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Family of Leslie Gordon BERRY and Marcena Rosalin Mary MCGUIGAN

Husband: Leslie Gordon BERRY (1906-1982)
Wife: Marcena Rosalin Mary MCGUIGAN (1925-2004)
Children: PRIVATE ( - )
Marilyn Margaret BERRY (1947-2008)
Stephen Leslie Guy BERRY (1951-2006)

Husband: Leslie Gordon BERRY

Name: Leslie Gordon BERRY1,2
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1906 Topsham, Devon, England1
Death 1982 (age 75-76) Exeter, Devon, England1

Wife: Marcena Rosalin Mary MCGUIGAN

Name: Marcena Rosalin Mary MCGUIGAN1,2
Sex: Female
Father: James MCGUIGAN (1901-1973)
Mother: Violet BRAILEY (1904-1969)
Birth 1925 Exeter, Devon, England1
Death 2004 (age 78-79) Exeter, Devon, England1

Child 1: PRIVATE

Sex: Male

Child 2: Marilyn Margaret BERRY

Name: Marilyn Margaret BERRY1,2
Sex: Female
Birth 1947 Exeter, Devon, England1
Death 2008 (age 60-61) Exeter, Devon, England1

Child 3: Stephen Leslie Guy BERRY

Name: Stephen Leslie Guy BERRY1,2
Sex: Male
Birth 1951 Exeter, Devon, England1
Death 2006 (age 54-55) Exeter, Devon, England1

Child 4: PRIVATE

Sex: Female


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