Family of Joseph William ROBERTS and Sarah Jane KNAPMAN

Husband: Joseph William ROBERTS (1851- )
Wife: Sarah Jane KNAPMAN (1851- )
Children: Unknown ROBERTS ( - )
Harriett ROBERTS (1871- )
Rosa ROBERTS (1872- )
Edith ROBERTS (1878- )
Alice ROBERTS (1880- )
Emily ROBERTS (1886- )
Mary Ann ROBERTS (1889- )
Joseph W ROBERTS (1891- )
Marriage Q4 1869 Stoke Damerel - Devonport, Devon, England

Husband: Joseph William ROBERTS

Name: Joseph William ROBERTS
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1851 Stonehouse, Devon, England
Occupation General Labourer in Tannery Engineering Firm
Census 1871 (age 19-20) Stonehouse, Devon, England
3 Wellington Cottages East Stonehouse
With Satah and Harriett
Occupation 1871 (age 19-20) Waterman; Stonehouse, Devon, England
Census 1891 (age 39-40) All Hallows On The Walls - Exeter, Devon, England
4 Beedles Terrace
Living with Jane and children Alice, Wmily, Mary and Joseph.
Occupation 1891 (age 40) Foundry Labourer; Exeter, Devon, England
Census 1901 (age 49-50) Whitestone, Devon, England
Priors Balls
Joseph and Sarah are living withsom Joseph, son-in-law Charles Burton and daughter Edith

Wife: Sarah Jane KNAPMAN

Name: Sarah Jane KNAPMAN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1851 Stonehouse, Devon, England
Census 1881 (age 29-30) Stonehouse, Devon, England
3 Golds Cottages, East Stonehouse
Sarah, Stokers wife, is at home with the children, and no Joseph.
Occupation Rag cutter

Child 1: Unknown ROBERTS

Name: Unknown ROBERTS
Sex: Male

Child 2: Harriett ROBERTS

Name: Harriett ROBERTS
Sex: Female
Birth 1871 East Stonehouse, Devon, England

Child 3: Rosa ROBERTS

Name: Rosa ROBERTS
Sex: Female
Birth 1872 East Stonehouse, Devon, England

Child 4: Edith ROBERTS

Name: Edith ROBERTS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles H BURTON (1866- )
Birth 1878 East Stonehouse - Plymouth, Devon, England

Child 5: Alice ROBERTS

Name: Alice ROBERTS
Sex: Female
Birth 1880 Stonehouse, Devon, England

Child 6: Emily ROBERTS

Name: Emily ROBERTS
Sex: Female
Birth 1886 Stonehouse, Devon, England

Child 7: Mary Ann ROBERTS

Name: Mary Ann ROBERTS
Sex: Female
Birth 1889 Plymouth, Devon, England
Occupation Brushmaker

Child 8: Joseph W ROBERTS

Name: Joseph W ROBERTS
Sex: Male
Birth 1891 Exeter, Devon, England