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Family of William Henry PARK and Gwendoline Annie DUNN

Husband: William Henry PARK (1883-1970)
Wife: Gwendoline Annie DUNN (1898-1992)
Children: PRIVATE ( - )
Havaland PARK (1920-1988)
Albert Wilfred Lance PARK (1922-1994)
Edgar Sidney PARK (1925-2007)
Marriage 18 Jul 1918 Bowden Hill, Wiltshire, England1

Husband: William Henry PARK

Name: William Henry PARK2,3
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: Mary PARK (1860-1932)
Birth 2 Oct 1883 Elswick, Lancashire, England
Elswick, Lancashire
There is no name entered for the father on William's birth certficate
Census 5 Apr 1891 (age 7) Elswick, Lancashire, England4
Mill Lane
William is living with grandmother Elizabeth Park, and her son, William H, as well as other grandchildren Elizabeth, Moses and Thomas
Census 31 Mar 1901 (age 18) Chilbolton, Hampshire, England5
Gales Down
William and Moses are on the farm next door to Charles and Mary Farthing, with William and Henry Crook
Occupation 31 Mar 1901 (age 18) Carter boy on Farm; Chilbolton, Hampshire, England5
Enlistment 7 Sep 1914 (age 29)1
Enlistment 14 May 1941 (age 50)1
He lied about his age on both occasions that he enlisted.
Death 10 Aug 1970 (age 86) Hollywood, Western Australia, Australia1

Wife: Gwendoline Annie DUNN

Name: Gwendoline Annie DUNN1,2
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 15 Oct 1898 Langport, Somerset, England
Death 10 Dec 1992 (age 94)

Child 1: PRIVATE

Sex: Male

Child 2: Havaland PARK

Name: Havaland PARK1,2
Sex: Male
Nickname: Happy
Birth 14 Nov 1920
Death 26 Aug 1988 (age 67)

Child 3: Albert Wilfred Lance PARK

Name: Albert Wilfred Lance PARK1,2
Sex: Male
Birth 27 Jun 1922
Death 13 Jul 1994 (age 72)

Child 4: Edgar Sidney PARK

Name: Edgar Sidney PARK1,2
Sex: Male
Birth 20 Dec 1925
Death 23 Apr 2007 (age 81)

Child 5: PRIVATE

Sex: Male

Child 6: PRIVATE

Sex: Male
Spouse: PRIVATE ( - )

Note on Husband: William Henry PARK

In the early years of the 20th century William left home and emigrated to Australia. One story has it that he had fallen out with the new man in his mother's life, Charles Farthing. By 1912 he was working on farms in Western Australia. He enlisted in the Australian Army in 1914, and returned to Europe to fight. After training in Egypt, he landed and fought at Gallipoli with the Australian 11th Bn. When the campaign failed, the forces involved were sent to fight in France. There he was wounded in 1917 and evacuated to hospital in England. In the course of his convalescence, he was found to be unfit to return to active duty with the Infantry, and was transferred to the Anzac Provost Corps. After leaving hospital he was re-trained and posted for duty ar Warwick Square, London. Whilst in England he met and married Gwendoline. He returned to Australia in 1920, followed by Gwendoline and two sons. They took up farming, but lost the farm in 1935. He served again in World War II.


William's early life is a mystery to his son Alan, and like the rest of Charles' family there is little fact or evidence about dates and events, only half-remembered stories and conversations.6,7


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