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Family of Franz KUHNEL and Margaretha Christina Fredricke BOHNSACK

Husband: Franz KUHNEL (1838-1916)
Wife: Margaretha Christina Fredricke BOHNSACK (1840-1905)
Children: Christina Wilhelmina KUHNEL (1870-1911)
Charles KUHNEL (1873- )
Annie Dora Pauline KUHNEL (1876-1916)
Gustave Adolf Anton KUHNEL (1878-1945)
Marriage 13 Nov 1870 North Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Husband: Franz KUHNEL

Name: Franz KUHNEL1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 29 Jun 1838 Peterwald, Bohemia, Austria
Occupation Carpenter, Building Contractor
Death 17 May 1916 (age 77) Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia

Wife: Margaretha Christina Fredricke BOHNSACK

Name: Margaretha Christina Fredricke BOHNSACK1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 20 Jan 1840 Neustadt, Holstein, Germany
Death 18 Apr 1905 (age 65) Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia

Child 1: Christina Wilhelmina KUHNEL

Name: Christina Wilhelmina KUHNEL1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Albert HOLTZ (1862-1954)
Birth 28 Nov 1870 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Death 2 Aug 1911 (age 40) Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia

Child 2: Charles KUHNEL

Name: Charles KUHNEL1
Sex: Male
Birth 15 May 1873

Child 3: Annie Dora Pauline KUHNEL

Name: Annie Dora Pauline KUHNEL1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Gerald Manning GODING (1876-1936)
Birth 9 Aug 1876 Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia
Death 21 Aug 1916 (age 40) Childers, Queensland, Australia

Child 4: Gustave Adolf Anton KUHNEL

Name: Gustave Adolf Anton KUHNEL1
Sex: Male
Birth 8 Oct 1878 Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia
Death 15 May 1945 (age 66) Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia

Note on Husband: Franz KUHNEL

Franz left Hamburg 4 July 1870 on the Humbold, disembarking at Brisbane 7 November. As a building contractor in Bundaberg he was responsible for the construction of several major buildings including the first Kalkie School.


In 1881 he began to cultivate sugar cane, and supplied the first cane to be crushed by the new mill. He successfully farmed his land in Doolbi for 34 years


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