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Family of William Francis MILLER and Edie SAFFIN

Husband: William Francis MILLER ( - )
Wife: Edie SAFFIN (1901- )
Marriage c. 1920 Victoria, Australia

Husband: William Francis MILLER

Name: William Francis MILLER1
Sex: Male
Name Prefix: Mr
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Edie SAFFIN

Name: Edie SAFFIN2
Sex: Female
Father: William SAFFIN (c. 1853-1941)
Mother: Mary Ann JORDAN (c. 1858-1904)
Birth Q2 1901 Cheriton Bishop , Devon, England

Note on Wife: Edie SAFFIN

Edith (Edie) is listed in Birth records as being born in Crediton District, Devon around April, May or June,1901.

Edith migrated to Australia after World War 1, to marry William Miller. They married in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia and they had five children.

It is thought that she may have come to Australia on the 18 August 1920, on the Vessel "Orvieto" .3


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