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Family of William Edward SADLEIR and Alice May CORRICK

Husband: William Edward SADLEIR (1876-1925)
Wife: Alice May CORRICK (1880-1956)
Children: Raif SADLEIR (1913-1993)
Nancy May SADLEIR (1915-2004)
Everly Leigh SADLEIR (1916-1988)
Dianna SADLEIR (1919-1919)
Clive Standon SADLEIR (1921-2000)
Marriage 1913 Bunbury, Western Australia, Australia

Husband: William Edward SADLEIR

Name: William Edward SADLEIR1
Sex: Male
Father: William Martley SADLEIR (1843-1926)
Mother: Mary MITCHELL (1845- )
Birth 1876 Cannonstown, County Meath, Ireland
Death 1925 (age 48-49) Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Cause: Chronic Nephrites associated with Bright's Disease

Wife: Alice May CORRICK

Name: Alice May CORRICK1
Sex: Female
Father: Albert CORRICK (1848-1914)
Mother: Sarah Alice CALVERT (1853-1935)
Birth 4 Mar 1880 Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand
Death 1956 (age 75-76) Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia

Child 1: Raif SADLEIR

Name: Raif SADLEIR1
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Nancy Eva LAMBERT (1915-1947)
Spouse 2: PRIVATE ( - )
Spouse 3: Margaret Pearl WALSH (1922-2005)
Birth 1913 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia2
Death 1993 (age 79-80) Hobart, Tasmania, Australia2

Child 2: Nancy May SADLEIR

Name: Nancy May SADLEIR1,2
Sex: Female
Birth 1915 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia2
Death 2004 (age 88-89) Victoria, Australia2

Child 3: Everly Leigh SADLEIR

Name: Everly Leigh SADLEIR1
Sex: Male
Spouse: PRIVATE ( - )
Birth 29 Apr 1916 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Death 18 Sep 1988 (age 72) Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Burial Carr Villa - Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

Child 4: Dianna SADLEIR

Name: Dianna SADLEIR1,2
Sex: Female
Birth 1919 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia2
Death 1919 (age 0) Launceston, Tasmania, Australia2

Child 5: Clive Standon SADLEIR

Name: Clive Standon SADLEIR1,2
Sex: Male
Birth 1921 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia2
Death 2000 (age 78-79)2

Note on Husband: William Edward SADLEIR (1)

He may have met Alice when she was touring Ceylon with the family.According to grandson Anthony Sadleir, his Real Estate partnership with Knight went broke, and whilst Knight walked away from the business, William tried to repay all outstanding debts, selling the family home and moving to smaller house to raise cash.


He was Team Captain of the Launceston Golf Club 1917-1918.3

Note on Husband: William Edward SADLEIR (2)

He may have met Alice when she was touring Ceylon with the family.3


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