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Family of John SADLEIR and Isabella Maria CROFTON

Husband: John SADLEIR (1833-1919)
Wife: Isabella Maria CROFTON ( -1904)
Children: Harman James SADLEIR (1858-1865)
Ernest W.C SADLEIR (1860-1937)
Frederick C. SADLEIR (1862-1865)
Ralph Crofton SADLEIR (1863-1943)
John Cyril C SADLEIR (1865- )
Melesina SADLEIR (1867-1934)
Isabella C SADLEIR (1869-1936)
Henry Woodward SADLEIR (1871-1954)
Mary Louisa SADLEIR (1871-1934)
Grace Crofton SADLEIR (1874-1966)
Dora Webber SADLEIR (1878-1952)
George Nicholas SADLEIR (1880-1949)
Marriage 18571

Husband: John SADLEIR

Name: John SADLEIR2,3
Sex: Male
Father: James SADLEIR (1792-1864)
Mother: Elizabeth Hare CLARKE (1799- )
Birth 1833 County Tipperary, Ireland2
Death 1919 (age 85-86) Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia1,4

Wife: Isabella Maria CROFTON

Name: Isabella Maria CROFTON1,3
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Death 19041

Child 1: Harman James SADLEIR

Name: Harman James SADLEIR3
Sex: Male
Birth 1858 Beechworth, Victoria, Australia
Death 1865 (age 6-7)4
Death 1866 (age 7-8) Beechworth, Victoria, Australia4

Child 2: Ernest W.C SADLEIR

Name: Ernest W.C SADLEIR3
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth UNKNOWN (1869-1952)
Birth 1860 Hamilton, Victoria, Australia
Death 1937 (age 76-77) Perth, Western Australia, Australia4

Child 3: Frederick C. SADLEIR

Name: Frederick C. SADLEIR3
Sex: Male
Birth 1862 Hamilton, Victoria, Australia5
Death 1865 (age 2-3) Beechworth, Victoria, Australia4

Child 4: Ralph Crofton SADLEIR

Name: Ralph Crofton SADLEIR3
Sex: Male
Spouse: Emily KNEALE (1870-1963)
Birth 1863 Hamilton, Victoria, Australia5
Death 1943 (age 79-80) Perth, Western Australia, Australia4

Child 5: John Cyril C SADLEIR

Name: John Cyril C SADLEIR3
Sex: Female
Spouse: Mary RENOUF (1867-1958)
Birth 1865 East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia5

Child 6: Melesina SADLEIR

Name: Melesina SADLEIR3
Sex: Female
Birth 1867 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia5
Death 1934 (age 66-67) Campbellfield, Victoria, Australia4

Child 7: Isabella C SADLEIR

Name: Isabella C SADLEIR3
Sex: Female
Birth 1869 Sale, Victoria, Australia5
Death 1936 (age 66-67)4
Death 1939 (age 69-70) Melbourne, Victoria, Australia4

Child 8: Henry Woodward SADLEIR

Name: Henry Woodward SADLEIR3
Sex: Male
Spouse: Irene Frances ROSE ( - )
Birth 18711
Birth c. 1872 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia1
Death 1954 (age 82-83) Perth, Western Australia, Australia4

Child 9: Mary Louisa SADLEIR

Name: Mary Louisa SADLEIR3
Sex: Female
Birth 1871 Sale, Victoria, Australia5
Death 1934 (age 62-63) Melbourne, Victoria, Australia4

Child 10: Grace Crofton SADLEIR

Name: Grace Crofton SADLEIR3
Sex: Female
Spouse: Hubert SEYMOUR (1866-1935)
Birth 1874 Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia5
Death 1966 (age 91-92) South Yarra, Victoria, Australia5

Child 11: Dora Webber SADLEIR

Name: Dora Webber SADLEIR3
Sex: Female
Spouse: William HODGE (1859-1934)
Birth 1878 Mansfield, Victoria, Australia5
Death 1952 (age 73-74) Perth, Western Australia, Australia4

Child 12: George Nicholas SADLEIR

Name: George Nicholas SADLEIR3
Sex: Male
Spouse: Millicent BURROWS ( -1953)
Birth 1880 Benalla, Victoria, Australia5
Death 1949 (age 68-69) Sydney, NSW, Australia4

Note on Husband: John SADLEIR

Emigrated to Melbourne, Australia in 1852 on the Great Britain and joined the Victoria Police. He was Superintendant in charge of the operation which captured Ned Kelly in 1880.


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