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Family of William OSBORN(E) and Frances Jane Haydon TAPP

Husband: William OSBORN(E) (1866-1931)
Wife: Frances Jane Haydon TAPP (1870-1939)
Children: Ellen Frances OSBORN(E) (1891- )
William OSBORN(E) (1893-1899)
Esther OSBORN(E) (1895-1899)
Florence Alice OSBORN(E) (1898- )
Lucy Haydon OSBORN(E) (1899-1901)
Minnie OSBORN(E) (1902- )
Ralph OSBORN(E) (1904- )
Louisa May OSBORN(E) (1907- )
Frederick John Haydon OSBORNE (1910- )
Marriage 20 Dec 1890 Shobrooke, Devon, England1

Husband: William OSBORN(E)

Name: William OSBORN(E)2
Sex: Male
Father: William OSBORN(E) (c. 1840-1908)
Mother: Susan FRANCIS (c. 1843-1928)
Birth 21 Mar 1866 Sandford, Devon, England1
Wellandowns, Sandford
At Shute according to son William's baptism record
Census 2 Apr 1871 (age 5) Sandford, Devon, England3
Doggetsbeer, Sandford
Occupation 4 Apr 1910 (age 44) General Labourer; Crediton , Devon, England
26 Dean Street, Crediton
On Frederick's birth certificate, William was recorded as a general labourer
Death 14 Mar 1931 (age 64) Morchard Bishop, Devon, England1
The Forge, Morchard Bishop
Burial 18 Mar 1931 Morchard Bishop, Devon, England1

Wife: Frances Jane Haydon TAPP

Name: Frances Jane Haydon TAPP2
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 23 Nov 18701
Death 20 Jun 1939 (age 68) Exeter, Devon, England1
Mary Arches Street, Exeter

Child 1: Ellen Frances OSBORN(E)

Name: Ellen Frances OSBORN(E)1,2
Sex: Female
Birth 10 Jun 1891 Crediton , Devon, England1

Child 2: William OSBORN(E)

Name: William OSBORN(E)1,2
Sex: Male
Birth 19 Jun 1893 Crediton , Devon, England1
Death 17 Jan 1899 (age 6)1
Cause: drowning
THE EVENING POST Wednesday 18th January 1899 William and Esther were playing in the garden at 1.00pm. At 1.30pm miller James Rowe looked out of his window and saw Esther floating in the water of the Mill Stream. As he took her from the water the body of her brother rose to the surface. Both children were drowned.


Exonian's Two Children Drowned

A sad double fatality occurred yesterday at Cullompton near the Town Mills, when two children, a sister and brother, aged six and four years respectively, were drowned. Mr Rowe, miller, by chance discovered the body of the female child in the water and hastened quickly and took it out, when to his great surprise the body of the younger child rose to the surface. He called his wife and son to his assistance. Mrs Rowe did what she could to restore animation, whilst the son fetched Dr Alleyne, who speedily arrived and tried every means to save their lives but to no avail. The father is named Osmond, and is in the employ of Mr Shere, timber merchant, and his wife and family have only been in the town living about a week, formerly residing at Exeter. How the children got to the mill-stream is not known. Great sympathy is felt for the parents.

THE EVENING POST Thursday 19th January 1899


Inquest On The Two Victims

Mr Alfred Barrow (deputy-coroner) held an inquest at the Town Hall, Cullompton, yesterday, touching the death of William Osborn, aged 6, and Esther Osborn, aged 4. William Henry Osborn, father, said he was a labourer. He last saw the children alive on Monday. The girl started for school on that day. The deceased previously attended school at Exeter, as William only came to reside at Cullompton on Tuesday last. Frances Jane Haydon Osborn said the children were out in the garden at one pm, and she never saw them alive after. She heard of what had happened and went to the bank of the river, but could not go to where the children were. James Rowe said he was a miller. He came out from dinner at 1.30 and looked out of the window and saw the little girl in the water. He went out and took the girl up, and immediately the body of the little boy rose to the surface. He also took this out and sent for a doctor and the police, who soon arrived. Mr E F M Alleyne said he was called about 1.50 pm. He went at once to see the children and found them quite dead. He should think they died from drowning. A verdict of "Accidentally drowned" was returned. The Coroner said he was quite sure the jury had sympathy for the parents as he himself had, as well as the whole parish. The jury spoke strongly, recommending the owner of the property to see that some protection should be placed at once, especially at the bridge across the water.
Burial 22 Jan 18991

Child 3: Esther OSBORN(E)

Name: Esther OSBORN(E)1,2
Sex: Female
Birth 20 Apr 1895 St Thomas the Apostle - Exeter, Devon, England1
Death 17 Jan 1899 (age 3)1
Cause: drowning
THE EVENING POST Wednesday 18th January 1899 William and Esther were playing in the garden at 1.00pm. At 1.30pm miller James Rowe looked out of his window and saw Esther floating in the water of the Mill Stream. As he took her from the water the body of her brother rose to the surface. Both children were drowned.

Child 4: Florence Alice OSBORN(E)

Name: Florence Alice OSBORN(E)1,2
Sex: Female
Birth 12 Feb 1898 Crediton , Devon, England1

Child 5: Lucy Haydon OSBORN(E)

Name: Lucy Haydon OSBORN(E)1,2
Sex: Female
Birth 5 Sep 1899 Cullompton, Devon, England1
Death 8 Jul 1901 (age 1)1
Cause: Drowned
THE EVENING POST Tuesday 9th July 19O1


Deaths At Bideford And Cullompton

An inquest was held by Mr A Barrow at Cullompton yesterday afternoon on the body of Lucy Haydon Osbourne, aged one year and nine months, daughter of William Osbourne, timber haulier. Florence Ingersent said she missed the child, who was standing at her door a few minutes before, and on going down the path by the river saw her rise from the water. She raised the alarm, when the child's father, who was near, at once got in the water and took the child out. Mr James Perry, baker, came on the scene, and tried artificial respiration, as also did P C Ball, until the arrival of Dr Barrow of Uffculme. The jury, of whom Mr J H Baker was foreman, returned a verdict of "Death by accidental drowning". The jury expressed a wish that some fencing should be placed along the river for the protection of children, as there was not a more dangerous place in the town.

Child 6: Minnie OSBORN(E)

Name: Minnie OSBORN(E)1,2
Sex: Female
Birth 14 Jun 1902 Cullompton, Devon, England1

Child 7: Ralph OSBORN(E)

Name: Ralph OSBORN(E)1,2
Sex: Male
Birth 30 Nov 1904 Exeter, Devon, England1

Child 8: Louisa May OSBORN(E)

Name: Louisa May OSBORN(E)1,2
Sex: Female
Birth 20 Dec 1907 Exeter, Devon, England1

Child 9: Frederick John Haydon OSBORNE

Name: Frederick John Haydon OSBORNE2
Sex: Male
Birth 4 Apr 1910 Crediton , Devon, England4
26 Dean Street, Crediton
Baptism 14 May 1910 (age 0) Crediton , Devon, England


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John Osborn(e) Son Unm 2 Shobrooke, Devon
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