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Family of Charles John BICKLEY and Elizabeth DAVIS

Husband: Charles John BICKLEY (1873- )
Wife: Elizabeth DAVIS ( - )
Children: Robert LINSCOTT (c. 1900- )
Marriage Q1 1896 Exeter, Devon, England

Husband: Charles John BICKLEY

Name: Charles John BICKLEY1,2
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: Eliza BICKLEY (1855- )
Birth 13 Sep 1873 Colebrooke, Devon, England
Baptism 12 Jul 1874 (age 0) Colebrooke, Devon, England
Occupation Baker

Wife: Elizabeth DAVIS

Name: Elizabeth DAVIS1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Robert LINSCOTT

Name: Robert LINSCOTT1
Sex: Male
Birth c. 1900

Note on Husband: Charles John BICKLEY

Charles seems to have adopted the name Linscott - perhaps that was his father's name, or perhaps that is him using the name of his mother's stepfather.



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>Hi Neville


>Don't suppose you know any more about the Charles John Bickley, born

>Q4 1873, probably in Colebrooke, - in the 1881 census he is staying with

>John and Eliza (nee Bickley) Linscott and is described as grandson. Can't

>find him in any other census, and the relationship/name seems confusing.


>Hope all goes well


>Best wishes



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Hello Nick

Quite a puzzle this one. He was born 13/9/1873 and bapt

12/7/1874 at Colebrooke. His mother was Eliza Bickley no fathers name

given. In 1861 a 6 yr old Eliza Bickley was a visitor at William and

Ann Linscotts abode at one of Ford cottages Colebrooke. I think we could

best describe them as her "step grandparents". Given that her place of

birth was stated to be Plymtree I believe she was Eliza Linscotts child

from a previous relationship. In 1871 we find Eliza LINSCOTT given age

13 (although it could be an untidy 16!) as a servant at Whelmstone

Barton, which adjoins Ford cottages.

Whelmstone at that time was farmed by a bachelor farmer (now

there's a thought!!) rejoicing under the name of George Gotbed Wills.

Poor George died in 1874 aged 52. What happened to Eliza I know not,

although there is an Eliza Linscott married at Launceston Dec 1876.

Quite a lot of Colebrooke people "followed" the railway into Cornwall at

that time - who knows?

Her son (I assume) turns up in the 1891 census as JOHN C LINSCOTT,

born at Colebrooke 1872. He's a journeyman baker with the Broughton

family of bakers at Clyst Hydon.

In March qtr 1896 as John Bickley Linscott he married Elizabeth Davis

in Exeter.

In 1901 he is a baker at Broadhembury with Elizabeth and baby son

Richard. Born in 1874 in Coleford.

According to "Kellys" "J Linscott baker" was there until 1930,

when it became "J Linscott and sons". Interestingly in 1897 Kellys "W

Linscott" was the baker there. I haven't placed him.

As regards the old couple, Eliza was buried at Colebrooke 29/12/1901

aged 68 and John was buried at Colebrooke 12/2/1912 aged 84.

Old Johns chief claim to fame is that he was the last landlord of

the "Ship Inn" at Coleford, where we are now.

My g grandfather took on the tenancy, with a few fields during the

1860s when John and family moved over the road to Gribbles where Chris

Cann the thatcher lives now. The Linscotts were there until William died

at the beginning of WW1and Chris's grandfather came after. So for the

last 140 odd years it's been the home of the local thatcher. Most


I think I've interpreted most of the facts correctly let me know

what you think. As with a lot of family history, you can't beat getting

hold of the original documents

best wishes Neville


That's very comprehensive! Seems to make good sense. I was fairly sure that

there was something "suss" about the origins of Charles. Thanks very much. I

should be able to follow your trail now with all that information. I'd been

looking for another Linscott child who might have married a relative of her

mother, but the ages didn't seem to work.


Best wishes




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