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Family of John LABBETT and Hannah CANN

Husband: John LABBETT (c. 1815- )
Wife: Hannah CANN (c. 1817-1887)
Children: John LABBETT (1839- )
William LABBETT (1841- )
Hannah Cann LABBETT (1850- )
Mary LABBETT (c. 1859- )
Marriage Q4 18381

Husband: John LABBETT

Name: John LABBETT2,3
Sex: Male
Father: John LABBETT (c. 1785- )
Mother: Susanna SALTER (c. 1782- )
Birth c. 1815 Crediton , Devon, England
Baptism 26 Dec 1815 (age 0) Crediton , Devon, England
Occupation Groom, Gardener,agricultural labourer

Wife: Hannah CANN

Name: Hannah CANN2,3
Sex: Female
Father: Mark CANN ( -1837)
Mother: Hannah UNKNOWN (1774-1841)
Birth c. 1817 Colebrooke, Devon, England
Baptism 8 Sep 1817 (age 0) Colebrooke, Devon, England
Death Q4 1887 (age 69-70) Crediton , Devon, England

Child 1: John LABBETT

Name: John LABBETT3
Sex: Male
Spouse: Maria FEY (c. 1843-bef1901)
Birth 1839 (age 25) Crediton , Devon, England4
at the parish church of Stoke Damerel.
John's occupation: Policeman
Baptism 10 Nov 1839 (age 0) Crediton , Devon, England4
Occupation bef 1865 (age 25-26) Police Constable
Occupation 1865 (age 25-26) Police Constable
At the time of his marriage to Maria
Census 2 Apr 1871 (age 30) Stoke Damerel - Devonport, Devon, England5
42 Pembroke Street, Devonport
Occupation 2 Apr 1871 (age 30) Policeman; Stoke Damerel - Devonport, Devon, England5
Occupation 17 Jun 1872 (age 32-33) Metropolitan Police Constable; Paddington, London, England
Warrant number 55524.
He left the police on 21 August 1891

Child 2: William LABBETT

Name: William LABBETT2,3
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary Jane MOUNSDON (c. 1845-c. 1909)
Birth 1841 Crediton , Devon, England
Baptism 26 Sep 1841 (age 0)
Occupation Blacksmith in 1871

Child 3: Hannah Cann LABBETT

Name: Hannah Cann LABBETT2,3
Sex: Female
Spouse: William TURNER (1845- )
Birth 1850 Crediton , Devon, England

Child 4: Mary LABBETT

Name: Mary LABBETT2,3
Sex: Female
Spouse: William Westcott CANN (c. 1857- )
Birth c. 1859 Crediton , Devon, England

Note on Husband: John LABBETT

By 1841 they have moved to Woodland Head, near Yeoford.


In 1881 they are living in St Martin's Lane, Crediton. Grandaughter Hannah is staying with them at the time of the census

In 1891 John Labbett, described as retired farmer,gardener, is living with daughter Hannah and her husband at the Traveller's Friend, , Kings Langley, Hemel Hempstead, where William Turner is described as publican. John is by now widowed.

Note on Wife: Hannah CANN

In 1841 Mother in Law and Sister in Law are living with John and family at Woodland Head


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Text From Source: Name Related Cond Age Occupation Birth Place
John Labbett Head Mar 30 Policeman Crediton , Devon
Maria Labbett Wife Mar 27 Crediton , Devon
Hannah Labbett Dau Unm 4 Scholar Crediton , Devon
John W. Labbett Son Unm 3 Devonport, Devon
Sarah Labbett Dau Unm 1 Devonport, Devon
Ellen Fey Sister-in-law Unm 20 Crediton , Devon
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