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Family of Ralph SADLEIR and Elene MITCHELL

Husband: Ralph SADLEIR (1507-1587)
Wife: Elene MITCHELL (1510- )
Children: Thomas SADLEIR (bef1537-1606)
Edward SADLEIR (c. 1537-1584)
Henry SADLEIR (1539-1618)
Ann SADLEIR (1540- )
Mary SADLEIR (1541- )
Jane SADLEIR (1542- )
Dorothy SADLEIR (1543- )
Marriage 1533 Standon, Hertfordshire, England1

Husband: Ralph SADLEIR

Name: Ralph SADLEIR1,2
Sex: Male
Father: Henry SADLEIR (1480- )
Mother: -
Birth 1507 Hackney, London, England1
Title Sir
Death 1587 (age 79-80) Standon, Hertfordshire, England1

Wife: Elene MITCHELL

Name: Elene MITCHELL1,2
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1510 Dunmow, Essex, England1

Child 1: Thomas SADLEIR

Name: Thomas SADLEIR1,2
Sex: Male
Birth bef 1537 Standon, Hertfordshire, England1
Death 1606 (age 68-69) Standon, Hertfordshire, England1

Child 2: Edward SADLEIR

Name: Edward SADLEIR1,2
Sex: Male
Spouse: Anne LEE (1545- )
Birth c. 1537 Temple Dinsley, Hertfordshire, England1
Death 1584 (age 46-47) Apsley Guise, Bedfordshire, England1

Child 3: Henry SADLEIR

Name: Henry SADLEIR1,2
Sex: Male
Birth 1539 Everley, Wiltshire, England1
Death 1618 (age 78-79) Hungerford Lodge, Berkshire, England1

Child 4: Ann SADLEIR

Name: Ann SADLEIR1,2
Sex: Male
Birth 1540 Standon, Hertfordshire, England1

Child 5: Mary SADLEIR

Name: Mary SADLEIR1,2
Sex: Female
Birth 1541 Standon, Hertfordshire, England1

Child 6: Jane SADLEIR

Name: Jane SADLEIR1,2
Sex: Female
Birth 1542 Standon, Hertfordshire, England1

Child 7: Dorothy SADLEIR

Name: Dorothy SADLEIR1,2
Sex: Female
Birth 1543 Standon, Hertfordshire, England1

Note on Husband: Ralph SADLEIR

1507 Ralph Sadleir was born March 12, 1507.

Many references claim Sadleir to have been born in Hackney (East London), though Mike Gray of Sutton House states that "Slavin (Arthur J. Slavin, author of 'Politics and Profit') makes a good case that Ralph was not born in Hackney but more likely at Stratford upon Avon. Coming to Hackney at the age of fourteen with his dad, mum and brother".

1509 Henry Tudor ascends to the throne as King Henry VIII

1515 At the age of 7 the son of Henry Sadleir would be accepted into the household of the then successful Thomas Cromwell.

1533 Sadleir marries Margaret Mitchel (not confirmed)

1534 Reformation of the Catholic church in England.

1535 Sir Thomas More executed.

1540 10 June, Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex arrested for treason.

1540 28 July, Thomas Cromwell is executed.

1540 Sir Ralph knighted and made Privy Counsellor sometime in 1540 or 1541.

1541 Entered Parliament as member for Hertfordshire.

1544 Granted the Manor of Standon

1545 Given post of Master of the Grand Wardrobe

1547 King Henry VIII dies and his son Edward becomes King Edward VI.

1547 At the Battle of Pinkie Cleugh he was given the title of Knight Banneret along with Sir Ralph Fane and Sir Francis Bryan by the then Lord Protector, the Duke of Somerset. (10 September 1547)

1550 Appointed Clerk of the Hanaper

1553 King Edward the VI dies and his sister Mary Tudor becomes Queen Mary I of England.

1554 9 December, an Act of Parliament passed to legitimize Sadleir's marriage and children. Lady Jane Grey executed.

1558 Queen Mary I, "Bloody Mary" dies and her sister Elizabeth becomes Queen Elizabeth I.

1561 Queen Elizabeth spends three days at Standon Lordship while on progress.

1568 Appointed Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster

1572 St. Bartholomew's day massacre in Paris. - Jane the Fool marries Xit Le Grand.

1578 Queen Elizabeth stops at Standon Lordship in the summer while on her way to Audley End from Hunsdon House. during this visit there was a meeting of the Privy Council (24 July 1578)

1584 Appointed charge of Mary, Queen of Scots

1585 April - relieved of his duties with Mary, Queen of Scots by Sir Amyas Paulet.

1586 25 October, Mary, Queen of Scots found guilty of involvement in the Babington plot.

1587 On 8 February, Mary Queen of Scots is executed at Fotheringay Castle.

1587 30 March, Sir Ralph Sadleir dies shortly after the execution of Mary Queen of Scots.

1588 Spanish Armada defeated on 29 July.


Rafe built Sutton House, Hackney in 1535.

Standon had been established as a Market Village by the Lord of the Manor, Gilbert de Clare in the 12th century, he having obtained a monopoly from the King to hold a market in the area. This accounts for the present wide layout of our High Street which gives the village a lot of its charm. This proved a most profitable venture for him, and it thrived for many years, since all other markets in the area were suppressed if they were considered to compete, and eventually the merchants formed themselves into a Borough in its own right. So Standon was quite a well known and prosperous place in the time of Henry VIII, and the Lordship of the Manor had in fact reverted to the crown some years previously, so that it formed part of the jointure of Catherine of Aragon. When she fell from grace, it passed to Jane Seymour, and the man who was Steward of her affairs was….. Ralph Sadler. On the death of Sir William Coffyn who was the actual Steward of the Manor of Standon, probably of the plague, in 1538, Ralph got himself appointed Steward in his place, and probably took up residence in the village (this is the subject of some research at present). In 1539 he was granted the Manor of Standon, the Borough of Standon and some other Manors in the area by the King in return for services rendered. This probably included some land confiscated from the Knights of St John at the dissolution of the monasteries. A tremendous amount of land was distributed to favourites of the King, making them extremely wealthy men. In 1543 Ralph started building the Lordship and the rest as they say is History3


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