Family of Thomas FARTHING and Ann SUTER

Husband: Thomas FARTHING ( - )
Wife: Ann SUTER ( - )
Children: Hannah FARTHING (1785- )
Thomas FARTHING (1787-1831)
John FARTHING (1790- )
Louisa FARTHING (1794- )
Marriage 5 May 1785 Silton, Dorset, England

Husband: Thomas FARTHING

Name: Thomas FARTHING1,2
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Ann SUTER

Name: Ann SUTER1,2
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Hannah FARTHING

Name: Hannah FARTHING1,2
Sex: Female
Birth 1785 Mere, Wiltshire, England1
Baptism 20 Aug 1785 (age 0) Mere, Wiltshire, England

Child 2: Thomas FARTHING

Name: Thomas FARTHING1,2
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary HOOPER (c. 1781-1855)
Birth 1787 Mere, Wiltshire, England1
In the prison records his place of birth is given as South Brewham, Somerset.
Baptism 9 Apr 1787 (age 0) Mere, Wiltshire, England
Occupation Labourer
Trial 1819 (age 31-32) Taunton, Somerset, England
Quarter Sessions, the Castle
Details of Thomas Farthings Felony From Quarter Sessions Records Q/SR 458 SRO
Somerset to wit
These are to certify that At the General Quarter Session of the Peace of our late Lord King George the Third held at the Castle Taunton in and for the County of Somerset, on Monday, the eighteenth Day of October in the fifty ninth Year of the Reign of our said late Sovereign Lord George the Third and in the Year of our Lord, 1819 before is John Palmer Acland Baronet, William Dickinson esquire and others their Companions, Justices of our said late Lord the King, in and for the County of Somerset aforesaid, and also to hear and determine divers Felonies, Trespasses, and other Misdemeanors committed in the same County, Thomas Farthing late of the parish of Holton in the County of Somerset aforesaid labourer was in due form of Law tried and convicted of feloniously stealing on the twenty ninth day of September in the fifty ninth year of the Reign aforesaid at the Parish of Holton aforesaid Ten hundred weight of Oak Cleft wood of the value of Seven Shillings and six pence Two hundred weight of Elm cleft wood of the value of one shilling and six pence one iron crofs axe of the value of Four Shillings and one Hogshead Cask of the value of ten shillings of the goods and chattels of John Hincks And the said Thomas Farthing was thereupon ordered and adjudged by the Court to be fined one shilling and to be imprisoned and kept at hard labour in the House of Correction at Ivelchester for twelve calendar months and to be further imprisoned until the said Fine should be paid
Given under my Hand this sixteenth day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty
Edward Coles
Clerk of the Peace of the County of Somerset

He was sentenced to one year's imprisonment in the County Gaol.
Trial 14 Apr 1828 (age 40) Wells, Somerset, England3
Wells Quarter Sessions
Charged with feloniously rescuing out of the custody of James Willis, Tything Man, one Charles Farthing who had been committed for a felony. Sentenced to 4 months in the House of Correction, Wilton, and to be twice whipped.
Trial 18 Oct 1830 (age 42-43) Taunton, Somerset, England
Quarter Sessions, The Castle
Details of Thomas Farthing's Felony
From Quarter Session Records Q/SR 458 1830 Mich SRO

County of Somerset
Depositions against Thomas Farthing of Holton in the said county in custody on a charge of felony for stealing a quantity of wheat the property of John Gatehouse of North Cheriton in the same county Gentleman at North Cheriton aforesaid in the night of the 1 st September 1830
The said John Gatehouse saith I have a wheat Field called Ringwell in North Cheriton aforesaid by the side of the Turnpike Road leading from Wincanton to Charlton Horethome the wheat therein is reaped, and the Sheaves placed in Stooks (being 10 Sheaves each) - I feared some would be stolen in the night of the 1st of Sept. instant and therefor in the Evening about 7 o-clock counted the Stooks and also the Sheaves in each Stook in that part of the Field next to the Road -The next morning between 8 and 9 o-clock I counted the Stooks and discovered 4 to be missing (of 10 Sheaves each) and 10 Sheaves more to be missing from other Stooks - From Information given me I applied for and obtained a Justices Warrant to search the House of Thomas Farthing the Prisoner and was present with the Tythingman at the Search, we found in his House in a Bed Chamber a large Quantity of Wheat in the Straw most of it tied up in Handfuls to resemble leazed corn but some in Ears cut off, and contained in two sacks in said Chamber and two other Sacks below Stairs - the Wheat I lost was of the white Straw Kind, and most of that found in the prisoners House exactly corresponded therewith, but there was a overall mixture of red wheat as if purposely made with the white - I verily believe the white wheat so found to be my property so stolen as aforesaid and from the Quantity lost I think a Cart or some Carriage must have been used
John Gatehouse

Taken and Sworn before me
This 3rd Sept 1830
W Philips

William Williams of North Cheriton aforesaid a Servant in Husbandry to the said John Gatehouse Saith - My Master in tlle Evening of the 1st Sept. inst. Told me he had counted the Stooks and Sheaves of wheat in Ringwell and ordered me to go early the next morning to see if all was right - I went between 5 and 6
o'clock accordingly - and observed that the wheat thin and the Ground rather marked? By the Side of the Road, and on going near I discovered a Gap in the Hedge leading into the Road, the Track of a Cart wheel close to the Hedge, much Trampling and some Ears and Straw of wheat both in the Gap and the Road by the wheel Track - I took particular notice of the wheel Track - it was a narrow wheel and I took a very exact measure of the Length of the streaks round the narrow wheel which were six in number of different Lengths - and on comparing the lengths with the wheel of Farthings Cart (in which he hauls Coal for Sale) they exactly agree with the streaks of the rear wheel according to the Lengths now produced.

The mark of X
William Williams

Taken in and sworn before me This 3rd Sept 1830
W Philips
Robert Stone of North Ceriton aforesaid Labourer saith I saw Thomas Farthing the prisoner and James Clarke otherwise Stacey go on the Road towards Mr Gatehouse's Field called Ringwell with a Cart loaded with Coal about 10 in the morning of the 1st September instant - I walked a little way with them but not so far as said Fields -
Robert Stone
Taken and sworn before me This 3rd Sept 1830 W Philips

James Holly of Holton aforesaid Labourer saith I live with my Father Martin Holly next Door to the prisoner at Holton - I heard a Cart stop at the prisoners Door about 3 in the morning of yesterday and got out of Bed and saw the prisoner with the Cart the Cart was loaded with wheat and I saw the prisoner carry the wheat from the Cart into his House - it was moonlight - when I got up afterwards about a quarter before 5 I saw the prisoners Daughter brushing the wheat which had fallen from the Sheaves from the Door on her seeing me she drew back
The Mark of X
James Holly

Taken and sworn before Me this 3rd of Sept 1830 W Phelips
Examination of the prisoner Thomas Farthing who states as follows I never saw Mr Gatehouse's Field nor Ins Wheat I am certain it was not my Cart I was at home with the Cart at 11 o'clock at night I went to bed
The Mark of X Thomas Farthing
Before W Phelips Sept 3rd 1830
Thomas Farthing convicted of Larceny after a previous conviction for felony let him be transported beyond the seas for life
Monday 18th October 1830
Death 30 Jun 1831 (age 43-44) Captivity Hulk -Devonport, Devon, England4
Cause: Thomas died in prison, awaiting transportation for stealing wheat

Child 3: John FARTHING

Name: John FARTHING1,2
Sex: Male
Birth 1790

Child 4: Louisa FARTHING

Name: Louisa FARTHING1,2
Sex: Female
Birth 17941
Baptism 16 Mar 1794 (age 0) Mere, Wiltshire, England


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