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Family of James HEARD and Edith Jane HANNAFORD

Husband: James HEARD (1871-1956)
Wife: Edith Jane HANNAFORD (1879-1953)
Children: William James HEARD (1906- )
Marriage Q2 1906 Totnes, Devon, England

Husband: James HEARD

Name: James HEARD
Sex: Male
Father: Daniel HEARD (c. 1826-1892)
Mother: Eliza WRIGHT (1829-1912)
Birth 23 Dec 1871 Crediton , Devon, England
Tolleys, Crediton
His railway employment record gave his dob as 26 Dec 1872.
Census 3 Apr 1881 Crediton , Devon, England
Blagdon Place
Census 5 Apr 1891 Newton Abbot, Devon, England
132 Queen Street, Newton Abbot
James was lodging with Ernest Partridge and his family. There were other GWR workers also lodging there. The house was across the road from the railway station, an important railway centre in Devon.
Occupation 5 Apr 1891 Fireman; Newton Abbot, Devon, England
James was a fireman with the GWR based at Newton Abbot. He was first employed as an engine cleaner in Exeter, Then trained and promoted to shunter at Newton Abbot in December 1890. He ran an engine off the lines, was re-examined and found to be not up to the required standard and made a cleaner again. He was discharged from the GWR in March 93.
Enlistment 11 Oct 1894
James joined the Royal Navy and served until 1919, initially signing on for 12 years and in 1906 for a further period that included the First War.
Occupation 1910 Stoker, Royal Navy
Recorded as a stoker at the time of son William's baptism. James served as a RN Stoker until 1919, when he transferred to the RNVR.
Census 2 Apr 1911 Dartmouth, Devon, England
10 Clarene Street
Occupation 2 Apr 1911 Stoker, Royal Navy; Dartmouth, Devon, England
Industry or Service with which worker was connected: Royal Navy
Death 28 Dec 1956 Dartmouth, Devon, England

Wife: Edith Jane HANNAFORD

Name: Edith Jane HANNAFORD
Sex: Female
Father: William HANNAFORD (c. 1848- )
Mother: Mary J COLE (1850- )
Birth 1879 Dartmouth, Devon, England
Occupation Cook Domestic
Census 2 Apr 1911 Dartmouth, Devon, England
10 Clarene Street
Death 14 Feb 1953 Dartmouth, Devon, England

Child 1: William James HEARD

Name: William James HEARD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Kate Evelyn HANNAFORD (1909- )
Birth Q3 1906 Dartmouth, Devon, England
Baptism 1 Sep 1910 Dartmouth, Devon, England
Clarence Street
Baptised at St Saviours
Census 2 Apr 1911 Dartmouth, Devon, England
10 Clarene Street
Occupation 2 Apr 1911 School; Dartmouth, Devon, England
Enlisted (Military) 30 Apr 1926 Devonport, Devon, England
He signed on for 12 years, and served initially on HMS Vivid as Stoker second class, and joined HMS Lowestoft on 23 November 1926. He was made Stpoker 2nd Class on 29 April 1927, still on HMS Lowestoft.
Census 29 Sep 1939 Plymouth, Devon, England
Haystone Place
Occupation 1939 RN Stoker?
Not legible in 1939 Register

Note on Husband: James HEARD (1)

In 1881 James was with the family at Blagdon.


In 1894 he seems to have joined the Royal Navy. In his naval records his date of birth was given as 24 December 1872, in Crediton, Devon. His birth was registered as 23rd December 1871. As there was no James Heard registered for the RN dob, and no Heard registered in Crediton except this James it is reasonable to assume that he gave the incorrect dob when he signed up.

Note on Husband: James HEARD (2)

Wednesday 23 January 1889, Issue 6769

Crediton Petty Sessions

The Benefit of the Doubt

JOHN WOLLACOTT(20), SAMUEL PLAICE (19), JAMES HEARD (19), JOHN HAWKINS (16), EDWIN ELSTON (18), SAMUEL ANDREWS (18), and WALTER ALSOP (19), residing at Crediton, were charged under the Poaching Act for having come from land where they had been unlawfully in search of game, on the 26th December. Mr Dunn defended. P.C. Clinnick said on the day in question he was on duty near Crediton, when he met the seven defendants. On seeing him ELSTON threw something into the hedge. Witness asked them what they had been about, and they replied they had been at Hookway village ratting. On searching them he found a ferret on PLAICE, and one also on ALSOP, the others were carrying sticks. Two terrier dogs were also with them. He asked ELSTON what he threw in the hedge, and he said "nothing". But on going to the spot, he found a bag which contained a hen pheasant (produced.) Witness then asked ELSTON where they got the bird, and he replied that he picked it up in the road, and was afraid to bring it on for fear they would be summoned. The bird was perfectly warm. Mr Dunn said the evidence was all what ELSTON had said, and which he contended was not evidence against the other defendants. Cross-examined by Mr Dunn: General Buller was out shooting during the day, and might have been near the spot. P.S. Fursdon gave evidence to the effect that P.C Clinnick returned to the police with the bird produced which he examined, and found it warm and fresh blood coming from the mouth. Mr Dunn for the defence, called JOHN TUCKETT, who said he was at Hookway on the day in question with all the defendants, except HEARD, ratting. He saw SAM ALSOP take a ferret from a bag. MRS HAWKINS, mother of one of the defendants, gave evidence as to hearing her father invite her son to go ratting, and to seeing the defendants go towards Hookway for the purpose of so doing. For the defence, Mr Dunn contended that the bird was taken up on the road. As to the case against HEARD, he was not with the defendants while they were ratting. He then assayed to call the defendant ANDREWS, but the Bench would not allow him to give evidence. Mr Dunn contended that, inasmuch as ELSTON'S evidence was evidence against him, he thought he had a right to call the defendant in order to rebut that evidence. Mr Symes: I do not think so. Mr Dunn said he was quite prepared to leave the case in their hands. The Bench retired for ten minutes, during which time a shot was found on the bird, and on returning dismissed the case, giving the defendants the benefit of the doubt, although they said it was a case of great suspicion against them.