Family of William CROSSMAN and Mary NORRISH

Husband: William CROSSMAN ( - )
Wife: Mary NORRISH ( - )
Children: Samuel CROSSMAN (c. 1755- )
Mary CROSSMAN (1758- )
Dinah CROSSMAN (1760-1762)
Jane CROSSMAN (1762-1762)
Ann CROSSMAN (1763-1763)
Susanna CROSSMAN (c. 1765-1848)
Marriage 27 Jul 1754 Sandford, Devon, England1

Husband: William CROSSMAN

Name: William CROSSMAN2
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Mary NORRISH

Name: Mary NORRISH2
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Samuel CROSSMAN

Name: Samuel CROSSMAN2
Sex: Male
Birth c. 1755 Sandford, Devon, England
Baptism 27 Jul 1755 (age 0) Sandford, Devon, England3

Child 2: Mary CROSSMAN

Name: Mary CROSSMAN2
Sex: Female
Birth 1758 Sandford, Devon, England
Baptism 13 Mar 1758 (age 0) Sandford, Devon, England4

Child 3: Dinah CROSSMAN

Name: Dinah CROSSMAN2
Sex: Female
Birth 1760 Sandford, Devon, England
Baptism 1 Jan 1760 (age 0) Sandford, Devon, England5
Death 2 Jan 1762 (age 1-2) Sandford, Devon, England5

Child 4: Jane CROSSMAN

Name: Jane CROSSMAN2
Sex: Female
Birth 1762 Sandford, Devon, England
Baptism 27 Jun 1762 (age 0) Sandford, Devon, England4
Death 18 Jul 1762 (age 0) Sandford, Devon, England5

Child 5: Ann CROSSMAN

Sex: Female
Birth 1763 Sandford, Devon, England
Baptism 3 Oct 1763 (age 0) Sandford, Devon, England6
Death 30 Nov 1763 (age 0) Sandford, Devon, England

Child 6: Susanna CROSSMAN

Name: Susanna CROSSMAN2
Sex: Female
Spouse: John HEARD (c. 1766-1802)
Birth c. 1765 Sandford, Devon, England
Baptism 15 Sep 1765 (age 0) Sandford, Devon, England4
Occupation Weaver
Census 6 Jun 1841 (age 75) Sandford, Devon, England7
Sandford Village
Susanna is living with Susana Turner (possibly nee Lashbrook), a pauper, 85, and Elizabeth Bailey, 78
Occupation 6 Jun 1841 (age 75) Weaver; Sandford, Devon, England7
Death 1848 (age 82-83) Sandford, Devon, England
Burial 23 Aug 1848 Sandford, Devon, England

Note on Husband: William CROSSMAN

In 1775 the Crossman family are living at Collings's, Sandford - William his wife and two children would be a reasonable interpretation of the household of 4 listed in the census. In 1783 we seem to have the same household at Canns. In 1790, William Mary and the two daughters are listed at Canns. In 1793 they are still at Canns, but incorrectly recorded as Crossing.


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