base Signal Depot orginally; Dunstable, Bedfordshire, England
He was sent to the North African Theatre on 4 October 1915. In November 1915 he was part of the reinforcements to the 11th Signal Coy, and saw service in the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force. He was transferred from 1th to 13th Signal Coy on 20 November 1915. On 22 March 1916 he left Suez for Basra. Served in Iraq and India thereafter. He was in Basrah until March 1919.
Military Service 23 Jan 1916 (age 22) Conduct; Port Said
Alfred was fined 10 days pay for insolence to an NCO
Military Service 5 Jun 1918 (age 24-25) Conduct; Basrah
Alfred was given 5 days Field Punishment No 2 for Disobedience of orders ie burning a naked light (a primus stove) in his tent.

No 2 Field Punishment involved being handcuffed or fettered for up to two hours per day, and loss of pay, with hard labour.
Military Medal 1921 (age 27-28) Victory Medal
Military Medal 1921 (age 27-28) British War Medal
Military Medal 1921 (age 27-28) 1915 Star
Census 1 Apr 1930 (age 37) Medford City, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA2
6 Henry Street, Medford City
Occupation 1 Apr 1930 (age 36-37) Metal Worker; Medford City, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA2
Industry: Water Fittings Co
Class of worker: Wage earner
Naturalisation 14 Mar 1932 (age 38) Boston, Massachusetts, USA
19 Hancock Street, Somerville, Mass.
US citizen.
Military Service No. 48084
Census 1 Apr 1940 (age 47) Somerville City, Massachusetts, USA3
7 Cedar Street, Somerville
Occupation 1 Apr 1940 (age 46-47) Service Man; Somerville City, Massachusetts, USA3
Industry: Wholesale electrical refrigeration
Class of worker: Wage or salary worker in private work
Death 1941 (age 47-48)

Wife: Alice G COWELL

Name: Alice G COWELL
Sex: Female
Father: George F COWELL (c. 1853- )
Mother: -
Birth 1894 New York, New York, USA
Census 1 Apr 1940 (age 46) Somerville City, Massachusetts, USA3
7 Cedar Street, Somerville
Death 1975 (age 80-81) Belmont, Massachusetts, USA


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Alfred Sydney Frayling,Head,0,M,W,47,M,No,8,8,Newcastle-on-Tyne, Northumberland, England,44,Na,Same Place,,,,xoxo,Y,,,,,1,44,,Service Man,Wholesale electrical refrigeration,PW,336,52,1680,N,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Alice G Frayling,Wife,1,F,W,46,M,No,7,7,New York, New York, USA,56,,Same Place,,,,,N,N,No,No,H,5,,,,,,,0,0,N,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
George F Cowell,Fathe-in-law,3,M,W,87,Wd,No,6,6,,New Hampshire, USA,51,,Same Place,,,,,N,N,No,No,U,7,,,,,,,0,0,N,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,