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Family of Harry DAVY and Susan GREENSLADE

Husband: Harry DAVY (1868-1934)
Wife: Susan GREENSLADE (c. 1870-1941)
Children: Bertha Emily DAVY (1888-1969)
Dorothy Hatting DAVY (1890-1943)
Ellen Venetia DAVY (1892- )
Norman John Lewis DAVY (1894-1958)
Ada Louise Kate DAVY (1896-1974)
Henrietta Mary Greenslade DAVY (1898- )
Frederick Theobald Harry DAVY (1901-1963)
Elsie Elizabeth DAVY (1904-1981)
Russell Anthony DAVY (1906-1968)
Reginald Thomas DAVY (1909-1968)
Joyce Alison DAVY (1914- )
Marriage 1887

Husband: Harry DAVY

Name: Harry DAVY1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1868 Milton Abbot, Devon, England
Occupation Carpenter
Death 1934 (age 65-66) Coventry, Warwickshire, England


Sex: Female
Father: John GREENSLADE (c. 1832-1892)
Mother: Lucy HATTING (1835-1922)
Birth c. 1870 Ideford, Devon, England
Death 1941 (age 70-71) Coventry, Warwickshire, England

Child 1: Bertha Emily DAVY

Name: Bertha Emily DAVY1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Leopold Fawcett MALLETT (1845-1950)
Birth 1888 Lamerton, Devon, England
Occupation Shop Assistant
Death 1969 (age 80-81)

Child 2: Dorothy Hatting DAVY

Name: Dorothy Hatting DAVY1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henry "Harry" GREGORY (1884- )
Birth 1890 Lamerton, Devon, England
Death 1943 (age 52-53)

Child 3: Ellen Venetia DAVY

Name: Ellen Venetia DAVY1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Eli Ernest COOMBE ( - )
Birth 1892

Child 4: Norman John Lewis DAVY

Name: Norman John Lewis DAVY1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Adelaide Ila TUCK ( - )
Birth 1894 Lamerton, Devon, England
Death 1958 (age 63-64)

Child 5: Ada Louise Kate DAVY

Name: Ada Louise Kate DAVY1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles BARBER (1890-1972)
Birth 1896 Lamerton, Devon, England
Occupation General Servant - Domestic
Death 1974 (age 77-78) Dover, Delaware, USA

Child 6: Henrietta Mary Greenslade DAVY

Name: Henrietta Mary Greenslade DAVY1
Sex: Female
Spouse: PRIVATE ( - )
Birth 1898 Tavistock Registration District, Devon, England

Child 7: Frederick Theobald Harry DAVY

Name: Frederick Theobald Harry DAVY1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Flora BYRNE (c. 1901- )
Birth 1901 Tavistock, Devon, England
Death 1963 (age 61-62)

Child 8: Elsie Elizabeth DAVY

Name: Elsie Elizabeth DAVY1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Leslie Arthur JOHNSTON (1902-1956)
Birth 1904
Death 1981 (age 76-77)

Child 9: Russell Anthony DAVY

Name: Russell Anthony DAVY1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Phyllis MOORE (1908-1977)
Birth 1906 Tavistock Registration District, Devon, England
Death 1968 (age 61-62)

Child 10: Reginald Thomas DAVY

Name: Reginald Thomas DAVY1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Margaret GALLIMORE ( - )
Birth 1909 Tavistock Registration District, Devon, England
Death 1968 (age 58-59)

Child 11: Joyce Alison DAVY

Name: Joyce Alison DAVY1
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Leslie GARDNER (1910-1950)
Spouse 2: Ian HIXON (1916-1983)
Birth 1914 Tavistock, Devon, England

Note on Husband: Harry DAVY

In 1911 the family are at 8 West Bridge Cottages, Tavistock


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