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Family of Osmund AIRY and Emily Josephine MILLER

Husband: Osmund AIRY (1845-1928)
Wife: Emily Josephine MILLER (1849- )
Children: Curril AIRY (1878- )

Husband: Osmund AIRY

Name: Osmund AIRY
Sex: Male
Father: Sir George Biddell AIRY (1801-1891)
Mother: Richarda SMITH (1804-1875)
Birth 1845 France
Occupation See Obit
Death 30 Nov 1928 (age 82-83) Crowthorne, Berkshire, Englkand

Wife: Emily Josephine MILLER

Name: Emily Josephine MILLER
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1849 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England

Child 1: Curril AIRY

Name: Curril AIRY
Sex: Female
Spouse: Alfred Frank HARRISON (1873- )
Birth 1878 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England