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Family of John HATTIN and Sarah LANE

Husband: John HATTIN (c. 1719-1783)
Wife: Sarah LANE (c. 1723-1797)
Children: John HATTIN (1747-1795)
Samuel HATTIN (1750-1805)
Sarah HATTIN (1753- )
Richard HATTIN (1757- )
Agnes HATTIN (1759-1807)
Elizabeth HATTIN (1762-1793)
William HATTIN (1765-1841)
James HATTIN (1767-1818)

Husband: John HATTIN

Name: John HATTIN1
Sex: Male
Father: Richard HATTIN ? (1665- )
Mother: Mary BRADFORD? ( - )
Birth c. 1719
Census 1775 (age 55-56) Sandford, Devon, England
Found in a household of 10 at the Sandford 1775 census. We cannot tell who these were , but presumably included the younger children, and perhaps some married children with the grandchildren.
Death 1783 (age 63-64) Sandford, Devon, England2
Burial 20 Dec 1783 Sandford, Devon, England

Wife: Sarah LANE

Name: Sarah LANE1
Sex: Female
Father: Simon LANE ( - )
Mother: Agnes BOND ( - )
Birth c. 1723 Sandford, Devon, England
Baptism 4 Jul 1723 (age 0) Sandford, Devon, England
Death 1797 (age 73-74) Sandford, Devon, England2
Burial 19 Jan 1797 Sandford, Devon, England

Child 1: John HATTIN

Name: John HATTIN1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary LAKE (c. 1746-1807)
Birth 1747 Sandford, Devon, England
Described as John Jnr, in a household of 3 at the Sandford 1775 census - this would be John, Mary and daughter Mary.
Baptism 4 Nov 1747 (age 0) Sandford, Devon, England
Death 1795 (age 47-48) Sandford, Devon, England2
Burial 3 Jun 1795 Sandford, Devon, England2

Child 2: Samuel HATTIN

Name: Samuel HATTIN1
Sex: Male
Birth 1750 Sandford, Devon, England
Baptism 23 Oct 1750 (age 0)
Death 1805 (age 54-55) Sandford, Devon, England
Burial 20 May 1805 Sandford, Devon, England

Child 3: Sarah HATTIN

Name: Sarah HATTIN1
Sex: Female
Birth 1753 Sandford, Devon, England
Baptism 24 Jul 1753 (age 0) Sandford, Devon, England

Child 4: Richard HATTIN

Name: Richard HATTIN1
Sex: Male
Birth 1757 Sandford, Devon, England
Baptism 12 Jan 1757 (age 0) Sandford, Devon, England

Child 5: Agnes HATTIN

Name: Agnes HATTIN1
Sex: Female
Birth 1759 Sandford, Devon, England
Baptism 24 Dec 1759 (age 0)
Death Dec 1807 (age 47-48) Sandford, Devon, England
Burial 12 Dec 1807 Sandford, Devon, England3

Child 6: Elizabeth HATTIN

Name: Elizabeth HATTIN1
Sex: Female
Birth 1762 Sandford, Devon, England
Baptism 24 Nov 1762 (age 0) Sandford, Devon, England
Death Mar 1793 (age 30-31) Sandford, Devon, England

Child 7: William HATTIN

Name: William HATTIN1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary BRAGG (1765-1854)
Birth 1765 Sandford, Devon, England
Baptism 6 May 1765 (age 0) Sandford, Devon, England
Occupation Shoemaker
Death Nov 1841 (age 75-76)
Burial 26 Nov 1841

Child 8: James HATTIN

Name: James HATTIN1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary BACK (1766-1855)
Birth 1767 Sandford, Devon, England
Baptism 10 Aug 1767 (age 0) Sandford, Devon, England
Occupation Yeoman
Death 20 May 1818 (age 50-51) Sandford, Devon, England4
Probate 4 Sep 1818 Exeter, Devon, England
James' will was proved on this day. It had been written on 20 December 1810. He left everything to his wife Mary and his beloved son James, "share and share alike", and they were joint executors. He made his mark. The value of his effects was less than £200.00

Note on Husband: John HATTIN

At Sturridge. poss 1719 baptism


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