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Family of Henry DUNNING and Ellen PHYSIC

Husband: Henry DUNNING (1841-1914)
Wife: Ellen PHYSIC (1842-1919)
Children: Henry YEO (1865-1949)
Ellen YEO (1867- )
William YEO (1868- )
George YEO (1870- )
Clementine YEO (1872-1958)
Kate YEO (1873- )
Frederick YEO (1873- )
Alfred YEO (1875-1917)
Stanley YEO (1876- )
May YEO (1877-1877)
Marriage 1862 Alphington, Devon, England1

Husband: Henry DUNNING

Name: Henry DUNNING2,3
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: Mary DUNNING (1820- )
Birth 1841
Death 1914 (age 72-73)

Wife: Ellen PHYSIC

Name: Ellen PHYSIC2,4
Sex: Female
Father: William PHYSIC (1805-1889)
Mother: Ann BAILEY (c. 1805-1873)
Birth 1842 Alphington, Devon, England
Death 1919 (age 76-77)

Child 1: Henry YEO

Name: Henry YEO1,2
Sex: Male
Spouse: Alice BROND (1869- )
Birth 1865 Brixton, London, England1
Death 1949 (age 83-84) Brixton, London, England1

Child 2: Ellen YEO

Name: Ellen YEO1,2
Sex: Female
Birth 1867 Brixton, London, England1

Child 3: William YEO

Name: William YEO1,2
Sex: Male
Birth 1868 Brixton, London, England1
Occupation Tea Broker1

Child 4: George YEO

Name: George YEO1,2
Sex: Male
Birth 1870 Brixton, London, England1
Occupation Ship Broker, Shipping Clerk1

Child 5: Clementine YEO

Name: Clementine YEO1,2
Sex: Female
Birth 1872 Brixton, London, England1
Occupation Governess1
Death 1958 (age 85-86) Wandsworth, London, England1

Child 6: Kate YEO

Name: Kate YEO1,2
Sex: Female
Birth 1873 Brixton, London, England1

Child 7: Frederick YEO

Name: Frederick YEO1,2
Sex: Male
Birth 1873 Brixton, London, England1
Occupation Leather Finisher1

Child 8: Alfred YEO

Name: Alfred YEO1,2
Sex: Male
Birth 1875 Brixton, London, England1
Death 1917 (age 41-42) Lambeth, London, England1

Child 9: Stanley YEO

Name: Stanley YEO1,2
Sex: Male
Birth 1876 Lambeth, London, England1
Occupation Brewer1

Child 10: May YEO

Name: May YEO1,2
Sex: Female
Birth 1877 Lambeth, London, England1
Death 1877 (age 0) Lambeth, London, England1

Note on Husband: Henry DUNNING

Henry takes the Yeo name of his stepfather. In 1861 Henry is visiting the Physicks at Alphington. By 1871 Henry and family have moved to Brixton, and he is working as a leather manufacturer. Diana Wicks quotes Yeo family history which suggests that Henry sold the business to his sons, but around 1900 may have been bankrupted, and in the course of fighting the bankruptcy indictment swore under oath that signatures on certain deeds were not his but forgeries. This was found to be perjury for which he was imprisoned in 1902. That may not have been this Henry.


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