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Family of Edward ENEVER and Withen HOADLEY

Husband: Edward ENEVER (1877-1902)
Wife: Withen HOADLEY (1877-1929)
Children: Horace ENEVER (1898-1955)
Joseph ENEVER (1899- )
Aaron ENEVER (1901- )
Marriage Q2 1897 West Ham, London, England

Husband: Edward ENEVER

Name: Edward ENEVER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1877 London, England
Death 1902 (age 24-25) Dagenham, Essex, England

Wife: Withen HOADLEY

Name: Withen HOADLEY
Sex: Female
Father: Horace HOADLEY (1851-1918)
Mother: Amelia TAYLOR (1852-1919)
Birth 1877 Plaistow, Essex, England1
Census 3 Apr 1881 (age 2) West Ham, London, England1
Cherry Island Tent K, West Ham
Census 5 Apr 1891 (age 10) Canning Town, London, England2
23 York Street
Death 1929 (age 51-52)

Child 1: Horace ENEVER

Name: Horace ENEVER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Agnes Ivy LAKE (1903-1953)
Birth 1898 West Ham, London, England
Death 1955 (age 56-57) Manor Park, London, England

Child 2: Joseph ENEVER

Name: Joseph ENEVER
Sex: Male
Birth 1899 London, England

Child 3: Aaron ENEVER

Name: Aaron ENEVER
Sex: Male
Birth 1901 London, England


1"Census 1881 West Ham, London, England RG11/1714 Folio 87 Page 12 (Horace Hoadley)".
Text From Source: Name Related Cond Age Occupation Birth Place
Horace Hoadley Head Mar 40 Dock Labourer Plaistow, Essex, England
Amelia Hoadley Wife Mar 28 Hawker Plaistow, Essex, England
Celia Hoadley Dau Unm 8 Scholar Plaistow, Essex, England
Horace Hoadley Son Unm 6 Scholar Plaistow, Essex, England
Wyfevina Hoadley Dau Unm 2 Plaistow, Essex, England
William Hoadley Son Unm 3 mths Plaistow, Essex, England
RG11/1714 Folio 87 Page 12. Cit. Date: 3 April 1881. Assessment: Secondary evidence.
2"Census 1891 Canning Town, London, England RG12/1329 Folio79 Page58 (Horace Hoadley)" (RG12/1329 Folio79 Page58).
Text From Source: Name,Relation,Condition,Sex,Age,Occupation,Employ Status,Where Born,Infirmity
Thomas Hoadley,Head,M,M,40,Coal Porter,,Barking, Essex, England,
Amelia Hoadley,Wife,M,F,38,Hawker,,Rainham, Essex, England,
Selina Mary Hoadley,Daughter,S,F,18,Domestic Servant,,Ilford, Essex, England,
Horace Hoadley,Son,S,M,16,Shop Assistant,,Canning Town, Essex, England,
Samuel Hoadley,Son,S,M,12,,,Canning Town, London, England,
Wythen Hoadley,Daughter,S,F,10,,,Plaistow, Essex, England,
William Hoadley,Son,S,M,8,,,Shalford, Essex, England,
Buttia Hoadley,Daughter,S,F,5,,,Canning Town, Essex, England,
Arhana Hoadley,Son,S,F,3,,,Plaistow, Essex, England,
Albert Hoadley,Son,S,M,1,,,Plaistow, Essex, England,