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Family of Norman SAFFIN and Susan Ellen (Nellie) WILLIAMS

Husband: Norman SAFFIN (1916-2002)
Wife: Susan Ellen (Nellie) WILLIAMS (1916-1991)
Marriage 1939

Husband: Norman SAFFIN

Name: Norman SAFFIN1
Sex: Male
Name Prefix: Mr
Father: Walter William SAFFIN (1878-1961)
Mother: Alice Jane POWLESLAND (1882-1962)
Birth 1916 Terang, Victoria, Australia
Death 16 Jan 2002 (age 85-86) Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Cremation 22 Jan 2002 Springvale Botanical Cemetery and Crematorium, Springvale, Victoria

Wife: Susan Ellen (Nellie) WILLIAMS

Name: Susan Ellen (Nellie) WILLIAMS1
Sex: Female
Name Prefix: Miss
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1916
Death 24 Jul 1991 (age 74-75) Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Cremation 31 Jul 1991 Springvale Botanical Cemetery and Crematorium, Springvale, Victoria

Note on Husband: Norman SAFFIN

Norman and Susan had no children.


Normans Cremated Remains were collected. No details available to GGS

when researching (Dec 2010) as to what then happened to those Cremated Remains.


The following item was taken from The University of Melbourne - UNI News (150 Years-150

Stories), Vol 12, No 14, 11 - 25 August 2003 (Page 4).



In the obituary page of the Age, Peter Beilharz recently paid tribute

to a teacher 'who turned on the lights for droves of children who

passed through his class'.

In the state educational system, he was a man of exceptional academic

distinction and breadth of attainment.


Norman Saffin was born in Terang, the son of a station hand. During

the Depression he left school to go rabbiting with his father and

worked as a postman before becoming a student teacher in 1936. Two

years later, he was head teacher of a country school, and in 1936 he

married and entered the Melbourne Teachers' College paying his own



Susan and Norman Saffin taught in Victorian country schools. After

taking his BA and Diplomas in Commerce and Public Administration in

1951, Saffin took his MA from Melbourne University in 1954, with a

thesis entitled 'French Positivism: its Antecedents and its effects on

the Practice of French Historiography' and the following year he and

Susan travelled to England where he took his PhD from the University

of London.


When Susan and Norman Saffin returned to Australia they taught at

schools in Colac, Seymour and Ringwood before their final posting at

Croydon High School, where Susan Saffin was the librarian and her

husband taught history and literature.


He also published two books: SCIENCE, RELIGION AND EDUCATION IN


SHEPPARTON, 1947-51 the following year.

His projected five-volume HISTORY OF THE VICTORIAN WORKINGMAN intended

to cover the period from the Gold Rushes to the Labour Party Split of

1955, remains unpublished, but the manuscript may be consulted in the

University Archives.


Saffin's scholarship was sustained by an extraordinary personal

library of about 15,000 volumes covering the social sciences and

humanities. His dedication to his pupils was evidenced by his

teaching: he taught evening classes until his retirement.

Note on Wife: Susan Ellen (Nellie) WILLIAMS

Susan's funeral was Conducted by Le Pine Funerals of Croydon,

Melbourne. Service was held in Le Pines Chapel at Croydon on July 29th



Susan's Cremated Remains were scattered within the Springvale

Botanical Cemetery and Crematorium Grounds.


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