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Family of Abraham CANN and Mary GORWYN

Husband: Abraham CANN (c. 1794-1864)
Wife: Mary GORWYN (c. 1800-1830)
Children: Mary Ann CANN (1820-1821)
William CANN (1821- )
Abraham Gorwyn Lambert CANN (1823-1862)
George CANN (1827-1829)
William CANN (1830-1830)
Marriage 17 Nov 1820 Crediton , Devon, England1

Husband: Abraham CANN

Name: Abraham CANN1,2
Sex: Male
Father: Robert CANN (1753-1827)
Mother: Mary CANN (1753- )
Birth c. 1794 Colebrooke, Devon, England1
Baptism 2 Dec 1794 (age 0) Colebrooke, Devon, England1
Christening 16 Feb 1796 (age 1-2)
Received into the church
Census 6 Jun 1841 (age 40) Colebrooke, Devon, England3
Coomblis Head (Eastcoombe Head), Colebrooke
Occupation 6 Jun 1841 (age 40) Agricultural Labourer; Colebrooke, Devon, England3
Death 6 Apr 1864 (age 69-70) Colebrooke, Devon, England1

Wife: Mary GORWYN

Name: Mary GORWYN1,2
Sex: Female
Father: Joseph GORWYN (1764-1832)
Mother: Sarah GATER (c. 1765-1815)
Birth c. 1800 Crediton , Devon, England1
Death 18 Sep 1830 (age 29-30) Colebrooke, Devon, England1

Child 1: Mary Ann CANN

Name: Mary Ann CANN1,2
Sex: Female
Birth 1820 Clannaborough, Devon, England
Death 1821 (age 0-1) Clannaborough, Devon, England

Child 2: William CANN

Name: William CANN1,2
Sex: Male
Birth 1821
Baptism 2 Dec 1821 (age 0) Clannaborough, Devon, England

Child 3: Abraham Gorwyn Lambert CANN

Name: Abraham Gorwyn Lambert CANN1,2
Sex: Male
Birth 1823 Clannaborough, Devon, England1
Death 6 Mar 1862 (age 38-39) Colebrooke, Devon, England1
Cause: Having celebrated the New Year with his father at the Bell Inn, Colebrooke, Abraham fell asleep in a chair on January 2nd, with his pipe lit, and suffered severe burns, dying from the effect of these two months later.

Child 4: George CANN

Name: George CANN1,2
Sex: Male
Birth 1827 Exeter, Devon, England1
Death 1829 (age 1-2) Exeter, Devon, England1
Burial 1829 Colebrooke, Devon, England1

Child 5: William CANN

Name: William CANN1,2
Sex: Male
Birth 1830 Exeter, Devon, England1
Death 1830 (age 0) Exeter, Devon, England1
Burial 1830 Colebrooke, Devon, England1

Note on Husband: Abraham CANN

Champion Wrestler in the Devonshire style. After their marriage Abe and Mary lived at Kiddicott Farm, Clannaborough. Around 1826 Abe moved to Exeter, where he became landlord of the Moreton Inn, St Thomas. In 1828-1829 he took over the Woolpack Inn in Bartholomew Yard Exeter


Abraham Cann's life


1794 Abraham born at Colebrooke

1820 Abe marries Mary Gorwyn

1821 Son William and daughter Mary Ann die

1824 Abraham is gaining a reputation as a leading wrestler

1824 Proprietor of the Moreton Inn, St Thomas, Exeter

1825 Rivalry between Cann and Polkinghorn is trumpeted in the press

1826 Fights Warren of Redruth at the Eagle Tavern

1826 Renowned fight against Polkinghorn

1827 Abe's father dies

1827 Abe's busiest year, fighting in Devon and London.

1828 Abe triumphs at a Grand Wrestling Match in Leeds

1829 Abe is proprietor of the Champion's Arms, Bartholomew Yard, Exeter

1829 Abe's son George dies

1830 Abe's son William and wife Mary die.

1831 Abe suffers a period of poverty brought on by illness and affliction

1834 Abe is toll collector on the Stonehouse bridge

1841 Abe is back at Colebrooke with his brother

1841 fight with Sam Haydon at Hittisleigh Revel and

July 29th 1841 Last fight against Ellicombe, Exeter

1846 Abe and J Polkinghorn acting as Umpires in London

1840s Abe gets requests to appear as a celebrity at fairs throughout Devon

1850- 55 Abe continues to be engaged as Trier in London and Devon competitions

1860 receiving parish relief

May 1860 Mr Langdon of the Bull Inn, Exeter, starts a subscription for Cann, and presents him with an annuity

April 7th 1864 Abe dies1


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Text From Source: Name Age Occupation Where Born
Robert Cann 50 Farmer
Abraham Cann 40 Agricultural Labourer
William Cann 45 Agricultural Labourer
George Cann 11 Scholar
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